Birthday Boy!

My littlest boy is two today!  I’ve cleared my schedule so that Ty and I can spend the day doing fun toddler things with Mac before celebrating with a family dinner with his brothers tonight.  And then tomorrow I start writing again!!  But first, today will either be a zoo today or a Pacific Science Center day or something else fun day.

And because I love to celebrate birthdays, I have a present for one of you to celebrate Mac’s 2nd birthday.  Do you remember a favorite birthday?  When I was seven I got a white toy poodle that I named Muffin and a vase of red carnations from my godparents, along with a red shawl.  I felt grown up and beautiful, as I’d never received flowers for a birthday before.  Tell me about one of your favorite birthdays as a child and you’ll be entered to win gift cards and fun stuff!!  Birthday contest runs through Friday night and I’ll announce the winner Saturday morning!  Now I’m back to Mac to play, play, play!


  1. As sad as this sounds, I don’t remember any special birthdays when I was a child. We never had parties or anything so I didn’t get to really celebrate a birthday until I was married.

  2. Oh emmmm geeeee… he is TWO?! It feels like you were just pregnant yesterday. So crazy how time flies.

    One of my favorite birthdays was the birthday where I was allowed to have my first sleepover. Pretty sure I was in 5th grade (so 10?) and it was so much fun! We did everything from prank calling to stuffing ourselves with pizza to playing Girl Talk – with the red sticker zits. 🙂

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mac!! sending balloons and hugs your way.

    My 16th birthday was special in that the family gave me a single red rose in a blue vase and it was set by my plate at supper time along with a card I’m sure(can’t remember). The rose was everything as we didn’t have much money and lived 1/2 hr. from the city on a farm. Very special.

  4. Happy Birthday to Mac! It sounds like you will have a wonderful day today with the little guy, and then a nice celebration with the rest of the family tonight. Enjoy! As for me, I can remember birthdays when I was in elementary school and having a party at my house, and always having my favorite cake, German Chocolate. I think the cake was always my favorite part of the party. 🙂

  5. Happy Birthday Mac! He is so beautiful, Jane! I love that picture.

    I think my favorite birthday was my 21st and not because of the usual reasons. I’ve never been much of a party give so my mom surprised me with a trip to Disney World, which was the absolute perfect present for me. My mom, my brother, and I spent 5 days in Florida at one of the value resorts and it was such a blast. I think it was a fun way to celebrate hitting an adult milestone because it allowed me to keep the kid in me alive too. 🙂

  6. My favorite birthday was when I was 5 and we celebrated it in my
    parent’s home town in Mexico. The best part was that I had 5 pinatas for my 5 years. I remember thinking that I hoped we could have my 10th birthday there also.

  7. Happy Birthday Mac! What a great pic!

    On my 8th birthday in Mississippi I awoke to the aftermath of one of the worst (and prettiest) snow storms on record. We were out of school for 4 days!

  8. Happy Birthday Mac!

    I don’t remember how old I was but we had my birthday party at Peppermint Park (it’s long since closed). I remember riding in a motorized boat that followed a track. I thought it was soooo cool. 🙂

  9. He is adorable!! Happy birthday Mac!

    My favorite birthday was my 15th birthday. I received the Saturday Night Fever album and thought I was in heaven. White polyester never looked soooo good!

  10. Happy Birthday to the Big Boy. What a cute picture.

    When I was sixteen my parents sent me flowers at school. I felt very grown up.

  11. Mac, Happy, Happy Birthday Sweetie!!! So precious!

    My fav birthday is when I go to Hawaii on a yoga, food, surf vacation…(it hasn’t happened yet)

  12. idon’t remember how old i was but we ahd a party outsidde and we played and played outside and ate at tables and had a great time.

  13. My 11th birthday my dad gave me a pair of jade post earrings with a card. It was the first time I remember him giving me a gift that wasn’t from both mom and dad. I felt special and honored and as if I had taken a first step into being a grown up.

