Water Boys

My Gurney boys love the water and the water loves them! It’s been fun taking Mac to the beach where he can play with Dad.


Mac has learned to not just crawl, while we’ve been here, but to haul. He’s everywhere! I’m exhausted chasing him around a not-yet-baby-proofed house. Ugh. I forgot how busy, busy, busy an active mobile baby can be!

But tomorrow we fly home and I’ll be back at my desk by Monday starting a new book. I’m excited to get back to writing. I’ve missed it these past two weeks although I have enjoyed reading the three novels I managed to squeeze in between mom duties and watching the Olympics.

Have you had a favorite Olympic moment or a favorite Olympic athlete? I’ve loved this year’s Winter games in Vancouver. Share with me something of your week… can be Olympics, can be life stuff, can be a book you’re reading, and you’re entered to win one of my two Goodbye Hawaii prize packages. The boxes are filled with great things and are already to go. Here’s the deal–the contest ends tonight at 9 pm by time in Hawaii (11 pm PST) and I’ll post the two winners names tonight, too. The winners have until tomorrow morning at 10 am my time (noon PST) to send me the addresses or I won’t be able to mail the boxes before we leave for the airport. So, enter today only if you can check back first thing in the morning and send me your name should you win!!


  1. Right now I’m reading The Cowboy Next Door by Brenda Minton. I love it. I hope you had fun in Hawaii and have a safe trip back.

  2. I love the Olympics! I am actually exhausted because I’m staying up so late watching until the very end of the daily competition. Figure skating, skiing, snowboarding, even curling has my interest. The entire family is watching them together and today we were so excited when USA won in hockey against Switzerland. It’s nice family time and a nice break from ordinary tv.

  3. Hope you had a great time in Hawaii! Right now I’m watching American Idol. I just finished reading Believe In Me by Crystal Jordan.

  4. I have been in serious training for my half-marathon this weekend and have not had much time to watch the Olympics this year. I have been finding it hard to juggle life responsibilites and half-marathon training! After this weekend, I get a small break and then continue training for my half-marathon in April. I just signed up today to raise funds for the American Cancer Society for that half-marathon.

    Glad you are enjoying your time in Hawaii…I bet it’s warm there 🙂 Enjoy!


  5. Too many good moments to pick a favorite at this Olympics..the USA men’s hockey team beating Canada was one.
    Reading: Non-fiction book is Local Wonders by Ted Kooser and Fiction is McKettricks of Texas: Tate by Linda Lael Miller.

    “Traveling Mercies” Have a safe trip home!

  6. I’ve been watching a lot of American Idol and Survivor: Heroes vs Villians. Love the new season!
    Two weeks in Hawaii sounds awesome, I hope you had a great time 🙂

  7. Just one of those days where I’m feeling cranky and re-evaluating my life. Reading Outliers. Have a good trip back and good luck on the new book.

  8. I love the Olympics but am getting weary of staying up past midnight every night and getting up to go to work.
    My favorite event so far was Apollo Ono racing to a win when two skaters ran into each other and he slipped by them. Just goes to show, never give up. I hope he wins some more medals!

  9. I’ve been staying up late to watch the Olympics. Last night’s ladies skating was especially fun to watch. I’m currently reading The Woman in the Wings by Jean Sheldon for a review. Love the pic of your two guys!

  10. I’ve been spending time with my grandkids this week and catching the Olympics when I can. I also went shopping for baby clothes for my youngest daughter who is having a boy in June.

  11. Jane, I LOVE this picture! Mac is just the cutest little thing. I am having such a great week! Tonight I went to the Apple Store and learned some more awesome things about my new Macbook. I am also reading the book “The Shack” and finding it very hard to put it down. I only wish there were more hours in the day! I hope you have a safe trip home and enjoy the rest of your time.

  12. I’ve loved watching the Olympics with the boys – no specific event, just watching them watch and then turn to me and say they’d like to try that. Of course, they say it with something dangerous like luge and ski jumping. They never say that with curling…

    We found some fantastic drawer baby locks – no drilling the cabinets, they go on with adhesive and actually come off (you have to use goo gone, but hey, no holes). Grace was thinking the cabinets in the kitchen made for a perfect play house for her once she had them emptied out…

  13. I loved turning in another English paper and scoring a B+ on my first big Algebra exam in 20 years. I wish I would have gotton an A but the way my high school math whiz son sounded so proud of me I will appreciate the B+.I ordered My Favorite Mistake by Beth Kendrick and pre-ordered She’s Gone Country. I am counting down to spring break so I can read my book on the Beach of Surfside Beach TX.

  14. I’m reading Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. The book is a little different than what I usually read, but I’m really enjoying it so far. Her writing pulls you in pretty quickly. Which three novels have you been reading?

