A Dark Sicilian Secret is done!

My latest Harlequin Presents, a story set in Sicily, has been officially accepted and titled.  I don’t know when A Dark Sicilian Secret will be scheduled, but fingers crossed it’ll be out this time next year, if not a little sooner.

This was such an intense book, and while I loved my premise, it challenged me at every twist and turn.   I hope my romance readers will love this story as I’ve never written anything quite like this before.

To celebrate the book’s acceptance, as well as my deep sigh of relief that it’s finally, truly done, I’m going to get a massage this afternoon and chill out because on Monday I’m back to work on my new women’s fiction single title.

However, I’d like to keep the celebratory feeling going a little longer (because this book did take up my entire summer!)  so I’m hosting a special contest for my blog readers this weekend.

One of my all time bestselling Presents novels was another Sicilian story called The Sicilian’s Defiant Mistress and Harlequin Mills & Boon Australia paired it recently in a gorgeous trade size anthology titled “Bedded by Bad Boys” with a story by gifted author Cindy Gerard.  Cindy’s novel, The Outlaw Jesse James is incredible, and the fact that it celebrates those sexy rodeo heroes makes it even hotter.  I’m crazy about this anthology and think you die hard romance readers will love it, too!

Want to win one of the three copies of this sensational anthology, chocolate treat,  and $10 Starbucks drink cards?   Just post a comment in the comment section below and and tell me if you’ve ever been to Texas or the South.  Or share if you’ve ever been to a rodeo, or have a secret soft spot for country music–and you’re in.   Just comment and you’re entered.  You don’t have to be a country girl to love this prize–you just have to love romance and a taste for something sweet.  Contest ends Monday morning PST at 8 am.  I’ll announce the winner in the comment section of my blog by noon and the winners will have two days to get back to me or I’m drawing new winner names!!

Good luck to all, check back in on Monday to see if you’ve won, and now I’m off to get that 60 minute massage.  After weeks and weeks of writing, traveling, and working, I can not wait to be spoiled rotten!  🙂


  1. hope you enjoy your massage! congrats on getting your book accepted and titled! sounds wonderful! i haven’t been to texas, haven’t really been to the south, havne’t been to a rodeo, but i love romance and sweet stuff and i love alan jackson’s voice! have a great weekend, jane!

  2. Hi Jane-I have never been to the South but would love to sometime. I have actually been to a rodeo. At first I didn’t want to go but my husband (boyfriend at the time) wanted me to go so I did. I had an awesome time! I grew up on Country music, but never really cared for it myself. Since meeting my husband (only thing he listens to is country), I have noticed myself listening more and more to it. He actually wanted to share some of my itunes music that I downloaded and caught me with country songs…oops. I also catch myself watching the CMT channel when he isn’t home. He has been trying to get me to listen to country since we met. I’m not ready to let him say “I told you so” yet.

  3. Enjoy your massage. You deserve it for giving up your summer. Every book I’ve read that you have written, I have totally enjoyed so I can’t wait for this one. I just finished She’s Gone Country and loved it too (I am a city girl that has recently found her inner cowgirl). Your books always have more life to them then the typical romances.

  4. What a great prize package!

    I’ve been to Texas two time; once was a drive-by so to speak, riding through on motorcycles on the way to the Grand Canyon from Indiana. The second time was a week’s stay with my parents who went for the winter. Texas is not ‘the South’, it’s a place all its own.

    I didn’t make it to a rodeo when I was there, but I did attend a rodeo when I was in Wyoming. That was really fun, although I found myself rooting for the bulls and not the cowboys (unapologetic animal lover here).

    Enjoy your massage!

  5. Never been to Texas… or anywhere in the true South… but I was so in love with ALABAMA when I was in high school. I was a groupie wannabe at any ALABAMA concert I could get to, and so wanted the lead singer to see me in the crowd and fall in love with me. Yes, I even wrote short stories about it. Ah, young country love… 😉

  6. I have never really been to what I consider the real South like Louisiana or Georgia or Alabama! I have been in Memphis on a layover flying home to Minneapolis from Jamaica, but that is it. I have been to Florida (Key West and Orlando and Miami) but not sure that counts!! Probably the only real southern state I have been to is Arkansas, but even then that seems too close to the Midwest!