  14. OK, is it weird that I just want to look at Mac’s gorgeous eyes? He’s just beautiful, Jane! I don’t know how you get anything done. I was looking at Joey’s baby pictures over the weekend and I had forgetten how deep, bright blue his eyes were when he was a baby (really until he was about 2 or 3). Now they are a greenish-blue with a gold center. Just as beautiful, but very different.

    So anyway…I hope you and Ty have a great day with the little munchkin. The birthday I remember most is my 7th birthday. I got a Mickey Mouse watch with a red leather strap and had my party at Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlour. They went out of business for many years but are back with a bang here in So. Cal. It was fun, fun, fun!!

    My 40th was pretty fun, too; but I always remember my 7th.

    XOXO from Tustin,

    1. Omg, I loved Farrel’s! Glad to know they’re back. I’m taking the girls next time I’m in CA.

  15. Hi Jane -Does someone else’s birthday count?
    I remember for my Pop’s 50th Birthday I flew to Houston, Texas to surprise him.I was living in Seattle. My step-mom picked me up at the airport. When we got to their house she honked the horn so he would come out, meanwhile I was hiding on the other side of the car. I jumped out and yelled “surprise”! He was so happy to see me, as I was to see him, we hadn’t seen each other for about a year. He told me when he saw me he didn’t know if he was gonna cry or pee his pants! 🙂 It made his 50th birthday extra special and I was so happy I could do this for him.

  16. My first birthday and last birthday party was when I was 35. We didn’t celebrate birthdays because of my mother’s religion. Now, I celebrate the birthday’s of my children so that know that have birthday memories.

  17. Happy Birthday to Mac! It seems you just had him! It makes me think of the “Zits” cartoon in Sunday’s paper. It said, “The days are long, but the years are short.”

    My favorite b-day was when I was 16 and I had a boy-girl party. We all got dressed up. It was over Christmas break too and the theme was “Death by Chocolate”. Everything was chocolate — even chocolate pizza!

  18. The most memorable birthday was my 23rd birthday. My husband took me to Squaw Valley in Lake Tahoe for week of skiing. My birthday was in the middle of this vacation and we spent all day skiing and then had a romantic/birthday dinner. It was a very special vacation for both of us.

  19. Happy Birthday to your cutie! Hope y’all have a nice day. I don’t have a specific bday in mind from when I was a kid. Never really had a big party that I can remember. But my grandma always baked my favorite cake (yellow Duncan Hines) with homemade chocolate icing.

  20. Happy birthday Mac! Its just a wonderful time in a child’s life. Learning all kinds of new things and exploring,too! I can remember alot of birthdays mostly when I was about 9-10 for I always would have all the Fiore’s and Onesti’s and cousins and friends for a party the best party was getting a the Italian creme caniolo cake and loved it, it was the best thing ever for it would have three layers of caniolo creme and this day I have this cake for my birthdau. I have to make it myself for no Italian bakeries around my house in fla. Hope Mac has fun with you and Ty—those are the best kind with family.

  21. You little boy is so handsome!

    I remember many great birthdays~being that it’s in August, we always had them outdoors. However, I have to say, my 30th surprise party was the best. I was truly surprised and it was such a feeling of love!

  22. Hi Jane and Happy Birthday Mac!

    My favorite birthday was my 5th birthday. I received a beautiful red bicycle with training wheels and my daddy brought me a store bought cake. I thought it was the most beautiful thing EVER. It was a white, two layers cake with lavender roses. Purple has been my favorite color ever since. Plus, we normally got homemade cakes, which are wonderful but this one was just extra special!

  23. My favorite birthday was my 16th. My twin sister and I were allowed to have a “grown-up” party with a sit-down dinner! I invited a boy I was interested in and he put his arm around me for the first time that night. I ended up marrying him a number of years later!

  24. I never had huge birthday parties as a child, but I did always get a yummy fruit-topped cake. We just celebrated as a family… That was good enough for me!

  25. Happy Birthday to Mac 🙂

    It sounds like he’ll have a great birthday with his family.

    Mac is just adorable in this picture and from all the stories I read about him on your blog he sounds like such a cute kid.

