It’s May…and almost Mother’s Day!

Can’t believe it’s early May and the RWA conference in New York is just 7 weeks away!  The annual conference is usually late July and I’m excited that I’ll soon be meeting up with so many of my author friends, but a little overwhelmed by all I have to do first!

She’s Gone Country continues to earn kudos which is very gratifying as I loved this story!  I learned this past week that She’s Gone Country is a finalist for the National Readers’ Choice Awards sponsored by Oklahoma Romance Writers of America in the Mainstream category! That’s the third big regional contest She’s Gone Country has placed in, and this time it’s all thanks to the readers for voting for it, so–thank you!!!   If you’re interested in who else placed in the Mainstream category, heck out all the finalists here.

Over at Facebook I’ve been running a contest that ends tomorrow on Thursday.  If you want a chance to win a signed copy of She’s Gone Country, a Jane Porter water bottle and more, “Like Me” on my author page and make a comment.

I am so so so grateful to you who read me, and recommend me, and post reviews when you can.   If you find an author you love (two of my favorite authors have new books out this week…Wendy Wax and Beth Kendrick…so excited for them and have ordered both from Amazon) do talk your fav author up, and share the love because so many of us published authors are only here because you buy us and like us.  I wouldn’t have a career if it weren’t for you, and I really fight to write the stories you want versus what “marketing” somewhere in New York thinks you need.  I’m passionate about stories with heart and hope, stories you can relate to, and maybe its not the cool thing, or maybe some industry insiders can dismiss it as chick lit or fluff, but its what I believe in and its what I want to do.

Change is coming for me and my women’s fiction trade books. I’ve been waiting a long time for decisions to be made regarding my new trilogy about The Brennan Sisters and it seems like things are breaking loose. Change is always scary but and hopefully everything will soon fall into place and I’ll have good news to share.

Mother’s Day is just days from now and I’ve got a special Mother’s Day package for one lucky reader. It’s a terrific prize–completely indulgent–and I’ll draw the winner’s name Saturday night and announce on Sunday, Mother’s Day. How to enter? Tell me five things that make you happy…and it can’t be a person!!

My five things? 1) A vase of fresh flowers in my kitchen,  2)  Ooba’s guac and chips  (or any great chunky guacamole!),  3)  Being lost in a great novel,  4)  Watching my fav TV shows like Glee, American Idol, or The Voice with my kids,  5)  My super comfy beat up Lucky jeans,  6)  Going to a musical,  7)  Mango bodywash,  8)  a super crunchy sweet apple,  9)  my first cup of coffee in the morning,  10)  the smell of my clothes when they come out of the dryer,  11)  just sitting in the sun soaking it up on a pretty day,  12)  the bench press!  13)  a red t-shirt

Okay, that’s more than 5 but that’s the whole point…there are so many things that make me happy…little things, inexpensive things, things that just feel good.  So share and hopefully you’ll win!



  1. I love your “list” contests. Here are some things that make me happy that aren’t people.

    1. My dog Brinkley. He’s a lovable goofball of a dog. Most loyal boy in my life.

    2. Chick Lit. I love getting lost in a good book with characters I can relate to.

    3. Flip flops. I think pulling out the flip flops is when I really start to believe summer is arriving.

    4. Daffodils. They’re usually one of the first flowers out here and they’re bright and cheery. I like them much better than roses.

    5. Reality TV Shows. They’re one of my guilty pleasures and my mom and I often share great conversations while watching them.

    6. My Victoria Secret Boyfriend Sweats, which are the most comfortable thing to lounge around in.

    7. Hot, but breezy days at the beach. Do I really need to elaborate on that one?

    8. Bubble baths after a long, exhausting day.

    9. Songs that I can relate to. I love finding a song that can express my feelings better than I can.

    10. Sending care packages. I love knowing that it will surprise whoever is receiving it and hopefully brighten their day.

    I couldn’t stop at 5 either! I love these kind of lists. Helps you focus on the positives in life. 🙂

  2. Oh Jane, I just luv ya!! Can I tell you that I was eating a crisp Fuji apple while I read your post?!! Perfect cap to my lunch! I am super excited to hear more about The Brennan Sisters. I so badly want to read their story and see what it holds. Now for some happy things:

    1. Reading books; I think I’ve been averaging one about every 4-5 days for the past month and I aboslutely love it!! My own little escape world; it saves me. 🙂

    2. Chocolate covered marshmallow (Easter, Valentine, Christmas…doesn’t matter); Hershey is my favorite!

    3. Feeling the summer sun tanning my skin. I know it’s evil (thank goodness I’m half Mexican) and I always wear 45 sunblock and still tan. There is nothing like it…on my back, my legs, love it!

    4. A savored glass of red wine (better when you’re chatting with a friend).

    5. my Old Navy boyfriend jeans; they make me feel young and thin. I work hard to make sure they always fit!

    6. The funny faces my Beagle Lucy makes. Sometimes I swear she is talking to me with her expressions. She always listens when I say her name.

