Fresh Starts

Yesterday I began planning and plotting my new book(s) in earnest.  I’m putting together a series of books that have some connected characters.  As I’ve shared before, I love this stage in writing.  It’s the pre-writing, brainstorming, mulling, analyzing stage.  Very few words go down on paper now.  Rather I put together binders with character photos and bios, sections dedicated to settings and conflicts and careers. 

My brain is working almost constantly as I try to piece together the plots and the layers and the driving motivation.  My editor has asked for one thing.  I’m drawn to something rather different.  Can I find a way to meld the two?  Can I give her what she wants without losing what I’m compelled to do?  Publishing is such a delicate balance of art and acumen…must be creative…must be viable.  Must make money.  Must sell many books.

The idea I’m most intrigued by isn’t light and cheery at the onset.  It’s more reality than fantasy.  Editor very much wants fantasy.  Readers want feel-good.  I want truth.  How to make everyone happy?

I think I can.

I hope I can.

I sit down at the computer and tell myself I can do anything.  I go to sleep at night and ask my brain to come up with solutions.  I turn the pieces of the story puzzle around and around to see if there might be a stronger hook or more commercial spin that would allow me to spin a fast-paced, yet emotional, yet empowering read.

I think I can.

I know I can.

And so it begins again.  New book.  New ideas.  New possibilities.

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