    When I was 12 it was my Bat Mitzvah and I got to go on 2 week trip in Europe with my mom, older sister, my best friend and her mom. It was an organized trip for families so there were a lot of kids my age and we had a really good time- I was in Italy, Switzerland and Paris and since then I was only able to go back to Italy for a short vacation and I really hope to go there again in the near future.

  26. It is sad, but i dont remember having special birthdays growing up. We didnt have much money to spare. The celebrations were usually low key with just close family. The best birthday celebration that i participated in was the birth of my sons. Those were great days!

  27. I can’t believe that Mac is two already. Time goes by so fast!

    My favorite childhood birthday memory is… hard for me to recall!
    But, this is my birthday week too, so I can at least remember this one! lol
    My family took me away for the weekend and we celebrated in a beautiful city and had lots of fun. It always feels so good to break free from the normal routine and get a change of scenery too! 🙂

    Have a great day! Happy birthday to Mac.

  28. My 16th was very memorable because my mom had a surprise party for me, but I’m having flashbacks to an earlier birthday, probably 5, when our neighbor Karen made me a great Mickey Mouse cake! Loved that neighbor and cake!

    Happy Birthday, Mac!

  29. happy birthday to mac; what gorgeous eyes he has! my favorite birthday was when i was about 8 and i was able to go to a local store called “scotts” and i got a barbie doll that i really wanted.(i still have it). we always got $10.00 back then to spend on our own gift! (there were 7 of us, so it was alot!). enjoy your day with the birthday boy!

  30. My favorite birthday party was the year I turned seven! My parents took me and my friends to Ginos…(used to be a chicken and burger place in the 70s). Just drove through my old neighborhood the other day and Ginos is REOPENED with a sign that says, “We’re back!” Maybe my husband will take me there for my birthday which is this Saturday!!

  31. Happy Birthday Mac! He is such a cute little guy.
    My best birthday was 7 years ago. My birthday is a week after my wedding anniversary and we had just gotten back from our honeymoon and my husband organized a surprise birthday party for me. It was a wonderful day.

  32. Wow! I can’t believe that Mac is 2 already! Happy Birthday to him and I love that picture. I hope you all a have a wonderful day with him.

    My favorite Birthday is my sixteenth birthday. My dad gave me a small jewelry sized box and I when I open it there where car keys inside!!! I made a really bad face because I thought he was giving me his junkie Ford Pinto car, but it was a white mustang parked out in the driveway. I was so surprised and we had some interesting times learning how to drive it ( it was standard:)! Somethimes when I drove it look like one of those rap cars that when and up and down LOL!!!

  33. He is sooo adorable! My 4y old just came by and said: who is that “dreamy boy”? To explain: She’s into “dreamy boys”. She told me: I will marry a dreamy boy- every girl likes dreamy boys! I haven’t found a pattern in her likes though to tell me which boys are dreamy in her opinion! 🙂

    I had several fun birthdays as a kid, although I never had a party (not that common where and when I grew up). My favorite birthday was the first one I remember. I was three and got a very colorful ball- I can still see it in my mind- my mother had not wrapped it and took it from the top of a high cupboard. (well it’s actually not that high anymore..) I was so surprised and thrilled to have my very own ball, just like big girls!!!

    Although I got great gifts and surely bigger and more expensive ones – this is the one I remember most. So I always take care with my little ones- you never know which day and which detail they will remember in 30+ years! 🙂

    Happy Birthday, big boy!!!

  34. Happy Birthday, Mac!

    Hmmmm…I have a memory of my worst birthday…third grade, everything I rec’d was clothes and I was “required” to try them on a show them to our guests…all clothes didn’t fit…it was very embarassing.

    Makes me want to make some new memories.

  35. When I was 8, my mom threw me a surrise party with all of my little friends. It is the only time anyone has ever thrown me a surprise party! I still remember the doll I received as well.

  36. nope not one thing comes to mind. My parents didn’t really do birthday and extended family didn’t either. My kids don’t even receive birthday cards from my inlaws.

    Sounds like a certain someone is going to have a great birthday. Mac is adorable. Happy Birthday to him and hope you have a wonderful day together as a family!