    Other than that I’m just trying to get through my full time student teaching and the rest of my senior year projects. It’s a busy time, but the end goal is worth it.

    Hope you’re enjoying your last night in Hawaii!

  15. Jane!

    That picture is too cute! Bring some of that sunshine home will ya?

    this week is just……… life! Work, battling a cold 🙁 Today the battle won. I stayed in all day. My mother brought me some homemade Chicken Soup. (Sounds so cliche. but truly it helps!) Now I’m just cuddled up in bed catching up on the world! Hope you have a safe flight!


  16. Haven’t watched too much of the Olympics but I did take time to XC ski in Mammoth, Ca this past weekend and tomorrow I head over to our house in Pismo Beach, Ca. From one extreme to another! Snow to Sand! Sort of what you are doing tomorrow- Hawaii to Washington!
    Waiting patiently for She’s Gone Country to come out in August……in the meantime I am filling my days (and Kindle) with Debbie Macomber and Danielle Steele and Susan Wiggs books……
    Aloha Jane and Baby Mac and safe travels my friend!

  17. What a great shot of Mac and his dad….

    I love watching the Olympics and my favourite moment was watching Joannie Rochette skate last night… she did a wonderful job under very trying ocnditions. In my mind she is the epitome of a brave, strong Olympic athlete. She did what she had to do and she honoured her mother in the best way she knew how.

    I am reading Robert B. Parker’s Ceremony… can’t believe we won’t be reading any more of his work… so sad he’s gone.

  18. Loved the snowboarding and watching it with my son Joey. Just finished Table Manners by Mia King; very good and was glad to see her pick up Diedre’s story from her first book (hint hint). (~:

    Love the pic of Mac and Ty.

    Have a safe flight home!
    Shannon in Tustin

  19. What an adorable picture!

    I love the Olympics…just wish I had more time to watch them. I am really into hockey and speed skating. I must say though, Lindsay Vonn has really won my heart with all she’s been through and accomplished. She seems like such a sweet and down to earth girl!

    Have a safe flight home, I hope you’re ready for rain! 🙁

  20. I forgot how much I LOVE the Olympics!! I think I’ve scared the crap out of my cats over the last week and 1/2 when they’ve been asleep by my lap and one of the skiers, skaters, or snow-boarders wrecks. Which of course brings out my reaction… “OH!!!!!” probably as loud as if I were there. My poor cats (& neighbors). I’m getting the biggest kick too out of the Extreme Skiing and the Short Track Speed Skating. I loved when Linsey Vonn won the gold in downhill – and that olympic rings hat she’s been wearing cannot be found anywhere (restock R.L.)!!

    No need for a prize Ms. Jane :0) … got the best one today in an email, so spirits are high – life is good! Have a very safe trip back to WA!! ~

  21. Jane, that picture is so cute! Boy does Mac look like his daddy!

    I haven’t been able to watch much of the Olympics. 🙁 I did get to see Lindsay Vonn win a gold medal. It practically brought tears to my eyes watching her reaction. I wish I could have caught some of Apollo Ono’s races…I was really looking forward to watching him.

    Right now I am trying to finish The Twilight Series. They are some pretty amazing books and I can’t wait to see the rest of the movies!

    Have a safe flight home!

  22. I don’t watch the Olympics. I’ve been keeping up with the first competitive week of American Idol though. Also getting ready for Purim and my mother-in-law’s visit in honor of the holiday. Praying for the snow warnings to be a lie! (If not, I’d love a piece of Hawaii. 🙂 )
    Reading “Winter Garden” by Kristin Hannah. Do you two know each other? She’s from Washington too. (However, I live by the “other” Washington on the other coast). 🙂

  23. I have been in awe of the figure skaters. Still haven’t figured out curling??? Am I the only one? LOL Have a safe trip home and can’t wait to hear what you will write about next.

    1. I’m gonna comment since I’m watching it now, lol… I don’t get the scoring, but to me it seems like bowling meets the game of pool and croquet. :0)

  24. I have loved it all! Wish I could watch more, it is just too late some nights. What a treat to have the Olympics every 4 years!

  25. Have watched only the highlights of the Olympics. Just started reading The Queen of the Big Time by Adriana Trigiani. Going to bed as we have a big day in our house tomorrow – Marcus is representing his K-8 school at the district spelling bee! See what reading can do for you? Make you an awesome speller! Have a safe trip back to WA, Jane.

  26. I just returned home from a very nice reception where a very exciting bit of news was shared regarding Camp Korey at Carnation Farm.

    I am in between books as of this morning. I have one being delived tomorrow by the UPS man. The book is ‘The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks’. I am SO excited to read it, but want to save it until Spring Break. To keep away the temptation, I am first loaning it to the librarian (I was #237 on hold for the book) and then to a neighbor. I will also need two more books to take with me…

    Jane, I can’t wait for ‘She’s Gone Country’!

