Water Boys

My Gurney boys love the water and the water loves them! It’s been fun taking Mac to the beach where he can play with Dad.


Mac has learned to not just crawl, while we’ve been here, but to haul. He’s everywhere! I’m exhausted chasing him around a not-yet-baby-proofed house. Ugh. I forgot how busy, busy, busy an active mobile baby can be!

But tomorrow we fly home and I’ll be back at my desk by Monday starting a new book. I’m excited to get back to writing. I’ve missed it these past two weeks although I have enjoyed reading the three novels I managed to squeeze in between mom duties and watching the Olympics.

Have you had a favorite Olympic moment or a favorite Olympic athlete? I’ve loved this year’s Winter games in Vancouver. Share with me something of your week… can be Olympics, can be life stuff, can be a book you’re reading, and you’re entered to win one of my two Goodbye Hawaii prize packages. The boxes are filled with great things and are already to go. Here’s the deal–the contest ends tonight at 9 pm by time in Hawaii (11 pm PST) and I’ll post the two winners names tonight, too. The winners have until tomorrow morning at 10 am my time (noon PST) to send me the addresses or I won’t be able to mail the boxes before we leave for the airport. So, enter today only if you can check back first thing in the morning and send me your name should you win!!

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