    Lisa B

  37. Happy birthday Mac!! Hope the whole family has a wonderful day! I remember once my dad came home from work on my birthday and told me his boss (who was also a family friend) had “sent home greetings” for me on my special day. I had no idea what greetings were but I couldn’t wait to open them and find out what goodies I had received!! I kept bugging my dad to give me the greetings. Poor man was so confused, especially at my extreme disappointment when I realized there was not going to be any actual physical gift. For some reason that’s one bday that stands out for me.

  38. I remember my 13th birthday as being special because my parents (finally) let me get my ears pierced! Happy Bday to darling Mac!

  39. Happy Birthday MAC!

    My favorite birthday as a child would have to be when I was 7.
    I wanted to wear my green polka dotted bikini to my party. Mom says all the other little girls were dressed in party dresses and there I was running around in my swimsuit. I also got a Suzy Homemaker oven that year. I had so much fun baking with that oven.

  40. Jane,

    Mac is just to cute for words, hard to believe that he’s two years old already.

    I would have to say that my favorite birthday, so far, would have been my 33rd. My husband knew that I grew up never having birthday parties because of my birthday being the day after Christmas. So on my 33rd birthday my honey bought brand new outfits for the kids and I, had us dress up in them, blindfolded me and walked all of us outside and then when I took off the blindfold there was a stretch limo waiting for us. He treated all of us to an eligant Italian dinner and then we drove around the city looking at Christmas lights. It was such a magical night….I’ll never forget it.

  41. My 18th was my favorite. A friend of my parents owned an ad agency in NY, and invited me and my bff for a weekend in NYC. We stayed at the Hotel Pierre, we went to see Hair (in 1968 it was still off broadway), and we met him at Elaine’s after. We shopped, and had so much fun.

  42. Happy Birthday, Mac! Two is such a wonderful age! I don’t know what you will do but we sure love the Pac Sci Center. And it’s pretty nice out today. 🙂

    Favorite birthday? My 30th. I was rediscovering myself, and while I was still in an abusive marriage I planned my whole birthday just the way I, night with the girls and it was FUN. And it was that following summer I left my husband. I like to believe it started with that birthday.

  43. Happy Birthday Mac!!! My oldest turns 18 today – not sure how those 18 years went by so quickly!

    My favorite birthday memory was when I turned 13. I came home from school to find that my brothers and sisters had decorated my bedroom and bought me the latest issue of Tiger Beat magazine! I now decorate my kids’ rooms every year for their birthdays.

  44. Happy Birthday to Mac. One of my best birthdays was a few years ago when my friends took me out for sushi and then we hung out sipping champagne and later on started in on the Carvel cake.

  45. My birthday is on December 14 & I was always bummed that I could never have a cookout & slip-n-slide party like my friends. So for my 13th birthday, my Mom had a surprise party for me on June 14, ending with a sleepover. It was so fun! 🙂

  46. Happy birthday Mac! You are so lucky to have two such wonderful and cool parents.

    (no contest 🙂

  47. Happy Birthday to Mac, the cutie twotee! I loved graduating from tricycle to bicycle! Well, it seemed very exciting at the time:) I picked it out at Sears before my birthday and loved visiting it before my birthday arrived, lol.

  48. Happy Birthday to Mac! I loved birthdays when I was a kid. My favorite memories are of the parties my mother had for me where we would play pin the tail on the donkey and musical chairs and other fun games at our house. I hope your day is a wonderful one!

  49. Mac is the most adorable little boy I have ever seen. I honestly don’t remember birthdays when I was younger. But, there is a lot I have tried to block out of my memory from when I was younger. I guess birthdays were one of them.

  50. Though I can’t remember childhood birthdays, I guess I could say my favorite birthday was when I turned 40. My ex-husband bought me a trip to Hawaii to visit him.

  51. Hi Jane,

    Have fun today. It sound like you will have a very fun a special day with your youngest.
    I remember almost every birthday of mine and I love celebration them.
    When I was a kid we always celebrated my birthday at our summerhouse and the weather was always nice so the one I remember most is when I turned 10 and I had a lot of guests.
    We had a big table out in the yard and my favorite gift was a memory game with farm animals. It´s actually the only gift I remember from turning 10.