    7. Three nearly 40-yr-old Sycamore trees OWN my front yard and on hot summer days that is the ONLY place to be…on a beach chair with a great book and the dog tied to the biggest tree behind me. Sometimes I can coax the kids out there with books, too. It is easily 10 degrees cooler than anywhere else in the near vicinity. The trees are magic!

    8. Cookies make me happy; milk AND cookies make me giddy!

    9. The satisfaction I feel AFTER I exercise; hate doing it, hard to motivate myself to do it, but never feel anything but glad when it’s done and the calories are behind me (and not on my behind!).

    Thanks Jane!! Smiles ahead for the rest of the day thanks to the opportunity for this list.

    Hugs from Tustin, Shannon
    (no contest)

  3. Oh, and many many congrats Awards for Shey’s story. I’m not the least bit surprised but it must feel wonderful to have others say the same thing!

  4. 1. purses, lots and lots of purses! 2. jewelry, fake or real! 3. my hot mama mobile… ok, it’s a PT Cruiser but I feel like a hot mama driving it. 4. reading 5. going to the movies… for the buttery, salty popcorn, the movies’ just an extra. 🙂

    1. Linsey,

      My mom drives an electric blue PT cruiser and she loves that thing to death. She think it’s a rocking mom car too!


  5. 1. Books- I don’t go anywhere unless I have a book with me.
    2. My dog Bear is such a great friend.
    3. My laptop is great to read on, watch movies, and chat with friends.
    4. Roses are my favorite flowers.
    5. Chocolate- it’s just so good. lol
    6. TV, who could live without tv. lol

    Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

  6. Hi Jane,
    I liked your list of things that make you happy – I agree with you on many of them.
    My list:
    1. The way my feet feel right after a pedicure.
    2. A hug from a good friend.
    3. A huge vase of multi-colored tulips.
    4. Warm sun – not hot, just warm.
    5. Getting pulled into a good book.
    6. Walking into a bakery with all the wonderful scents and sights.
    7. Listening to water – a fountain or the ocean.
    8. Watching my son play football.
    9. Watching my dog’s tail wag or seeing my cat stretched out in the sun.
    10. Going to Cannon Beach, OR.
    I could go on and on – this is fun!

  7. Having two cars again in the family (as I don’t like getting up early in the morning to drive my husband to work when I need the car) … fresh carnations (cheaper than roses and last a month) … sharing items with friends (like home cooking or freebies) … hugs (one can never have too many) … not limping (from plantar fasciitis that has plagued me since Nov/10)….

  8. Just realized you said inexpensive things, so I’ll replace my car one above (as repairs are expensive) with brownies. One can never have too much chocolate, right?

  9. Somethings that make me happy are
    1)Lounging at the pool, 2)Getting to sleep in, 3)the smell of a scented candle burning, 4)Taking pictures of my children and then scrapbooking them, 5)Taking my dog for a long walk, 6)Watching movies at home with the family, 7)Finishing a book and stating a new one, 8)Polish on my toe nails, 9)Kickboxing, 10)Doing things for other people Sorry I got carried away also!

    1. ooh! candles yes!! I actually meant to include that on my list! It was a candle that inspired this idea as I was thinking that I loved how such a small thing could make me so happy! 🙂

  10. Hi Jane,

    Some of the simplest things that make me happy is:

    1) Hot chocolate in the morning. Well not only in the morning, this always makes me happy.

    2) Using my favorite Russian tea cup to drink a cup of tea.

    3) Flowers from the Farmers Marked, and the best thing is when I find a beautiful bouquet for 5 bucks 🙂

    4) Taking the time to read a good book I bought months ago.

    5) Hitting the gym just for the fun of it.

    6) Volunteering at Cougar Mountain Zoo.

    7)Having a party for no reason what so ever.

  11. Five things I am grateful for:
    1. Making it through my infusion today without too much trouble.
    2. Italian cream soda’s, I love them.
    3. Watching Castle on TV.
    4. Reading a good book.
    5. Listening to my Daughtry CD’s, I love Daughtry.

    A very happy mother’s day to you and everyone.

  12. My 5 things (in no particular order):
    1) sunshine
    2) strawberry shortcake
    3) fresh-squeezed lemonade
    4) listening to my 5-year old read
    5) itty-bitty jelly shoes

  13. Sorry…I got a little outta contol. 😉

    1) Being a mommy!
    2) Scrapbooking
    3) Traveling
    4) Date nights with my hubby (these don’t happen very often.)
    5) A good book
    6) Christmas time
    7) Children laughing
    8) Disneyland!!!
    9) Volunteering
    10) Shopping
    11) chocolate
    12) coffee
    13) Sports
    14) Sleeping in

  14. 1) cold canned diet coke
    2) my monthly pay check
    3) scrapbooking
    4) reading
    5) being lazy on a Sunday afternoon


  15. 1. That feeling when our family is all together about to eat a meal.
    2. books, lots and lots of books (JP books *****)
    3. The smell of rain
    4. Sunrises and sunsets
    5. Rite I on Sundays, the liturgy just washes over me and lifts me up
    6. Smiles
    7. Wind chimes
    8. Hearing the church bells ring out the hour daily when we are gardening
    9. Laughter, especially from children
    10. Memories that kick in when I hear a certain song or see an old photograph

    So happy for you and She’s Gone Country! You wrote a wonderful book and it deserves the honors.

