Oh, Thank You!

Reviews are starting to come in for She’s Gone Country… This is like Christmas for me. I really really love this part — both the critical response and hearing from readers, too! One review that just came in is from The Chicago Tribune, crediting my writing with “genuine warmth and quiet grace.” Thank you! Another came from The Seattle Times hailing Shey as “vulnerable, yet resilient,” and her romance “engaging.”

Can you feel me smiling right through your monitor?

It’s getting me so excited for the upcoming book tour, even as I’m working frantically to take care of all my boys and finish my Harlequin Presents manuscript in the next two days. I want you to get excited, too, and I have just the thing — a really fun, creative She’s Gone Country reader contest, starting next week.

But you can get ready now! Start looking for a fun, old truck and perhaps a pair of cowboy boots and your favorite jeans. Maybe a blue tank top… And check in next Tuesday for more details!

Me? I’m heading into the home stretch to make my deadline. Power writing at its best, bolstered by the knowledge that the book is being received well. Thank you.


  1. Hola Jane

    Can not wait to get my hands on this book. Look forward to seeing you on your book tour. Myself along with 2 friends will be making the trip from SA,TX to Georgetown to see you. Then of course making it a girl’s weekend in Austin. Looking forward to it.

    Congrats on the reviews!

    1. Lanette, I’m now coming to San Antonio! It’s just been added to my booktour. Now you don’t have to drive so far. NOw, if you want to drive, you can, but I also have an event scheduled for SA! Cool!

      1. We are all about road trips! Maybe we will make both. But I am telling my husband otherwise there goes our roadtrip. My sister agrees completely. lol

  2. Big time congrats and more smiles! Life is good, enjoy it…this is a great pick me up for you (shot in the arm)…so happy for you.

  3. Jane, I loved the first chapter and am looking forward to reading the whole book! I am so happy for you and your GREAT reviews.

  4. Congratulations, Jane! I am very excited and happy for you. You have your own cheering section here. You can get the Presents done. It sounds like you are going to have a wonderful booktour.

    Peace and love,
    Paula R.

  5. I think it great about all the good reviews and not sure but I’m pretty sure I’m on your fan list but giving you my address anyways, carole fiore-abshire 18 mohave rd. crawfordville, fla. 32327/ I’m so happy for you and I know the book willbe a great success. Have a grand time on your tour and finishing about your other chapters. Try and rest up….

  6. Jane, your happiness DOES come through the monitor! Just finished reading the Chicago and Seattle reviews…nice going! I was able to leave a comment on one but the other had “closed after 72 hours”. How exciting to read such wonderful reviews. Congrats once again.

  7. Jane,

    Are you still coming to NJ in the fall? I have a ton of people waiting to meet you!! I am available to help plan in any way!! I wrote a review on She’s Gone Country on Barnes and Noble.com. I have a sudden urge to be wearing cowboy boots here in NJ…is that weird? lol Enjoy what’s left of summer!

    Love ya,

  8. Congratulations!!!! I’m extremely happy for your success.
    And, yes, I can just see the smile…………
    Hope your next few months are full of fun and excitement.

  9. Big time congrats on the great reviews. I could just feel your smile through the computer.
    I am just waiting for some smart TV executive to tie all the books together and turn out a great movie.

  10. the Tuesday thing sounds exciting but very mysterious right now.

    congrats on the tour; I’m sure it will go great.

    Can’t wait for She’s Gone Country.

  11. Hi Jane,
    I just purchased your new book at Borders on Sunday! I was so happy to see it on their store shelf because it’s not @ my Barnes & Noble yet. Can’t wait to read, read, read.

  12. So glad the glowing review are rolling in…you should be so, very proud. Shey’s story is a wonderful work; everyone will love it!

    I’ve posted my reviews at Amazon and BN. I will also do Borders!

    I can’t wait to see you in Laguna Beach. Good luck with all the travels, that can be draining. Is Mac staying with Daddy?

    See you soon!

  13. Hi Jane! I, too, hope you’ll be coming to New Jersey or even New York (not that far) someday. I was shopping in Target w/my boys on Friday & nearly fell over my cart when I saw She’s Gone Country on the shelf!!! I’ve been waiting so long to read Shey’s story & from what I’ve read on your site, I know I won’t be disappointed. Although, I was tempted to read it as soon as I got home, I have to finish “The Sicilian’s Defiant Mistress”. I had just finished “Taken by the Highest Bidder” (read in 3 days)…wow, these are my first romance books of yours & I love them as much as your modern stories!!! I’m a little behind in my reading at the moment since I took my son & niece to the Jonas Brothers concert tonight, but I will be taking my books w/me to the shore tomorrow. Best of luck finishing up your latest & congratulations on all of your great reviews!!! PS-I did take a picture of the book on the shelf for you, but not quite sure how to send it to your site.

  14. She’s Gone Country looks like it will be a great read, the contest to bring it to reality would be a awesome lifetime experience. Hope I win!! Thanks :o)

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