  52. A favorite birthday was my sweet 16. Spent the evening with girlfriends in togas, hung out & had a sleepover party. Happy b-day to Mac!

  53. What a great month and Mac’s birthday is the day before my 45th tomorrow. One of my greatest is my 16th with family, my godmother who is also my aunt got me a gold plated earring case with my initials on it, my middle initial is G and her son at the time was about 4 years old and said “the G stands for grounded because you are always grounded” everyone had a good laugh and I will never forget it!

  54. Hope you are having a wonderful birthday today Mac! What fun that you are having a family day!

    My favorite birthday is to just keep having them as long as I can and be with my family! Each birthday has been fun!

  55. Happy Birthday Mac! Wow how fast they grow up. I can remember when my youngest was 2 and he’s 8 now!
    My favorite birthday was when I turned 8. My birthday is on Halloween and I really wanted to be something wonderful. We didn’t have a lot of money so costumes were usually something we pulled together from my parents old clothes. No store bought costumes for us. Snow White was playing in the movie theaters and I had just had my hair cut in a bob that looked just like hers. When I opened my presents that afternoon my Mom had given me a beautiful “Snow White” dress. It wasn’t exactly like hers but it was aweful close. I wore that dress for Halloween and went as Snow White. I felt like a princess. I know how hard my Mom scrimped and saved to buy me that special dress for my special day. There was a lot of love in that gift.

  56. Happy Birthday Mac!

    My favorite birthday is last year when me and my twin sister went to Las Vegas over the weekend. We had tons of fun 🙂

  57. Happy Birthday to Mac. What a darling little boy. I hope you all had a fun day together!
    I don’t really have a special birthday memory as a child….I just remember always loving my birthday and being so excited waiting for my friends to come for the party. I fondly remember my 16th birthday. A friend and I went to El Torito and I wore the big Mexican hat while they sang me Happy Birthday and took my picture.

  58. Awww . . . Happy Birthday Mac! He’s getting cuter all the time! My most-remembered birthday was when I turned 17 and I was allowed to drive the family car with just my best friend (just the 2 of us) to a local restaurant for my birthday supper.

  59. Happy Birthday Big Boy Mac!

    My 9th birthday was special… I had a cake decorated with plastic horses and a new velveteen dress to wear. We have photos of that birthday and I have a grin from ear to ear.

    As an adult my 40th was the most memorable… a lovely surprise party with friends and family organized by my husband. It was catered by friends, some very nice bubbly wine and lots of good company.

  60. As a child — birthdays were celebrated with family with cake & ice cream – nothing big but I
    remember always getting pj’s from Gramma for my birthday. But, Best Birthday was — boyfriend – bottle of wine – a blanket watching the sunset on Lake Michigan — it was perfect!

  61. Jane,

    Happy 2nd Birthday to Mac!! I love my birthday so I am not sure if I can pin point a favorite. It’s just a few days after yours so normally there’s a lot of snow. I did love the roller skating birthday parties. Something about when they turn the lights down but the strobe lights are going with the loud music. Wow…talk about an 80’s flashback!!

    Hope Mac had a wonderful day!!

  62. A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU MAC!!! You beautiful little boy. I can’t remember a favorite birthday as a child. My sixteenth was pretty good because we had a party. Most of the best birthday I have had has been as an adult. My family just had a dinner and party this past weekend for my birthday and my nieces. We had a great time.

  63. Hi Jane,
    Happy Birthday to your cute little one! One of my favorite birthdays was when I was young & my parents let me invite some friends over for a slip n slide party. It was so much fun!


  64. My 17th birthday I got my driver’s license and I got to drive a convertible car taking my girlfriends on Lake WA blvd. with a big summer moon rising over the lake reflecting on the water. The warm breeze fluffed our hair and we were singing along with the radio and laughing and having a great time. It was a very special day for me as the next year we all went our separate ways after high school, my best friend marrying and moving away.

  65. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the Mac-adoodle :0) Wow, I can’t believe that year went by sooooo fast!! Seems just yesterday that he turned 1 yr.