  7. I went to Texas three summers ago to visit one of my best friends who moved there from New York. I had a great time and since we are both book lovers we spent a lot of time looking for new book stores!

  8. I was raised on country music, so I do have a soft spot in my heart for it. Remember see the old country stars at the fair such as Rex Allen, Jr., T.G. Shepherd, Buck Owens, Johnny Cash, and more.

  9. I was in Tx in the 70’s when my husband was stationed at Fort Bliss. That’s when I fell in love with the west.I’ve been back a few times since than and hope to visit again soon.

  10. Yay Jane!!
    I have never been to Texas, but I loved the Cowboys! only been to Florida once..thats it for bein’ south!
    I have been to rodeos though…used to take our son when he was young!I rooted for the bulls ;)and our son would hide from the clowns LOL!!

  11. The South is more than a location, it’s history, it’s comfort foods, it’s sharing life, family, love and being alive. It’s sweet tea on the porch watching clouds float by. It’s a kitchen filled with heavenly smells, drawing in family, to share their day. It’s the smell coming off growing crops mixed with the fragrace jasmine and magnolia’s wafting in the windows. It’s home!

  12. I have only been to Texas once, about 20 years ago when I was around 10 years old. By brother, sister, mother and I traveled by bus from New Hampshire to Florida to visit my grandparents, then drove to Texas. I was too young to appreciate it then, but would love to go back sometime in the future.

  13. I grew up in the era of Michael Jackson and Prince, still love their music. But, I’ve got a secret….I love Patsy and Loretta. Shhh.

  14. Hi Jane! Congrats on the new book! Cant’ wait to read it.

    I’ve never been to Texas but I live in the south and adore country music. Some of my favorites are Toby Keith, Trace Adkins, Tim & Faith, Miranda Lambert, and Lady Antebellum…and it’s not a secret, I don’t care who knows 🙂

    Never been to a rodeo either but would love to…I love cowboys!

  15. I love Texas especially around the Gulf.I go sometimes on Spring Break. I also love singing country music it soothes my moods. Enjoy your massage.

  16. These books sound fantastic and I’d love to give them a try! I have not been to Texas but I’ve been to many southern states and love the atmosphere! Relaxed, country living is the way!

  17. I have been to Texas~visited friends in the small town of Gonzales, Texas. This little town played a big part in the battle at The Alamo~over 30 men from Gonzales fought & lost their lives in that infamous battle. The town also had a small cannon that was given to them by the Mexican government to ward off Indian attacks. This new book sounds very exciting. My dad served in Sicily during WWII. He always said it was very beautiful there.

  18. Congratulations Jane. I live next to Texas and love it. The cowboy aura is here bigtime and they are men, real men. Strong, determined and principled.

  19. Lived in Tx for a couple of years and I think I went to a rodeo, every once in a while there’s a country song I like!!

  20. You are such a talented author! I have gotten a dear friend hooked on your books now too!
    She just finished Odd Mom Out and it spoke to her like I told you it had spoken to me!

    Never been to Texas but love the South and everything about it! I’m a Central California Valley girl at heart and I love my country western music! Love love love it!

    Hope you enjoyed your massage — Its always fun to be spoiled and pampered!
    Have a great weekend Jane!

  21. I’m currently in Pendleton, Oregon where the 100th Round Up Rodeo is taking place … there are cowboys everywhere you look! As the Pendletonians say, “Let er’Buck!” 🙂

  22. My husband took me and my youngest two to Laredo TX. He is a truck driver (owner Operator) and it was summer so he took us out with him. It was really neat. Such a different landscape than here in MI. I really enjoyed it alot. I am a big fan of country music. It’s the main genre of music we listen to around my house. I’ve been to several rodeos over the years but they don’t have them near where i live very often. I went to a huge one in Kansas City when i was in High School and we were in town for the National FFA convention. It was was one of those big ones they usually show on television. Lots of fun to watch! I am a country girl for sure lol

    Lisa B

  23. Being from Kentucky, which I consider the South, and I might add, right in the middle of horse country… I was born and raised in the South.
    I have an Uncle and cousins who live in Texas (Bay City area) and I’ve been there a few times to visit them. I’ve also been to Austin for work. I absolutely love Austin. I would love to visit Houston or Dallas in the future.