  16. I’m excited for you for She’s Gone Country being nominated for so many contests. I know I have shared my love for your books with many people I know. My 5 things that make me happy are:
    1. The first time the sun pops out after the rain
    2. bright full moon nights
    3. kitty kisses
    4. anything chocolate
    5. sitting outside at night looking at the stars

  17. I love coffee! Just the smell makes me smile.

    I love shoes! And more shoes!

    I love books! Books are my friends. Forget the t.v.

    I love listening to the waves crash at the ocean.

    I love hearing kids giggle when they play. Even better? Hearing them giggle or outright belly laugh when they are reading something they think is funny.

    I love Saturday mornings with hubby and the kids. We get to have breakfast together, unrushed with no place to go.

    I love Friday night book club! Without it, I might lose my sanity!

    I love the Farmer’s Market. Fresh fruit, fresh baked bread, fresh flowers.

    I love using my imagination and being creative.

    I could come up with a whole lot more, but I’d better stop now!

  18. Lovely post today Jane. Best wishes.
    1.I Love Summer days
    2.I love The beach
    3.I love to Travel
    4.I love books and reading.
    5.I enjoy Drinking teas.
    6. Early morning walks
    7. My dogs
    8. SUnshine and blue skies.

  19. Congrats, Jane! I loved She’s Gone Country and it’s great your a finalist.

    1. I love the sunshine.
    2. I love a clear sky sunrise.
    3. I love a clear sky sunset.
    4. I love my MacBook.
    5. I love Joe Mauer malt cups from Kemps.

    Happy day!

  20. So fun 🙂

    1. ice, cold Cherry Pepsi
    2. the feeling I get after I run
    3. cold watermelon on a hot day
    4. tulips
    5. hiking in the Colorado Rockies
    6. the moment when you just finish a great book and get to choose the next one
    7. the overwhelming love I feel when I watch my sons play ice hockey

  21. Happy Mother’s Day to you Jane and all moms out there. Some things that make me happy are:
    1. Some time to sit down and read a good book.
    2. The smell of cookies baking.
    3. Trying a new recipe and everyone loves it.
    4. How quiet it is early in the morning.
    5. Seeing all the plants and trees come alive – leaves are on the trees!

  22. 1. Being a mom and wife
    2. Coming home from work and slipping into comfy sweat pants
    3. Tim Hortons coffee with double double (2 cream 2 sugar)
    4. The scent of summer
    5. Thunder and lightning storms during the night
    6. Stale Peeps
    7. Pride and Prejudice (book and movie)
    8. Lucy Ball
    9. Shopping with my sister and girls.
    10. Baking anything

  23. Jane,
    Happy Mother’s Day! 🙂

    1) Relaxing on the beach
    2) Going to the spa
    3) Reading a Jane Porter book
    4) Listening to music
    5) Traveling to some place new

  24. Hi Jane,
    I ‘ve been busy researching homeschooling. I am going to be homeschooling my gifted son come August, I better be ready.

    I missed you and you your blog. So sorry to hear about Ty”s Mother. My husband lost his mother back in 2003, and it is still difficult. Wishing Ty and You and Yours all the Best! I just loved the picture of Ty and You out in the tulip fields.

    And your little guy turned 2 years old! WOW!
    Happy Be-lated Birthday Mr. MAC!

    Jane your so awesome! Fun Contest!

    Okay 5 Things let’s see….
    1. A Great Book
    2. A Great Hair Day!
    3. Sunrises and Sunsets
    4. The beach, can be the lake or ocean
    5. Flowers
    6. walks with the dogs
    7. painting
    8. playing clay
    9. playing cards with my family
    10. camping with my family
    11. bike riding with my son
    12. gotta love those favorite pair of jeans

    okay I ‘ll stop here but there is so many more!
    like a Great fitting bra and I didn’t get a chance to name any foods yet I guess my list is just a little long! you think? and my kitty kats!

    Thanks Jane that was fun!
    Happy Mother’s Day!

  25. 1. fresh clean sheets, esecially when I’m super tired
    2. the way my cat greets me every day when I get home from work
    3. bright blue sky with puffy white clouds
    4. “I love you” texts from my kids at random times
    5. empty laundry baskets! 🙂

  26. Congrats on your award! Country is one of my favorites and I now crush big time on cowboys!!

    1. Hawaiian sunset
    2. Traveling
    3. Planning to travel
    4. A good book
    5. Happy Hour
    6. Chips and Salsa
    7. Margaritas
    8. Survivor
    9. Good report cards
    10. Seeing a baby buffalo in Yellowstone Park (which I did today!!)

  27. 1. Snuggling up with a really good book.

