Romance Reader Luncheon on Oahu

It’s a gorgeous Tuesday morning in Hawaii and Christmas is just days away.  I spent yesterday doing nothing but relaxing after the hectic weekend of preparing for the lunch I hosted on Sunday for Kellie Chang’s Romance Reader Group.

We were supposed to have our lunch outside on the deck but it poured all night, cleared up in the morning, and then started to come down again about an hour before the lunch was to begin.  Surfer Ty’s good friend Tucker had agreed to act as my bartender for the party so he and I frantically (well, I was frantic, he wasn’t.  He is a surfer after all…) moved the big sectional against the ‘living room’ wall, carried out all the extra furniture including the row of barstools at the counter even as the caterer arrived, florist delivered flowers and guests began making early appearances.

Jane, reader Janelle Wolf, and NYT bestselling author Cherry Adair
Jane, reader Janelle Wolf, and NYT bestselling author Cherry Adair

One of the biggest treats for me at the luncheon was having friend and fellow Seattle author, Cherry Adair, in attendance.  I adore Cherry, but then everyone does, and having her at my home made the lunch truly festive.

Jane, Auntie Peaches, and Janelle.
Jane, Auntie Peaches, and Janelle.
Janelle and Jane on the deck of Janes Hawaii house
Janelle and Jane on the deck of Jane’s Hawaii house

Kellie Chang’s romance reader group is an amazing group of women.  We had about 27 at the lunch and I really enjoyed everyone’s warmth and kindness and love of books.  During the lunch I got to sit next to Auntie Peaches and what a wonderful lady!  So full of life and energy and spunk.  And as she’s a sheikh fan, I made sure she got a signed copy of one of my Presents featuring my Desert Kings.

Another treat was finally being able to meet a reader from Hawaii, Navy Cryptologic Technician Petty Officer First Class Janelle Wolf.  Janelle discovered me following one of my Hawaii events on the base last summer.   Janelle and I didn’t actually meet the day of the event, but she found my signed books just after the signing ended, bought two, and then later returned to buy the rest.  Now Janelle is one of my blog friends and real life friends and it was really fun having her at my house for the party…especially as Christmas Eve’s her birthday and Kellie brought candles for the cheesecake (a treat from Cherr) and we were able to sing to her.

Now I’m off to finish my Christmas shopping as my big boys will be flying in on the 26th to celebrate New Years with me.  I can’t wait to have them here.  Hawaii isn’t Hawaii without all my boys around me.  Fighting, loving, and generally making life crazy.

Are you ready for Christmas?  Have everything done, or is there something on your to-do list still?  Fill me in and you’re entered to win my delicious Hawaii gift basket packed with chocolates, coffee, macadamia nuts and so much more.  Contest closes tomorrow midnight, PST, and I’ll announce the winner Christmas Eve morning, so tell me where things stand and you’re that much closer to winning this incredible but bad for the diet gift basket!

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