  24. Yes, I’ve been to Texas. I went to Six Flags once when I was younger. I also went to San Antonio and El Paso. There are a lot of things to do in Texas.

  25. I’ve never been to Texas, but I live in Charlotte, NC which is considered the South. I’m from the DC area and with guys named “Bubba” down here, it definitely feels Southern. 🙂 I am reading SGC now and I am LOVING IT!! I can’t wait to see what happens with Shey and Dane. I must admit, I got excited when you mentioned you have to get back to work on your new women’s fiction single title. Can’t wait to get some tidbits on that. Have a great weekend and relax! 🙂

  26. Sure do deserve that massage, lucky girl. I feel your relief. I’ve been to Texas (Dallas) and driven through it a few times too. I just can’t believe all you do and how busy you stay…extraordinary. Have a super weekend.

  27. I have never been to Texas, but I am from Florida so I live in the South everyday. I was born and raised in Tallahassee, FL which is basically southern Georgia and full of down-home country folks! I live in Tampa now so it is a very different experience!

  28. Hi! I love this contest! I’ve been to Texas when I was 22yrs old. and met up with some rodeo people at our county fair, and thats when I spent all summer. I fell in love but went different directions, but just couple months ago, we’ve reconnected. I moved to Fla.in 1985 so I’m in the south but I still have my family in Chicago. I hope I get picked for I love all your books. What are you going to be working on? Do you have a title yet? Or what it willbe about…have a wonderful weekend!

  29. Congrats on the new book! You definitely deserve the massage after all the time you’ve spent writing and traveling lately. Looking forward to the next women’s fiction novel as well!

    I definitely have a soft spot for the south (as well as country music). There is also a pair of cowboy boots tucked in my closet. I’ve been to Dallas where one of my high school friends lives. I’ve also spent a good deal of time in Oklahoma. I love the south. It’s such a nice escape from the fast paced life around the DC metro area.

  30. Well I have never been to Texas or the south. I do enjoy some of the new country music that’s out there now if that counts! I love things that are sweet especially chocolate and coffee! Those are my favorite things and are always fabulous! Enjoy your massage and have a relaxing weekend!

  31. Hi Jane
    I’ve been to Texas only a few times and it was only for camp at Sea World but I do love the South and those Southern Boys. I’m so excited you finished your Harlequin and I can’t wait to see it on the shelves next year. Have a great weekend.

  32. Hi Jane,
    Wish I was getting a massage like you.
    i live in the south. South Georgia to be exact. I grew up with horses. We had horse shows but I don’t remember true rodeos in the area. I like country music bunches. I was a big fan of Brooks and Dunn ,Alan Jackson and Kenny Chesney. Now I love the more pop country sounds of Taylor Swift.

  33. Hi Jane,
    It’s late afternoon so I’m hoping you have enjoyed your day and massage. I loved your questions for today for I am a country girl through and through. I believe I was born listening to country music. When I was young my parents would take my sister and I on car rides down old country roads as we listened to The Grand Ole Opry. After a short stint with rock music in my teens and early twenties, I have returned to my country roots. George Strait, Tim McGraw, Garth Brooks, Keith Urban and the ladies of country music sing loudly on my car radio.
    We raised horses, Appaloosa and Quarter Horses. I was up in a saddle and riding well before I could walk. We attended rodeos and horse shows every weekend for many years. I still love a good Rodeo and dig those tight jeaned cowboys.
    I have been fortunate enough to have travel all over the United States. I truly love the southern states, style and people. My daughter Tristan now lives in Texas and I usually get to Texas once or twice a year. The only place I haven’t been is New Orleans and it’s on my wish list.
    Enjoy your weekend and congrats on your newest achievement!!! Hugs, Lisa

  34. When I was a teenager, my family drove from eastern Canada to western Canada, and then on down to Nevada (I was at the Desert Inn and saw Foster Brooks and Juliet Prowse, even though I was underage), California, and then Mexico (just to say we’d been there), but I don’t THINK we went to Texas too.
    The only rodeo I’ve attended is the Calgary Stampede (in Alberta, Canada), again when I was a teenager in the seventies.
    Congrats, Jane, on this latest accomplishment! I wish I was getting that massage too!!!