    2. Daffodils blooming in the Spring.

    3. The smells coming from my mom’s house when she’s cooking for the whole family.

    4. Seeing a blimp. I always say “It’s a good day when you see a blimp>” Don’t ask me why.

    5. Baby animals of any kind.

  28. 1) Coconut Lime hand soap from B&BW.
    2) big juicy slice of Watermelon
    3) sitting on the patio swing listening to the birds early in the morning
    4) unexpected surprises like the German Chocolate cake dh brought home for my birthday
    5) a great movie watched with dh and popcorn (sitting on couch)

    congrats on the She’s Gone Country placement awards.

  29. Things that make me happy

    1.) Finding new foods that are gluten free so I can eat them.

    2.) Finding a new Author to read

    3.)Listening to music

    4.) Musicals

    5.) Playing games with family and friends.

    6.) Going for walks

    7.) Swimming

    8.) Books

    9. ) Chocolate

    10.) Taking my shoes off at the end of the day.

  30. 1. The feel of the sand between my toes
    2. The smell of fresh cut grass
    3. Downloading a new book on my Nook
    4. A good run
    5. A clean house (especially when I’ve had help cleaning from my kids and husband!)
    6. A piece of triple chocolate cake from my favorite local Italian eatery!

    I hope you have a great mother’s day with your boys! I am looking forward to seeing my mom and spending time with my kids this weekend.

  31. Happy Mother’s Day to you and hope you have a wonderful day-with your 3 boys and Ty. My 5 favorite things 1)going to church 2)reading(waiting for Reid Rosenthal’s next book Map of Fate)3)spending time at the beach 4)my daycare watching the 2 girl’s learning new things 5)mefor I’m finally learning to like myself and being more condifent about myself, getting out of my comfort zone.

  32. Congrats on being a finalist for the National Readers’ Choice Awards!

    Fave things:

    1. My granddaughter’s smile

    2. The smell of fresh rain on concrete.

    3. The sound of waves crashing on the shore at the ocean.

    4. Sunsets I share with my husband and the fact that he will stop everything to grab me, rush me outside to see one.

    5. When my teenage daughter is in a good mood.

    6. Good books, movies and music.

  33. Hi Jane! Happy Mother’s Day 🙂

    Some of my favorite things:

    1~ Taking a nap with the sound of rain right outside my window.

    2~ Reading an awesome book!

    3~ When I hear my children giggling in the other room like nobody’s business.

    4~ Watching my cat trying to eat his feet and butt after he has had some catnip (this is quite a sight)

    5~ Singing along to the radio as badly as I want when noone is around to hear me.

    6~ Getting goodies in the mail

    7~ Watching my favorite tv shows

    8~ Mimicing my mother’s laugh and making her laugh so hard that she honks (again, this is quite a sight, or sound lol)

    9~ Playing badminton – I am the all time champion!

    10~ A nice warm bath in the dark

  34. Jane,

    My favorite things are:

    1. getting lost in a good book
    2. candles
    3. a good workout
    4. listening to a favorite song on high volume with windows open in the truck and singing along to it.
    5. laughter
    6. Montana (for its beauty since I am from NJ and for its people as my favorite people live there)
    7. warm sunshine
    8. the first sip of coffee every morning
    9. Imitrex…it’s my magic migraine pill 🙂
    10. a child’s smile, whether my own or any child

  35. 1. Lazy Saturdays or Sundays where I can lounge around in my pjs all day and catch up on my dvr or find some good Lifetime movies.

    2. Going on vacation to warm, sunny places with a beach!

    3. Having a great “a ha!” moment with a student at school. When learning is fun or they discover a book they want to read all the way through, not just for the 20 minutes of silent reading that day.

    4. Spending time with my family. My mom, my brothers, and I just hanging out at home, whether it’s watching tv or sitting around the kitchen table. We’re all 20+ now, so it doesn’t happen often.

    5. My pets. I swear they are little people and understand me. My cat may be completely nuts and run around the house like a ghost is chasing her, but she is by my side every night, all night sleeping. Unconditional love!

  36. things that make me happy…
    1. Sleeping late
    2. Gerber Daisy’s
    3. Dark chocolate M&M’s
    4. romantic comedies
    5. My pooch Bridgette
    6. Sitting on my dock feeding the geese and fish
    7. Clean sheets washed in Downy
    8. reading a sweet story late at night after everyone has gone to bed.
    9. a clean kitchen
    10. the smell of fresh cut grass
    Just a few things that make me happy.
    Congratulations on all the kudos you have received for She’s Gone Country it certainly deserves them.

  37. I’ll be good and limit my list to 5 (my list is probably closer to 500 :D, I’m easy to please — so not in any order, just at the top of my head right now)

    1. Lindt milk chocolate with hazelnuts (I’m eating a bar as I write)

    2. pink/peach gerbera daisies

    3. getting lost in a bookstore or a library

    4. a nice foot massage with my pedi

    5. early morning walk waiting for the sunrise and my feet getting wet with the morning dew.

  38. I love this post!

    1. Facebook
    2. home schooling
    3. exercise
    4. my toned arms
    5. reading a good book
    6. me-time at night when kids are asleep and hubby is at work
    7. taking a great photograph
    8. making my kids laugh

  39. So many favorite things! Hard to choose but here goes:

    1. A great cup of coffee first thing in the morning.
    2. A big bowl of stove popped popcorn, a Diet Coke and a good book.
    3. My yellow VW Beetle….named her HAPPY!
    4. Lots of sunshine and the warmth on my face.
    5. A sweaty gym…DB’s, BB’s, Smith Machine, Leg Sled.
    6. Tank tops, shorts and flip-flops make me happy!

