Texas Touring

I love Texas. I really do. I’m having the best time here with my guys, too. In between book events we’ve hit the Texas State Fair in Dallas, visited the Stockyards in Fort Worth with friends Carol and her cowboy husband Garner. In Fort Worth we checked out boots at Leddys before buying a pair for each of us at Maverick’s.

In San Antonio we toured the Alamo and then explored the beautiful Riverwalk–probably one of my favorite places anywhere in the US.


Yesterday before my book event at The Twig we drove to Bandera where we visited the cool dude ranch, Rancho Cortez, and got to do a little bit of riding and roping. (Ty Gurney was much much better at me at both…) Mac loved the goats. (Of course.)

Now we’re heading to Austin and my book event this afternoon in Georgetown. I’m very excited about my reader lunch before the signing. Dang, but this trip just keeps getting better and better!


  1. Jane it sounds like a blast! I’ve heard the river walk in S.A is amaaaaaazing! Enjoy! Nothing but rain here in Seattle…… (finally)

  2. I would love to visit Austin. There is a Stevie Ray Vaughn statue and some other things that pertain to him..have fun!

  3. Sounds like so much fun.
    I am with Mac, I love the baby goats and big goats too. They are just so cute.

    You need to post a pic of y’all wearing the boots you bought.

  4. So glad you are having such a great time in Texas and that you have Mac and Surfer Ty with you! I have always wanted to go to San Antonio and the river walk area. Enjoy!

  5. Isn’t it always better when spent with the ones we love? Have a wonderful tour, take lots of pictures. Love to see the cute pictures of Mac.

  6. I’m so glad you are enjoying Texas! What beautiful weather for exploring the beautiful attractions in San Antonio and Austin. Austin reminds me of Seattle, only with warmer weather! It’s a great city.

    Hope the rest of your trip is just as much fun!

  7. nullmy hubby ia on his wasy to Laredo TX right now. Not for fun though. He’s a truck driver leased with Landstar and makes alot of trips to Texas. I went with him once and really enjoyed the different scenery you can see driving all the way thru the state.


  8. Thinking of the Riverwalk just makes me smile…visited there years ago during a conference to San An’. The lovely hotel woman who made our beds always placed the boys’ “Pound Puppies” carefully and lovingly on the pillows so they would be “safe and cared for” while we were gone. So glad you are roping in good times and memories. Hope you will post photos of your activities and new boots.

  9. So happy to hear you and the boys are enjoying yourself. Do you have any pictures of Cowboy Ty? You could save them to use for your next book cover 🙂

  10. Look how cute you are on that horse! What a fun trip…

    Need some pics of Ty and Mac and you.

    Keep enjoying the ride, my friend!

    Shannon in Tustin

  11. Wow, look at that blue sky – Texas looks pretty and so do you (are you really standing up on the saddle or is that a trick photo?)!
    Keep having fun and reaping the rewards of all your hard work on your book.
    Great day here in the Northwest, too, although not a shirt sleeve day. I think we are in the fleece season for sure.

  12. Cool photo!!!! Used to live in San Antonio great city – lots of horses…have you ever considered putting your books on itunes? I listen to Nora Roberts horse novels all the time but I love yours because there’s no crimes or evil parts. Your Flirting with Forty and She’s Gone Country are my 2 all time favorite novels that I would love to see on itunes…thanks!

  13. Great picture! I’m glad you’re having a good time here. I agree, the riverwalk is beautiful. I haven’t been in about 10 years, but I remember it like it was yesterday. We were supposed to honeymoon there last year when we got married, but the budget fell short, so we didn’t get to go anyplace. I also love the stockyards. I plan on going there in a couple weeks. the weather is perfect this time of year for all the outdoor activities y’all have been doing. Keep having fun!

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