  35. Hi Jane! Well, I’ve been to the south so many times and I’m actually moving there by the end of this year. I’ve only driven through texas although I like their values and ideals as a state and i wanted to move there at one time, unfortunately it doesn’t look like it will happen this lifetime. I LOVE country music, always have. Having grown up in michigan, we’re secretly country and we Looooveee our country music. One of my first concerts was clay walker and this may i went to go and see my girl carrie underwood.

  36. Hi Jane!

    So I was bummed about the third place book signing being cancelled……. but I guess another two months isnt SOOOOO bad! 🙂 I WILL be there!

    So South… Texas. My sister lived in San Antonio but I never did get to visit her there. When she moved to Pensacola I did visit there. It was gorgeous!

    Now even though I’ve never been to Texas, I’m somehow a Southern Belle at heart. You know how little girls always wanna be a princess? I never wanted to be a princess, I already was in Daddy’s eyes…….. But I ALWAYS wished I was a Southern Belle! The Southern Twang! The politeness. (ma’m, yes sir, Miss Kit… (love when customers call me that.) The Cowboys! (well back then I wasn’t thinking about cowboys but still) The Sweat Tea, the Southern Charm……. Love it!Rodeo’s are super fun as well. I’ve been to a few in the Washington area. 🙂 Anyhow…… have a great week! And this Seattle rain is sure soothing so enjoy!

    Miss Kit……

  37. Congrats on the book, and the anthology!

    Never been to Texas, we almost moved there in 1991. However, I have been to rodeos plenty in Oregon and my girls have introduced me to a bunch of country music. Rascal Flats are one of my favs.

    Good luck working forward on your WF! I hope to see you at Emerald City in a few weeks.

  38. Nope, I have never been to Texas or the south – I sure would like to visit there one day.

    Jane, I hope you get some R&R – you truly deserve it.

  39. Jane,

    I have been slowly getting into a little bit of country music recently. I have always wanted to visit TX. I am intrigued with the stories and what friends tell me. Hope you enjoyed every one of those 60 minutes of your massage!


  40. I live in Texas and have my entire life. It’s been a number of years since I’ve been to one but I used to go to the rodeo with a regularity. And as for country music, I’m most comfortable dancing to it. 🙂

    Hope your massage was great!

  41. Never been to Texas but a trip is in the making as my sister-in-law bought a house a few years ago in Beaumont and she is dying for someone to visit (she always comes home…). Of course I’ve been to Florida (with our Canadian winters…), and I’ve also made the drive from Montreal to Florida and hit a few southern states on the way.

    I’m a classic rock girl at heart, but I do listen to and enjoy other music… Toby Keith’s American Ride caught my ear lately and I do like Garth Brooks.

    I’ve never been to a rodeo… my girls are showjumpers, but we do have great appreciation for the enormous skill western riders have with their cutting and reining horses.

    Have a great weekend, Jane… you’ve sure started it off right with that massage.

  42. Hey, Jane! I’m glad to see that you are allowing yourself some pampering time : ) I love the title “Dark Sicilian Secret”–it sounds wicked good! You and Cindy Gerard together make a dynamite duo–two of my favorite ladies : ) I was born and raised in VA, and I’m still residing in this little railroad town. It’s beautiful here in the mountains of Southwestern VA. Country music is definitely the music of choice, and there is lots of great local talent in this area. I have a young friend who is trying for a singing career, and she has a very “soulfoul”, Patsy Cline voice. Since I love cowboys and western romances, I spend a lot of time in Texas in my mind : ) I do have a much-loved old pair of saddle-tan western boots. I’ve had them for over 20 years, and they are broken in just right–the most comfortable footwear I own!