  40. Oh, I love to see positive topics 🙂

    1. a smile
    2.a giggle
    3.quality time with my kids ( we love to play board games )
    4.the smell of baked goods in the oven.

  41. 1. scratching my dog’s tummy
    2. double scoop jamoca almond
    fudge ice cream on any
    sunny day.
    3. water balloon fights
    4. singing at the top of my
    voice(and believe me it’s
    bad)and my daughter joining
    5. fishing at the pier and I
    seeing a seal bobbing in
    the water watching me, just
    with its head above water.

  42. Hey, Jane!

    Congrats on the awards you are getting for “She’s Gone Country.” As everyone has said, we aren’t surprised since it was such a great book. I love this idea of listing the things that make us happy. I completely understand why so many are having a hard time limiting themselves to 5. I probably won’t be able to do it either, but here goes!

    1. Walking on the beach and listening to the waves.
    2. Going to a football game in the fall when you can smell burning leaves and enjoy the crisp fall air!
    3. Listening to Carrie Underwood sing “How Great Thou Art” with Vince Gill. (If you haven’t seen this on youtube, you absolutely should because it is amazing!)
    4. Hanging out with my family.
    5. Eating out at a favorite restaurant.
    6. Reading a good book.

    I almost kept it to 5, but didn’t quite make it! 🙂 I hope everyone has a wonderful Mother’s Day!

  43. 5 things that make me happy:
    1) Vacation!!!
    2) Falling asleep to the sound of waves crashing at an ocean.
    3) Laughter (especially children)
    4) Puppies
    5) coffee!

  44. I love reading everyone’s favorites! It’s hard to pick just 5, but here are some:

    1. Helping others
    2. Coaching kids sports
    3. Watching my daughter read (she is getting so big!)
    4. Warm, sunny weather
    5. Waking up every morning
    6. Traveling to new places
    7. The love and hugs I get from my kiddos when I come home from a long day at work.
    8. Sleeping in
    9. A great book (with and unexpected ending!)
    10. Having a day where I have absoloutely NOTHING on my to- do list!!! (Does that ever really happen??) 🙂

  45. 1) A well mixed Margarita.
    2) Hot brownies right out of the oven.
    3) Walking on the beach at sunset.
    4) Hot coffee in the morning!
    5) See’s California Toffee!!

    And of course, reading a Jane Porter novel.

  46. 1. Seeing Mt Rainier after days of clouds and rain
    2. Having my great-nephews come over and ask for my cookies and to read them a book
    3. Getting a crossword puzzle done without cheating
    4. Opening the cover of a new fiction book to read, smelling the paper/ink smell (no Kindle crap, real books) and then
    5. Finishing a new book I loved
    6. Watching the birds in the back yard collecting fluff and twigs for their nests
    7. Skyping my son who lives thousands of miles away but it is like he is in the room
    8. Kissing my husband good night and seeing his gray hair on the pillow the next morning – we are growing old together just like I imagined when we got married but I still see the young man I fell in love with!
    That’s enough for now, but it goes without saying (almost), checking out Jane Porter’s blog, too.

  47. 1. My cats greeting me at the door when I get home from work
    2. A really great glass of wine
    3. Waking up on Saturday morning and thinking it’s a work day
    4. The windows down and the moonroof open in my car on a sunny day
    5. The view of the entire valley from my parent’s house
    6. Autumn in Pennsylvania
    7. My toes after a pedicure
    8. Pajamas
    9. Pie

  48. Here are mine:
    1. I love being Mom to my three sons and cooking their favorites.
    2. Love my computer because all my friends are in there.
    3. The sun…makes my day with it’s warmth.
    4. Working in the garden and getting dirty.
    5. Checking the Jane Blog to see what she’s up to and seeing pics of Mac (extra points here??? 🙂

  49. 1. fresh-cut flowers in my vase!
    2. pictures; of everything!
    3. good books to read!
    4. great lab work results!
    5. donations for my charity walk!
    6. the sunshine in the morning! hope you have the best Mother’s day, Jane! 🙂

  50. Happy Mother’s Day to you Jane. And Congrats on the National Reader’s Choice Awards Nomination!

    Things that make me happy:
    1. Being anywhere near the water (ocean, lake,river, bay)
    2. Lighthouses
    3. Traveling
    4. A hot bath with a good book in hand.
    5. The feeling of coming home from work on my Friday night (which is Thurs, today, yay!).

  51. Ooohh a list!

    Happy Mother’s Day to everyone and here’s what floats my boat!

    1. The smell of chocolate brownies baking
    2. Watching my cats play
    3. Sitting on the beach in Maine with a good book
    4. A hot bath in a quiet house with a good read
    5. A great rock concert (just saw Bon Jovi last night… my first time seeing him, Oh.My.God. was it good!)
    6. Working in my garden
    7. Picking fabrics for my next quilt

    And there are many more and I’m so grateful to have things in my life (and people) that make me happy!