    A lot of my birthdays growing up were spent sick with some kind of cold, since winters in Virginia were ridiculously cold; and my birthday being on Christmas Eve. I do remember a couple though; the one where I got a midget Millenium Falcon from Star Wars, when I was really dreaming of the life size version (or at least one that an action figure could fit into); the one where my Mom got an icecream cake for me (the only kind of cake I truly love) – and it was this red and pink Santa head that tasted just awful. Nobody ate it, it was that bad…. and hence it stayed in the freezer until I think Easter, lol. And then my favorite last one that we always chuckle at, is the one where I got this baby doll that when she was flipped over she cried. I was quite the tomboy when I was little (if you couldn’t tell by the Star Wars action figure comment), and ended up throwing the doll across the room and said, “Doesn’t Santa know I don’t like dolls?!” That baby doll stayed though until my neice came along years later. Now it is hers. 🙂

  66. Jane, I think of you every time when I see the ‘peeps’ in any color or form. Just last week I saw some ceramic salt and pepper shakers that were ‘peeps’ and they were too cute. I didn’t know the birthdate of Mac but it’s really ironic that today is also my husband’s birthday. Small world my Air Force son was stationed in Honolulu, my Marine son was at Whidbey Island and your sister lives where I was raised in Mar Vista, California. Birthdays in my house are really justa day for us, but for our adult kids we always remember them and get together. Happy Birthday Mac (little Taurus)…I have to laugh at my husband who is also Taurus the Bull, but also a Frenchman (stubborn…too funny). Have a wonderful family celebration, they grow up way to fast. Thanks for your posts, they bring us back to you.

  67. Happy Birthday Mac!! Hope you all are having tons of fun tonight, Jane!
    My biggest birthday memory is when my dad’s friend called me up on my 16th birthday and told me to get dressed nice, he was taking me out to dinner. He picked me up in his helicopter and treated me to a fancy dinner downtown Portland. The helicopter ride was amazing. So beautiful! I wish I had that experience again…it was beautiful! (And I know it sounds a little odd…my dad’s friend treating me to a nice dinner…but I grew up around him and he was just like a 2nd dad to me….nothing weird – or my dad would have killed him! 😉

  68. Happy Birthday Mac! Birthdays are always fun. My Birthday is the week of Christmas, so at times growing up, it was difficult to have parties with friends. However, mom always made it a very special day for me and I honestly can’t tell you when she came up with this idea, because I truly always remember celebrating my Half-Birthday in June as well. I kind of thought I was extra special because I got to celebrate twice. Even though I am an adult my mom still celebrates my Half-Birthday, we usually just go to dinner now though…… If I am lucky to ever have children, this is a tradition I want to keep, no matter when their Birthday might be!

  69. I grew up in a very 3rd world country and went to my first Easter show when I was 9 and I saw multicoloured baby chicks which fascinated me as I didn’t know chickens could be those colours. The next week when the farmer came to see my Mum, I told him it was my birthday the following week and when he asked what I wanted and I said one pink baby chicken. He showed up with a crate of 48 baby chicks coloured in pinks, blues, greens and and purple.A vivid and most happy memory I treasure…and that was almost 35 years ago.

  70. Happy birthday, Max! It’s my Jack’s 12th birthday as well. We will be celebrating this weekend. My favorite birthday was 12. I loved having my entire family around and the cake was really good. Funny!

  71. Hi Jane,
    I can’t believe Mac is already 2. Wow, the time really does fly. Happy birthday to you both!

    My most memorable birthday was when I turned 13. My parents surprised me with a ‘strand’ cruiser bike. It was an old style bike with one speed. Perfect for cruising the strand (boardwalk) in Southern California. I thought I was something special when I got on that blue Schwinn. Great memory…

    Have a great day and give that little boy an extra squeeze. They grow up so fast…
    Denver, CO

  72. Happy birthday to your little Mac!

    Well, if I can count birthdays not my own, my favorite birthday was 3/22/11 – the birthday of my twins. I was sooooooo grateful to get them OUT.

    However, on the assumption you meant only my own birthdays, hmm…I remember when I turned 6 or 7, I had a Barbie themed birthday. The cake was a dress formed around an actual Barbie doll and I loved that cake!

