Gone Country Sightings

I’m in Auckland at the wonderful Romance Writers of New Zealand’s conference  and having an amazing time. These women, and this conference, is so unbelievably cool.

Have been getting texts and emails and blog posts about She’s Gone Country sightings and thought I’d share this one from my pal Janelle who spotted the book on a Virginia Barnes & Noble shelf. Very cool, Janelle. Thank you!

If your local bookstore doesn’t have She’s Gone Country in the store on Monday, don’t be afraid to ask if they’re getting copies, and if they aren’t, or if–as in the case of the Temecula Barnes & Noble–they’ve already sold  out, ask them to order more. The first couple weeks of a book’s release are  so important so let your local store know this is a book you want to read!

Now back to the conference and these lovely Kiwis!

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