  52. Congrats, Jane and happy Mother’s day to you!

    5 Things that make me happy (it’s a good day to make this list, I was kind of “in a mood” yesterday!:

    1) Beautiful spring days ~ especially if I can sit on the back patio and enjoy a good book and the weather!

    2) A clean and beautiful house. I need to remember this one! Clean things up and I am happier and more at peace.

    3) A nice meal, preferable with a margarita…I think I will take care of that today!

    4) Taking care of myself – this could mean feeding my spirit, exercising, getting a haircut, manicure, a new outfit..

    5) Going new places… Last weekend we drove about an hour from home and did some little things – nothing major, but the novelty of it made for such a nice day 🙂

  53. 1. my cat (who thinks She is a Person.)
    2. fresh-baked cookies.
    3. a good book, any genre.
    4. hugs.
    5. chocolate, (any kind, although some purists insist that white chocolate is not really chocolate).
    congrats on your award!

  54. Jane, sending you hugs to you and your family. I hope you and Ty are doing well. I love, love , LOVE that you guys still go out and do things like look at the great tulip fields. So sweet.
    Your list could have been my list! Right down to the red shirt.(OK maybe not the bench press, but as I’m turning 40 in August I should probably start.)

    1-I love that excited feeling you get when you’re in the airport, everyone’s either rushing or sitting, and you know you’re about to go on an adventure. Also, that dip in your stomach when the plane takes off. It’s like falling in love.
    2-That “My kid’a a Genius!” feeling when one of them gets a concept.
    3-That instant calm, peaceful feeling when near the beach.
    4-Hawaii-Everything, the beach, the rainforests, and especially how everyone connects and makes you feel like family.
    5-The smell of clothes/sheets after being washed with Tide and Downey with Gain.

    Ohhhhhh, please to the book Gods, let the Brennan sister’s trilogy kinks iron out…the books sound wonderful!

    And, I LOVE Wendy Wax’s books. I remember reading one of her books and just laughing out loud! (I was in a doctor’s waiting room at the time but it was so funny I didn’t care.)

    Thank you Jane, you’ve brought a lot of laughter, tears and joy to my life.
    (no contest)

    1. Love your #1! Traveling always makes me feel fiercely independent because I’m usually flying on my own to visit friends. I love being in airports and people watching and knowing I’m on my way to a change of scenery for a few days.

  55. 1. dark chocolate
    2. really good romance novels/women’s fiction that makes me a little choked up and hopeful
    3. really good romantic comedy that makes me laugh yet is also poignant at the same time
    4. soul-baring conversations w/my best friend
    5. a Diet Coke on a 110 degree day!

  56. 1. My son coming home from college.
    2. Chocolate
    3. Books, love books they make me so happy.
    4. Spending time with my sisters
    5. Watching a great movie.
    6. Spring flowers and long walks.
    7. Going out to dinner and not having to cook.

  57. First of all Happy Mothers Day to you and all your readers!
    1) My Kindle.
    2) Chocolate and Peanut Butter.
    3) Champagne
    4) Mariachi Music
    5) Making my kids long
    as they are smiling all is good in my life.

  58. Hi Jane! And a Happy, Blessed, Wonderful, Magical Mother’s Day to you!

    5 things that make me happy are:
    1. Walking hand in hand with my sweetie.
    2. A good book
    3. Working in my garden
    4. Watching the birds at my bird feeders
    5. Sushi

    There are so many more but I’ll stop at 5. Have a blessed weekend 🙂

  59. 1. Listening to the ocean
    2. Running
    3. Chocolate
    4. Reading
    5. Doing Nothing!!!

    Hope you have the BEST Mother’s Day!!

  60. my list only has 5 things but it’s kind of long LOL
    1.One of my best friends is getting married in 3 weeks and I can’t wait to be at the wedding.
    2.My flight to the US is in less than a month- I can’t wait to see my family, especially my cousin’s new baby boy and also being at my other cousin’s wedding.
    3.Man Und has reached the Championship league final in soccer and I hope they’ll win.
    4.I have so many good books on my TBR pile and I can’t wait to read them.
    5.After many years of trying to convince my mom and dad to go on a trip outside of Israel they booked a trip to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary and flow to Prague last weekend. They had a great time and knowing they had such a good time really made me happy.

  61. Congratulations on your continuing Kudos for She’s Gone Country! I clicked on the link to see if there was a place to vote for She’s Gone Country but I didn’t see one. I thought Readers Choice might mean that readers vote?

    1) The scent of a fresh flower–I’m told I loved fresh flowers when I was a baby so at least one of the things that make me happy hasn’t changed:0.
    2) Reading a good book that a friend has passed on or recommended because she knows I’ll like it.
    3) Seeing my kitty on her window seat.
    4) Looking at pictures of my family.
    5) Anything Starbucks

  62. 1. fresh air + green grass

    2. my indiana white “tan” is going away

    3. hearing my kids laugh. both are different and so sweet to my ears.