  73. Congratulations…for the second time;) What a beautiful photo…beautiful head turning eyes!
    My seventh birthday is remembered because of my Father’s grace. Dad had been injured on his job in law enforcement and was in the hospital for surgery. Three days after Christmas was my birthday and Mom convinced the hospital to allow me to visit Dad.(In the olden days,young children were not allowed in hospitals)Even though Dad was lying flat on his back and couldn’t sit up,I was so happy to see him and got to kiss him on the cheek. Dad quietly asked the nurse to bring over a particularly beautiful bouquet of flowers, then asked her to pick out seven of the prettiest roses…one for each of my seven years. The nurse quietly handed the roses to my Father then Dad gave them to me as his present for my birthday. For Dad’s seventieth birthday, I gave him
    seven red roses…one for each of his seven decades…and Dad remembered. Dad was a man of great dignity, strength, love…and grace. Wishing you a wonderful day celebrating with your precious son.

  74. Truth is I really don’t remember too much about celebrating birthdays as a child except for one year when I turned six. My mom had finally for the first time allowed me to have friends over for my birthday. I can’t say that it turned out very well so I guess that is why I don’t remember any more. My mom was a single mother and was very stressed through most of my childhood. I have wonderful birthdays for my boys and those are the birthdays I celebrate now. Have fun with baby Mac!

  75. Happy birthday to Mac!!!

    I honestly can’t remember many of my birthdays from when I was a kid. Sad, I know. And I’m only 30! Memory loss runs in the family, and as much as I like to pretend it hasn’t affected me, I can’t deny it this time lol. But last year’s was a great birthday. My family got together and we all went bowling, they also pitched in together and got my an awesome eliptical machine 🙂

  76. Happy birthday Mac! How exciting!

    I remember my 10th birthday being extra special because my best friend (whose birthday was six days earlier) and I were treated to a road trip to Toronto with our families for a weekend stay. It was only a two hour drive, but crossing the border and staying in a big city was so exciting.

  77. What a gorgeous photo. Happy Birthday and have a wonderful celebration. My 13th birthday was special and memorable.

  78. Hola Jane!

    How fast time goes by. Happy Birthday Mac!!!!

    I remember my 13th b-day. It was on Friday the 13th. How scary is that?

  79. happy belated birthday to your little guy!

    flowers- i remember my parents sending me a nice bouquet to my work. first time i ever got flowers sent to my work.

  80. Mac is so adorable, I can’t believe he is is 2 already.

    I can’t remember any specific birthday as being one of my favorites but I do remember that my grandmother always made my cake and she did a fantastic job. They were not sheet cakes, they were 3D anything we wanted. One year was a merry-go-round, another Raggedy Anne & Andy and another a princess with a wide skirt. It was so much fun to look through the pictures of cakes she had made and tell her what we wanted.

  81. HaPpY BiRtHdAy!! Mac and congrats Mommy Jane and Dad Ty. Birthdays..I used to give them away to my little sister cause she wanted to be older. I wish I could really them away now…just kidding. Every birthday I’ve had for the past 9 years have been special. I’m all for birthdays and wish that everyone can celebrate more of them through the years.

  82. I hope Mac had a great birthday!! So nice you could take the day off and just be in the moment with him.

    My favorite birthday party was at a roller skating rink (I’m totally dating myself here!). Pizza, music, friends…so much fun!

  83. When I turned 11, I had a party at Ed Debevic’s (50’s themed diner) and it was just a lot of fun. It was the summer I met my BFF and she came to my party too. 🙂

  84. What a beautiful picture of Mac! He looks like the Gerber baby.
    Hope he had fun on his special day with you.
    As for my birthdays, the one I remember the most is my eighteen as for the first time I had a party just for myself. My brother and I were born two years and one day apart, so growing up we always shared a birthday party.
    I enjoy all my birthdays right now as well as my husband always tries to take me somewhere special for a week-end.
    Take care.

  85. When I was in elementary school my family would drive to Sunset Beach NC the second to last week of August. It was great to get to spend my birthday at the beach! Hope your family had a great time celebrating Mac’s birthday!!it’s amazing how quickly they grow.

