Gone Country Sightings

I’m in Auckland at the wonderful Romance Writers of New Zealand’s conference  and having an amazing time. These women, and this conference, is so unbelievably cool.

Have been getting texts and emails and blog posts about She’s Gone Country sightings and thought I’d share this one from my pal Janelle who spotted the book on a Virginia Barnes & Noble shelf. Very cool, Janelle. Thank you!

If your local bookstore doesn’t have She’s Gone Country in the store on Monday, don’t be afraid to ask if they’re getting copies, and if they aren’t, or if–as in the case of the Temecula Barnes & Noble–they’ve already sold  out, ask them to order more. The first couple weeks of a book’s release are  so important so let your local store know this is a book you want to read!

Now back to the conference and these lovely Kiwis!


  1. Hi Jane, Glad you are having fun with the Kiwis! Just wanted to tell you and the others who visit your web site that I emailed the reviewer of BookPageXTRA to suggest that they review your new book, She’s Gone Country. We get the printed BookPage free at our library each month and I get the XTRA direct to my email address. You can see what they offer at BookPage.com or if anyone else would like to ask that Jane’s books be reviewed write to: eliza@bookpage.com and hopefully they will do it! So excited for you Jane!

  2. So glad to hear you are having fun, Jane!!! I will look at my local stores for your book. I pre-ordered it already.

    I got The Secret, and it is really good. Girl, you have some skills. Made me want to run go find a working ranch and meet a nice cowboy/rancher. Love Zane!!! Still trying to figure out the secret, but I think I got it.

    Peace and love,
    Paula R.

  3. Hi Jane,
    How I envy you jetting all over the world.
    I got my copy of The Secret and the other goodies. Thank you! Leena is so efficient. I know she is a big help to you.
    I have my copy of SGC ordered.
    Have a fun safe trip.

  4. I can’t believe Temecula is all sold out! My cousin lives over there…I just picked up my copy yesterday and I’m already half way through. I am loving. Great job Jane and I can’t wait to meet you on Thursday at Vroman’s.

  5. Hi Jane, I’m happy to report that Barnes & Noble in Bellevue has your book, I just got it tonight and I’m taking it on my trip tomorrow.
    Thank you for the invitation to the Reading & Signing of your book. Have a wonderful time!

  6. Hi Jane!

    I am about 90 pages into Shey’s story and loving it. Sitting by the river at my in-laws place in Michigan and enjoying the mild weather and peace and quiet. Can’t wait to keep reading.

    Hope you have a great time in New Zealand.

  7. Bought it at B&N in Bellevue and finished it already. Perfect summer read (or spring, in New Zealand)! See you when you do the author’s thing here in the fall.

  8. Hello my wonderful friend! Our local book store- Books-A-Million- doesn’t have your books stocked yet. I was a bit irritated about it but I’ll be back over there Tuesday hoping they’re on the ball with it!

    Have fun in NZ!

    1. Danielle, ask the store to order some copies if they don’t get it in this next week! Hope all is well with you. I had fun this summer filling the scrapbook you made me with pics of Mac and us in Hawaii! Thanks again.

  9. I ordered the book a week ago and it should be here in the end of the month. Let’s see when it hits Finland. Can’t wait!!!

  10. Wow, thank you Jane for the pic post … ha ha awesome! And you are SO WELCOME!! Glad you enjoyed the pic, because I certainly LOVED the book!

    Okay … so, when’s the next one due out (lol)?? ;0) ~

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