    4. crushed ice cubes in my drink of choice at that specific moment

    5. upcoming graduation for my son and hawaii vacation soon after

  63. 1.reading a HEA romance novel
    2.watching Dancing With the Stars
    3.walking the beach
    4.getting flowers cream 🙂
    6.looking at old photos
    7.taking my shoes and bra off at the end of the day!
    8.sleeping late
    9.getting a funny email
    10.hearing “I love you”

  64. 1. Having a meal with my family.
    2. Spending time with my niece.
    3. Watching my favorite comedies like The Hangover and Wedding Crashers.
    4. Buying something I’ve wanted at a discount/on sale.
    5. Reading books and comics.
    Happy Mother’s Day.

  65. Hi Jane,
    I’m not sure I can keep it to five, the other lists are very inspiring! 🙂

    1) The ocean – that’s my healing place, the sounds, the smell, the wind. Just thinking about it, aaaahhh!

    2) Coffee, love my coffee!

    3) Music that reminds me of a place or time.

    4) Travel – I love to travel, & explore new places.

    5) A great book – I love a can’t put it down read.

    6) Hearing deep baby belly laughs

    7) A beautiful garden of flowers – my goal is to find a way to keep the deer and rabbits from eating everything!

    8) Hearing my kids be excited by and proud of an accomplishment or something that happens in their day. I love the enthusiasm.

    Happy Mother’s Day to all!


  66. Fun!

    1) Hitchcock movies
    2) Reading to my little girls
    3) Bargain shopping
    4) Phone calls from my mom
    5) When my husband cooks dinner

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  67. 1. My new puppy Otto
    2. Donuts
    3. New York style pizza from NYC
    4. Napping with the windows open and a breeze blowing in
    5. Shopping and finding a great sale
    6. Fresh flowers
    7. Friends
    8. Good books
    9. Taking a really good photo
    10. A random act of kindness

    1. And, you are the world’s best shopper and a dear friend! Happy Mother’s Day to Otto’s mom!

  68. 1. 1st cup of coffee in morning
    2. reading a great book (with my coffee)
    3. Chipotle’s burrito bowl w/guac
    4. visiting w/my friend Andrea
    5. sweet peas (my b-day flower)

  69. 1. A view of water, can be a lake, inlet, river, ocean.
    2. The smell of fresh cut grass.
    3. A fire in the fireplace during the winter.
    4. Being outside on a great day.
    5. Iced green tea from Starbuck’s.

  70. 1. Diet Mountain Dew – first thing in the morning
    2. Betty Joe – my chubby cat
    3. My computer – I really enjoy reading on the internet and sending and reading email
    4. My yard and the woods- it’s so pretty and I enjoy the wildlife coming in and out of the woods to the yard
    5. Homemade cookies and bread. yum! yum!

    Have a Happy Mother’s Day!!!!

  71. Here goes my list ;

    1. The smell of new books when i open to read them

    2. Emails on my inbox that told me I had won some books 🙂

    3. Nutella

    4. a Holiday trip with my hubby and two boys

    5. homemade brownies and banana bread…nom-nom-nom

  72. Hi Jane! 5 things that make me happy are: 1. Nice weather 2. Sweets – especially chocolate 3. A great book 4. Massages and spa days 5.Vacations!
    I hope everyone has a wonderful Mother’s Day!

  73. Five things that make me happy are 1)sitting at a local baseball game in beautiful weather 2)Listening to my son play the guitar 3)watching Flirting with Forty and dreaming of Hawaii 4)Listening to the stereo in my house after I clean it and #5)sitting on a beach

  74. 1.Sleeping in on Saturday morning
    2. Watching a good movie
    3. Sunny weather
    4. Curling up in bed with a good book
    5. Getting a package in the mail

  75. 1. Sleeping in!
    2. Morning coffee before anyone is up
    3. Hot bath with a great book
    4. Margarita on the rocks with salt, tortilla chips with my husband’s homemade salsa
    5. Amusement parks and scary roller coasters

    Happy Mother’s Day to everyone!

  76. Hi Jane! Here is my list:

    1. My cat and dog (hey you said no person not animals lol)

    2. Smell of freshly cut grass

    3. My job–yep I work with animals all day, doesn’t get any better than that. (only took me 30 years to decide what to do with my life lol)

    4. Traveling when I can, I love exploring new cultures/places.

    5. Chocolate—anything milk chocolate but especially M&Ms (and the red ones lol)

  77. 1. My dog Louie
    2. Sitting in Yosemite Valley with friends, enjoying a nice cold beverage.
    3. Watching animal videos that make me LOL.
    4. Sitting down to a meal that makes me clap my hands together!
    5. Spending quality time with good friends.
    6. Seeing my girl really happy.

  78. 1. My daughters/my husband (can’t put them on two different lines)
    2. Spring which around here is in June (I live in Minnesota)
    3. Thrashers French Fries (OC, MD)
    4. Going home to Pennsylvania 5. My Kindle

  79. I’m so excited to hear that your Brennen Sisters series is coming together. When you described it to us at your New Jersey dinner, I wanted to read it right away.