  86. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MAC!!!! Wow, can’t believe he’s 2 already. What a fun age.

    My birthday is so close to Christmas that it always kind of got overshadowed by Christmas so it’s hard to remember special ones. I do remember getting a lovely porcelain doll for my 16th birthday from my parents and that started a collection I still have today. (although one of my cats jumped up on the shelf and broke my Shirley Temple one yesterday morning 🙁 so sad.) Anyway, that’s about the only one I can really remember.

    Have a great weekend!

  87. Side note:
    In honor of the Royal Wedding my 4-yo twin girls and I gave ourselves Mani-Pedi’s today. They were so delighted when I pulled out my Mrs. Perfect nail file! Much cooler than those stuffy old generic emory boards :-).

  88. Happy Birthday Mac!!!

    My favorite birthday was when I was 7 years old and I came home from school to find my bedroom redone (painted & new furniture) 🙂

  89. Hi Jane 🙂 When I was seven I got a neon green, banana seat bicycle – heaven! So fun to remember – thanks. Enjoy your weekend.

  90. I remember this day well, as it is also Jeremy’s birthday! Happy birthday Mac!

    Growing up on Millerton Lake meant that my birthdays were always spent out on the pontoon boat all day swimming, splashing and laughing with my friends and family. June 4th is the perfect weather for a water day.

    The most memorable one though? It’s a toss up between my 21st – not for my birthday itself, but the fact that 11 days later Jeremy and I got married. And my 30th, which was a month before Marcus was born. Both VERY memorable birthdays!

  91. My birthday is on Cinco de Mayo so it is always fun to celebrate with dinner at any Mexican restaurant but the birthday celebrations that were really special were the ones that I shared with my Grandpa when I was a kid. His birthday was the day before mine so nearly every year (until I was in middle school and opted for the typical slumber party instead) we celebrated together. He was a quiet man but I always felt a special connection with him because of our birthdays.

  92. Was only allowed one birthday party as a child (Grade 2). Don’t remember any gifts. Remember a mom who wanted five girls to play quietly outside in pretty dresses. Not a great memory.

  93. My son was born a week before my birthday, that’s probably the best gift ever. 🙂 Growing up, my most memorable birthday was age 12. We didn’t do parties as kids, just family birthdays, as a lot of birthdays are clustered around the same times of year. But my mom planned a surprise birthday party for me for my 12th, and it was great! It was still a pretty small party, but being the first that included friends, it was special to me.

    Happy Birthday to Mac and to Mom and Dad, too! Time flies so fast!


  94. Hi all!

    So many fantastic stories and memories…loved every one. I couldn’t just pick one winner, either, so I picked a name and then grabbed my 3 boys and had each one pick a name out of the hat for a total of 4 winners. Will each of the winners below please shoot me an email with your mail address and the book you’d like to receive from my backlist?

    Congrats to all and love to those of you hit so hard in the south and southeast with the terrible storms!

    Four birthday present winners!

    #18 Tanja H

    #59 Mariee

    #69 Janelle W

    #87 Marelou

  95. Hi Jane,
    I met you at Robyn Carr’s Chat. It was so much fun and I love your books. I posted on FB but don’t know if you got it. My husband took your picture that day, but my son did something wrong when he put my digital card in to download and lost it all. Is there anyway you could send me a snapshot of you for my album? if so I can send you my address in Las Vegas. I would also love to friend you on FB but can’t find a way to ask you for that. Your youngest son is absolutely adorable, such gorgeous eyes he has. Thank you Jane. Ellie

  96. Hi Jane,
    That is so nice of you, I would like an actual photo please. Should I send my address to the one you have on FB or is there another way you want me to send my address ?
    Is there anyway you can friend me on FB ? I hope someday you will come back here to us for some more fun and more great books. You are so down to earth and such a sweet person it’s so much fun to be with you. It’s easy to tell how much you love your boy’s, I have 2 but of course they are men now with family’s. But still my babies. LOL And yes Robyn is a great gal for sure. Thank you Jane for doing this for me. Ellie

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