  43. I hope you enjoyed your massage, what a treat!

    My father was stationed in ElPaso, Tx when he was in the army in the mid-sixties. I remember little bits and pieces – weird stuff really. I haven’t been back, but I would love to go some day.

    I am off to my son’s football game out in the country this morning though, does that count? We are hoping for a big win today!

    My favorite group is the Zac Brown Band and even my husband is enjoying them – he can pick out any ZBB song now (even if he has never heard it before). This is HUGE for him since he is a not so country fan! My top three ‘Turn-It-Up’ songs are all country songs…

    Have a great day Jane, I can’t wait to hear what you are working on next.

  44. Hi Jane! I’ve been to Texas a couple of times. We almost moved there when I was in elementary school and so we went and looked around the Dallas area and then later on we vacationed in St. Padre’s Island. I would love to see San Antonio!

    At 18 I moved from Ohio to Georgia and learned what the true South is all about! It was quite the culture shock. It’s such a different way of life. Enjoyed 7 years in Georgia and then 7 years in North Carolina and now we live in Virginia. People here say VA is the South but after living in the deep south it just doesn’t feel like it. Although we live in Northern Virginia so it’s a whole different animal here.

    Congrats on finishing your book and enjoying some downtime!

  45. Born and raised in Texas and now back home to live for the rest of my life. We lived in the deep South, in South Carolina for four years and made such good friends. Great place, but not home for me!

    Just so you know, I am almost finished with She’s Gone Country and you did us proud down here in Texas. Shey’s love of home and family is Texas style right down to the “T!” Thanks Jane for great writing and insight.

  46. I’ve been to Houston for each of my nieces weddings and once to Austin to visit my brother and family and my mother.

    Waiting anxiously for She’s Gone Country to arrive – hopefully today!

    Enjoy your massage.

  47. hope you enjoy your massage and always intrigue on going to TX. ALso would be reading she’s gone country and this book too!!! hope u come to manila soon.

  48. I’ve been to San Antonio. Loved it. I would definitely go back there. I would love to see more of Texas.
    I haven’t been to a rodeo since I was a kid. I enjoyed it.
    I love country music. Martina McBride and Keith Urban are a couple of my favorites.
    Hope you enjoy your massage! Have a great weekend.

  49. I was just in Nashville in August to attend training and what a treat. I went to the famed ‘Loveless Cafe’ and enjoyed the best biscuits and homemade jam in the world! I just had to purchase their cookbook! I was in awe of Nashville, what a beautiful place. I loved that all of the homes had a front porch and beautifully landscaped. The folks there are so friendly! I had a great time, can’t wait to go back.

  50. I have never been to TX! Hopefully, in the next few years that will change. I have been to a few rodeos here in OR. They are so much fun and my kids LOVE them! Enjoy your massage, you deserve it!

  51. No, I have never been to Texas. I have seen rodeos on TV and have been to a big one in Reno many years ago. I do enjoy country music. A massage sounds wonderful right now…..hope you loved it!

  52. I was in Texas for three days last month until page 376 of “She’s Gone Country” and then BOOM, I was back in reality! Awesome read!

    I drove through the panhandle of Texas in 1990 and spent the night in Amarillo on my way to AZ. I know that hardly scratches the surface of Texas, but I loved what I saw.

    As for rodeos, I’ve been to three in Waimanalo, HI (of all places). What an eye opening experience that was!

  53. Never been to Texas but one of my favorite country singers, George Strait lives there!
    Wow, a massage does sound wonderful.

  54. Never been to Texas but it’s on my list. I’ve been down South and Southwest so I’ll get there eventually (and hopefully meet a nice cowboy or two ) And yes, I love Country Music – it’s my sit down, relax and get back home and comfort music.

  55. I have never been to Texas but would love to go. It seems like I may have seen a small rodeo when I was a child at the fair or something like that. I am a country girl at heart was raised in the country but live in town now. I do listen to some country music, not a lot but some.

