Odd Mom on Vacation

I love the picture below. It’s one of my readers on vacation with Odd Mom Out as her reading. My readers really are fantastic and I’ve been so grateful for all the emails lately and all the wonderful birthday wishes, too.

Yes, today’s my birthday and I’m now 32. My eleven year old keeps looking at me and saying, “Really?” and my heading towards 15 year old laughs hysterically.  Fortunately the baby doesn’t know and doesn’t care. Surfer Ty  has planned a fun day for all of us. He’s taken today off work and we’re heading out to snorkel and have beach fun and lunch in Kailua at the Original Buzz’s Steakhouse. I’m just really glad to be with all my guys today. That’s the best present.

Hope you’re well. Hope you’re having a wonderful day. I send each of you much love and gratitude for being part of my world. You give me lots of love and friendship and support and I couldn’t be luckier. Thank you!

PS  And no, I’m not really 32….you’d have to add a bunch of years to that but I believe in staying young!


  1. Wow, you are 32, that is YOUNG!!! I loved my 30’s. Enjoy your “Happy Birthday Day” with all your guys! I am so glad you had a post today, so I could say, “Happy Birthday” to one of my favorite authors!
    PS I so enjoyed reading Odd Mom Out, makes me want to read it again seeing the picture.

  2. Happy birthday, Jane! I hope this one is the best yet. We’re looking forward to seeing you soon, but mostly, we also hope you’re having a wonderful day with your guys!


  3. Happy Birthday wishes to you! I did believe the 32 part for a minute, but in my mind I was thinking that sounded pretty young….and I was doing the math thinking you were awful young when you had your first son…… Anyway, hope you have a wonderful day celebrating you.

  4. Happy Birthday Jane!

    32 sounds good, the rest are just anniversaries. It looks like none of your guys really cares about the number, they are showing you that love has nothing to do with age.

    I am very happy for you, life after divorce is way better. I’m starting to enjoy mine. Have a great time in Hawaii. Alex is missing Ty. Love,


  5. Hi Jane,

    Happy Birthday!
    When reading your posting I had to laugh as in my house we have the same game going on. My little one (almost 7) keeps asking and when I answer I am 24 years old she is fairly satisafied, but my oldest one is pretty good in math and somehow 24 doesn’t add up and she keeps telling her sister that it is not true and the discussion keeps going on. They are funny and they keep me young..

    Have fun on your birthday. Enjoy every minute. Age is just a number. The important thing is to feel young inside…

  6. Happy Birthday, Jane!! I was 32 on my last birthday too!! Pretty amazing since my “kids” are 20 & 23! HA! Age is only a number. Enjoy you day!

  7. Today is my mom’s birthday, too. Happy Birthday, Jane; how wonderful to be where you are with the guys who love you – perfect!

    1. Oh..and just tell everyone it is the “whatever” anniversary of your 32nd birthday. My dad still celebrates his anniversary of his 29th birthday. He’ll be celebrating his 49th anniversary this year. haha

  8. Happy Birthday Jane!
    I am sorry i missed posting on the 17th my my daughter was home from college and I didn’t get on the computer one time.

  9. I hope your day was wonderful with your whole family! It’s not my age I’m worried about, it’s my kids ages. I’ve been 28 for so long, my kids are older than me!

  10. Hey, at least you LOOK 32! No one would bat an eye except the kids of course. Mine do that, too. Twerps…

    Hope your birthday was fabulous and I can’t wait for She’s Gone Country!!!

  11. I’m glad that your having a wonderful birthday with your family. I’mm 55yrs.old and going to school at night with alot of my son’s friends, and they can’t believe my age. I live my life feeling young abd to the fullest. I feel so old around these 19yr. old’s but some look older especially the girl’s. I’m having fun, and thats the most important part. You sound like you have alot of fun and thats what keeps us young. Keep on feeling young. Happy Birthday, again. I love yooour books.

  12. I wished you a happy birthday on another post..but want to make sure you see it. I am glad you had a great birthday with your guys.

  13. Happy Birthday Jane! I was 32…once! Whatever age you are, you look great. Have a great time with your big and little guys!

  14. Happy birthday! Haven’t been on for a few days. Lots of family coming into town to celebrate my gramma’s 100th birthday this coming Monday. Wishing you a long, healthy and happy life just like my gramma.

  15. Happy belated birthday – sounds like it was a lot of fun. You’re missing the sun and warm high 50s at home but the 80s of Hawaii still sound nice right now.

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