New Day Northwest

ndnwI’m just rushing off to downtown Seattle for a chat on Northwest New Day with Margaret about She’s Gone Country and my Seattle bookevents this weekend.

Tune in if you can.  The segment is supposed to air around 10:10 this morning!

UPDATE: Here I am!


    1. I just re-read your post.

      New Day NW actually airs from 11:00-12:00. I am thinking your segment will air about 11:10…

  1. just finshed listening to your segment on New Day…you looked great, Jane! I finished She’s Gone Country-it only took me a day to read it – I couldn’t put it down! Happy Trails the rest of the way on your book tours. I hope this one makes it into a movie too (i think Faith Hill would be perfect). Take Care.

  2. Thanks for posting the interview! I watched it when I got home from work and I look forward to seeing you in Bellevue tomorrow.
    Lots of good advice and fun to see your smile.

  3. Just picked up the book at Target. It had been sold out at the last few I searched. This was the last copy at this particular store. I thought about dl’g to Kindle, but I really wanted that cover! Looking forward to reading it.

  4. Thanks for posting the clip as I didnt check your blog until this evening. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night.

  5. Jane, thanks for having posted the video; I would have missed it otherwise. Had hoped to have participated, celebrated, and partied with you tonight in Bellevue; however, I’m celebrating and partying with my 7month old Grandson…I know you’ll understand my decision;)

  6. Thank you for sharing as we don’t get that station over this way. Enjoy every minute of your new book, you certainly deserve it!

  7. Jane, I just watched the video.
    You should be a motivational speaker. You looked great and did so well.
    I am glad to hear that the tv industry in interested is the books. I always saw Mrs. Perfect in either a TV show or as a movie like Flirting With Forty.
    I thought a movies using all 3 books tied together would make a great movie.

  8. Well, there you are. Excellent interview (except when the host brought up bodice rippers and Fabio and you handled it really well — smoking hot, I like that)! You were really good, very poised, gave your message plus more and I loved what you said about doing what you love and going for it.

  9. Hi! what a nice interview. Your so pretty. In one of your pictures I love that white blouse with the blue stiching. Glad that the book tour is going so well, wish I could meet you…love the book! Have a safe trip and have alot of fun in your hometown and Texas.

  10. Loved hearing your interview Jane! We don’t get to see you televised here on the East Coast. It was a great piece.

    Saw your books at Walmart yesterday too. I couldn’t wait that long so had already ordered mine on Amazon.

    Hope all is well and you are enjoying your travels.

  11. Great interview Jane! :0)

    When they were asking you about who you could picture playing Shey, I cracked up when you mentioned Faith Hill (I think she would be great as well by the way) – I automatically thought of the scene you wrote in the book where Shey is in a great mood gettin’ ready to go out on an impromptu lunch date with Dane and is so excited to go that she puts on a Faith Hill cd … that would be quite the comical scene in the movie, lol.

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