  56. Congrats on your latest presents. I’ve read many of your presents starting with Christos’s Promise.

    I’ve been to Texas several times and the first time I went to a rodeo was in Houston. Now that I live in Arizona, I enjoy local rodeos.

  57. Congratulations on finishing the book Jane! I have never been to a rodeo or even to state in the south west of Florida but I do like stories set there since it seems so different from where I live in the northeast.

  58. I’ve been to Dallas twice and have relatives in Fort Worth and San Antonio. Love that part of the country, just not in mid-July. Hot and humid=hair friz. And in my opinion, nobody wears a pair jeans quite like a cowboy.

  59. Hey Jane, congrats on finishing the Presents. You certainly did a lot of wrestling with it this summer. Don’t count me in for the contest. I just want to show some love. I have been to Texas and Down South. I went to Texas, North Carolina and South Carolinafor military training. I loved my time down there. I LOVE country music. I think in a past life I lived on a ranch in Texas. My dream is to visit Big Sky country and the ranches there though, in winter. Not sure why winter, especially since I hate the cold. The American historicals that took place on ranches have always been my fave ones to read. I hope you enjoyed your massage. I am on Odd Mom Out now…LOVED The Frog Prince and Flirting with Forty. You have a gift! Thank you!

    Peace and love,
    Paula R.

  60. Jane, you deserve to be pampered, so enjoy your massage! I have not been to Texas before, but would love to see it one day soon! I have been to many rodeos here in OR and WA. They are always fun, we like the Mololla Buckaroo the most.

  61. country Ihere and have been to rodoes; in-door ones, out-door ones.
    I really like the atmosphere but cringe at some of the competitions such as bull riding(scares me for the rider).
    I have a massage due next week and am looking forward to it; enjoy yours.

  62. Hi Jane! I’m happy to hear you are taking the time to pamper yourself, you work so hard, you need to relax too!
    I have never been to TX! I wish I could say I have. I have been to a rodeo before, but that was so long ago, I hardly remember it. Wow, maybe it’s time I sit down and start a list of things I need to do in my lifetime. 🙂

  63. Hey Jane!! Hope the ‘spoiling rotten’ has continued on into your weekend! :0) It is well deserved chica.

    Actually all three of your requested inputs pertain to me. I have been to Texas a couple of times (connecting flights not counting). My ex and I took a long road trip over 45 days on old Route 66 from CA to IL back in 95′ which took us through Amarillo if I remember correctly and then onto the Cadillac Ranch.

    My longest stay in TX though was back in 99′ when I went down to Dallas to catch the “Shania Twain Thanksgiving Special” at Texas Stadium. Your ticket to the concert was seeing the Cowboys play the Packers & then the concert occurred afterwards. Totally awesome – got to stand on the 50 yard line behind her drummer JD Blair! Taping was two weeks before Thanksgiving day, but my sister still mistakingly thought I was dissing her for Turkey Day to go to the concert instead. We still crack up about that!

    I have been to one rodeo, and that was in Western Maryland before I got ready to transfer to Rota, Spain.

    And country music…. I don’t just have a secret soft spot for it, I LOVE it!! Funny – being that when I first went into the Navy I could not stand it (be gone “Achy Breaky Heart”) LOL! But then I saw a Faith Hill video and she took a little piece of my heart. Hers was the first country music cd I bought. And I couldn’t tell you how many concerts I have been to for various artists… Kenny Chesney is my fave though.

    Little side note: my friend Fred once told me that if he could see three specific people in concert, then he’d know he had lived a good life – Reba McEntire, Celine Dion & Billy Joel. I was like, “Fred, I guess I have lived a pretty damn good life then because I have seen all three of those people 3 times in concert!”

    Have a great weekend All ~

  64. Hola Jane!

    In reading all the postings, I was surprised to read how many people have not been to The Lone Star State. I live in San Antonio and grew up in “South Texas”. Growing up I spent alot of time in Del Rio, Eagle Pass, Hondo and Uvalde supporting our friends whom did the rodeo rounds. I can still recall the bulls that our friends would try to hold onto for 8 seconds. They were supplied by ‘Bad Company’ and can still see the bull named “Expect the unexpected” bucking my friends off and watching them run for the fence on which they were going to be hanging on.

