Keeping It All Together

Weird.  I wake up and my heart’s practically racing.  I get out of bed and the mind’s already running ahead, shifting through all I have to do.  Kids.  Baby.  Dog.  Food.  Writing.  Email.  Edits.  New proposal.  Book.  Events.  Cleaning.  Laundry.  Baby.  Bills.  Bills.  Headache.  August.  Book tour.  Publicity.  Baby.  Boys.  Homework.  Grades.  Worry. 

And the sick, sinking feeling takes over.  The anxiety hits like a big wave. 

Have to stop, take a deep breath, do a shoulder roll, shrug off the stress and the tightness in my chest.  Things are fine.  Everything’s fine.  Don’t look at everything at once.  Just focus on one thing at a time. 

And then the phone rings.  The cell phone vibrates with a text.  Baby’s crying.  Boys are fighting. 

What do you do when life feels crazy?   I exercise, or try to find a little time to read.  Reading is my favorite escape.  Reading really relaxes me, makes me feel whole.  Safe.  Sane.  But I haven’t been reading a lot lately due to all the other demands but I swear, I’m reading today…even if it’s just for a half hour!

With reading in mind, I have two prizes for my blog readers–copies of Liza Palmer’s wonderful new novel, A Field Guide To Burying Your Parents.  You know I’m a huge Liza Palmer fan and this is a fantastic read.  Along with Liza’s novel, I’ve got a little Starbucks card and some sweets, treats and JP reader goodies for the winners.  So tell me how you’ve been and what you’re doing today or this coming week, and you’re entered to win.  The contest ends Tuesday night midnight and I’ll announce the winners Wednesday morning in the comments section. And even if you’ve won before, or won recently, still post because anyone who shares a comment can win.  I just wish I had a copy of Liza’s book for everyone!

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