    As for the Olympics, I enjoy the highlights.

    Have a safe flight!

  27. Hi Jane! I love the picture! Pure joy on their faces!!

    I have been working, and anxiously awaiting my vacation to Hawaii! Ahh.. to feel the sun and hear the waves while reading a good book! Heavan. I am unsure of how I feel about turning 50 though. I feel my 40’s flew by, how did my son turn from the little boy bringing his stack of books to read with me, to the 30 year old man buying a house?? As you can see, alittle emotional!

    I have been reading some of your older Harlequins and loving them!!! Looking forward to your new book!

  28. I am back to announce my two winners from this quick quickie contest!

    The two winners are…..

    #1 Himeko


    #28 Jessica L

    Himeko and Jessica, please send me your address ASAP and I’ll get your goodies out first thing in the morning!

    Thanks everyone, and next time you hear from me, I’ll be back in Bellevue! Aloha!

  29. I’m from Seattle, so am rooting for home boy Apolo Anton Ohno all the way! In general, I like to watch (and have been watching) all forms of skating.

    I’m currently reading… “Talking About Detective Fiction” by P. D. James.

  30. My week started out with my birthday which was great and then followed by 2 days of wakes. And now snow days. Can’t wait for winter to be over!! Have a very safe trip home!!

  31. Hi Jane,

    That picture is absolutely adorable. My family and I have been watching the Winter Games all week. We just love them. I just started read Joe Hill’s new book Horns, is a great writer, just like his dad. Can’t wait for She’s Gone Country to come out.

  32. I just finished reading Angel Peaks. And started reading Summer Hideaway. I’ve been watching the Olympics, speed skating and hockey are my favorite, and womens ice skating. I love the winter games, this year has been so great for us and I so glad were doing so great in the medals. glad that your going to start another book. Have a nice trip home.

  33. Aloha!
    Right now I’m reading Taming the Moon by Sherrill Quinn, the third in her trilogy. Those covers are reason enough to buy those books, especially the guy on the first cover.
    For the Olympics, I LOVED the opening ceremonies and was delightedly surprised when my 3yo twins sat glued with me to the screen watching. For some reason I really like the luge runs, ever since I can remember watching the games.

    Save journey back to WA.

    Great weather wishes to everyone.

    Shannon-Nicole 🙂

  34. Hey Jane! Had a nice week – 3 inches of snow, school canceled, laid by fire w/kids reading “Easy on the Eyes” – doesn’t get much better then that! Have loved all the skiing in the Olympics – makes me miss the ole’ days at China Peak!
    Have a safe trip back!

  35. I just finished Dennis Lehane’s Shutter Island. Honestly, it was so amazingly creepy that I don’t even want to see the movie now. Amazing writing though.

  36. Favorite Olympic moment: watching my kids see the opening ceremonies. Oh how children’s eyes make everything seem new again.

    Book I just finished: Better by Atul Gawande – most fascinating book I’ve read in years!

  37. Living in BC, I am loving the Olympics. But the highlight of the week for me was watching Joannie Rochette skate so beautifully after only losing her mother on Sunday. No one would have blamed her if she’d pulled out, but she went out there and skated like she floated on angel’s wings. And maybe she did. Not a dry eye in the house. That is Olympic Spirit.

  38. I have enjoyed watching Apolo Anton Ohno. He’s a local boy, for me here in WA state, and I think he’s so talented and has a great attitude. I also have enjoyed watching Shaun White in snowboarding – again, huge talent! Another favorite is Johnny Weir (sp?) in men’t figure skating. Along with him being a gifted athlete and very graceful, I love his own unique attitude and style.

  39. This has been a tough week. I have been working way too much and have a very sick cat which may not turn out well, but we will know more on Saturday.

    Have a safe trip home.

  40. Oh, I missed the contest -boo! 🙂

    I just wanted to say I don’t understand curling.

    And also I read the cutest book while traveling to San Diego this week. “The Secrets to Happiness” by Sarah Dunn.

  41. I missed it too! I’m glad you and Mac left when you did. Now they’ve got the sirens going for the tsunami in Hawaii as a result of the earthquake in Chile…o boy…be careful Ty and be safe. Might be a good time to fly out to WA (don’t think anybody wants to surf right now).

  42. I missed the contest but I loved the opening ceremonies.
    Mens figure skating,hockey,Apolo Ohno is just awesome.
    Snowboarding the half pipe, Shaun White is just fantastic.
    I am so glad the Canadian ladies figure skater won bronze after the death of her mom. I enjoyed the bobsled. I watched the Olympics every night.
    I will miss the Olympics when they are over.

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