    And at that time we would listen to some great country music, especially a duo named Foster and Lloyd. ‘Texas in 1880’ was my favorite song. If you get a chance you should listen to it.

    Hope everyone has a good week.

  65. Hi Jane,
    After all that hard work writing, you deserve a break and I am glad you are taking it. I hope it was wonderful!

    Although I am a SoCal girl, I love Texas! One of my favorite places in Texas is Austin and a small community called Lago Vista. My husband and I have talked about retiring there.

    I also spent three weeks in Houston/Galveston a few years ago for Hurricanes Ike and Gustav. I loved the people and the city. They treat emergency responders with great respect and kindness!

    I hope you are doing well! Congrats again on finishing your book!

  66. Congratulations on finishing A Dark Sicilian Secret, Jane. Sounds like you have created another brooding, tortured hero for me to fall in love with. I am looking forward to this story.

    I have been to Texas 3 times, no rodeos, but I have been to the bull-riding finals in Las Vegas and I do like country music. Hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed your massage.

    Good luck with the new story, as I am sure it will be wonderful.

  67. Hi Jane! I hope you enjoyed your massage; I went for one myself yesterday too, a surprise from my husband! I am so excited for your new book ~ congratulations! My heart was racing while reading your blog, especially since The Sicilian’s Defiant Mistress was the 2nd romance story of yours I read! Something to look forward to while I read your others. I saw Tim McGraw in concert twice, ironically, pregnant both times! Love Kenny Chesney too! About 4 years ago, my husband & I went to New Orleans for a long weekend (first time away together since our honeymoon!) ~ had a fabulous time! Would love to go back, but after reading SGC, I would love to visit Texas too! I really hope you get to come out to Jersey some day. Enjoy your rest & your family! Stephanie

  68. Congrats on finishing another book, Jane. Your stories reach so many women, you should be very proud!

    I do like some country music, but the music that borders the country-pop genre (Faith Hill, Shania Twain, Taylor Swift…)

    Have a great week! Wish you were coming to Cali…

    Hugs, Shannon in Tustin

  69. Jane,
    I watched the top 20 CMT videos this morning and enjoyed most, and Keith Urban is a great guitarist. That is as close to country as it gets for this city girl.

  70. Never been to the south unless you count Florida. Never been to a rodeo. But one of my grandpas was a rodeo rider!

    As for coutry music in general I am not the biggest fan or should I say wasn’t? Then I fell in love with the Dixie Chicks and now Lady Antebellum. 🙂

  71. I have never been to Texas, but I have always dreamt of going since I started watching Dallas when I was a teenager. I am fascinated by the people who all seem larger than life.

    Have a great day and hope your massage did wonders for your relaxation.

  72. Good morning everyone!

    Mac is down for his morning nap and I’ve come to announce the 3 winners–

    #1 Nicole
    #48 Laura
    #82 Sabrina D

    Will the three winners send me their addresses via a private email and we’ll get the prizes out in the mail ASAP.

    Hope you’ll enjoy the prize and everyone else, a new blog contest starts today!!


  73. I loved visiting Virginia. Went there to learn horse massage and came back with a Virginian and West Texas crossed accent that would not stop showing up in my voice for three monthes. My mother laughed and teased me the entire time. LOL! Love my time on the road cause I love singing to country music. Especially to She’s Gone Country. Tell you massage therapist to pay attention to your hands amd forearms… computers and the mouse do a lot of damage. A woman is not a woman without a taste of chocolate especially the good stuff. I like Dove chocolates and the sweet messages in the wrappers. Good luck on the next book.

  74. I’ve always wanted to go to Texas and hope to make it there some day. I live in a country sort of town, love Bluegrass, romance and chocolates! You’ll have to check out “Schocolat” in Leavenworth when you are here if you haven’t been there before. The gourmet chocolates are to die for! Looking forward to seeing you! LA

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