    I’ve had a lot of change this year in my job and it’s ongoing and stressful and potentially personally beneficial in the long run but that doesn’t make going through it any easier. But without change we stagnate and though I might go kicking and screaming, I still have to go.

    I’m so looking forward to seeing you in NYC next month! Though I’m beginning to wonder how anyone finds anyone in that sea of 2000. As it’s my first national conference, I guess I’m going to find out!

    My 5 things:
    1. Music. Can’t breathe without it.
    2. My cats. Can’t smile without them.
    3. Driving fast on a warm day with the windows down and the music up loud. Woot.
    4. Really good movies/drama/comedy/TV. Love it.
    5. The feel of the sun on my face. Settles everything within me.

  80. Love this contest, Jane! Hope you have a Happy Mother’s Day!

    1. Fresh flowers
    2. Pizza
    3. Cookies
    4. Watching my kids play sports
    5. Laughter

  81. I have a million little things. I’m always looking for a thing or two that make me happy each day. I choose to be happy. Sometimes it is impossibly hard, some days it just feels magic as everything just falls in place. Yesterday, my 5 things were:

    1. Tropical Dragon tea from Teavana. Warm, golden, fragrant. Perfect.

    2. Driving on I90E and catching a glimpse of Mt. Rainier and Lake Washington on a clear day. Just beautiful.

    3. XM Radio 80s on 8 channel.

    4. Finding the Voice in XFinity on demand. I missed it on Tuesday and was bummed. I was so happy to be able to watch the whole thing.

    5. New books! I got the latest Rick Riordan for the girls, but I’m “previewing” it 😉

  82. 1. Sunshine
    2. Wearing flip flops
    3. Great Seahawk game
    4. Going to the beach
    5. Smell of fresh baked bread
    6. Traveling
    7. Reading a good book
    8. My guilty pleasure TV programs
    9. Being greeted by my cats when I get home.

  83. You know, I really like this contest. It makes you think positively and I like that. I need that. Okay, my 5 probably change often, but for right now they are:
    1. Being with my kids (always #1)
    2. Alone times with my husband (if you know what I mean, haha)
    3. Being outside in the Sunshine!
    4. Taking pictures
    5. Dancing o around the house to my favorite dance music.
    I think I am going to go find some paper and start jotting down more of my favorite things.

  84. I really needed to think about the things that make me happy, because lately we had only bad news in the family.
    Anyway, here they are:

    1) The unbelievable sweet smell of babies(I could not stop smelling mine when they were little)
    2) Breathing in the pine scented air in the woods of my hometown. (I was born and raised in a town in the Dolomites, in Italy)
    3) The smell and sound of crashing waves at the beach.
    4) Looking for seashell with my kids at the beach.
    5) A cup of passion fruit green tea.
    6) Eating watermelon (my favourite fruit).
    7) Sleeping in a freshly made bed.
    8) Curling up in bed with a good book after having sprayed my pillow with a delicious vanilla lavender pillow mist.

    Happy Mothers’ Day to everyone.

  85. Hi Jane!
    I am so sexcited for all the godo things that are happening for you and for the new excitement to come!

    Change is scary. My bff has comvinced me to put my romance wip aside and work on my mom’s story. I too want to write all kinds of things and genres.

    5 things that make me happy — in no order…

    1. Being in the sunshine, preferably on the beach or pool.
    2. Time to myself.
    3. A cozy nap with my puppies.
    4. Just hanging out with my amazing kids.
    5. writing.
    6. Reading…

    Happy Mother’s Day to everyone!
    May it be the day you dream of!

  86. 5 things that make me happy:
    1) Coffee
    2) Quiet, lazy mornings
    3) Reading
    4) tropical vacations – love sitting by the pool, soaking up the sun and drinking a margarita!
    5) Crafting

    Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mommas out there!!

  87. Five Things…
    1. My sons hugs and my daughters smile (she is a pre-teen so they are really rare lately)
    2. A good cup of coffee in the morning.
    3. That great teal color the sky gets just after the sun has gone down, but before total dark.
    4. The full moon and the ocean.
    5. Hostess Chocolate cupcakes.
    Happy Mother’s Day!!!


  88. 1.) getting my hands in the dirt
    2.) my favorite movies – i.e. The Sound of Music, The Darling Buds of May, etc.
    3.) getting lost in a good book
    4.) bubble bath
    5.) chocolate

  89. Thanks Jane! This post is really reminding me that I need to do some of these more often. :o)

    1. Reading a great book – especially a funny one
    2. Giving myself a manicure
    3. Getting a hair cut
    4. Blueberry candles
    5. Soft baked chocolate chip cookies

  90. 1. Popcorn and cream cheese (not together, though!
    2. Reading a good book in the warm sun.
    3. The smell of cholorine at the pool.
    4. Listening to NPR.
    5. Bath & Body Works shower gel – it’s my one every day beauty “indulgence”.

  91. 1. A manga drawing by my son
    2. An original short story from my daughter
    3. White chocolate
    4. Snuggling up in bed while listening to rain on the roof
    5. Window shopping with my mom

    Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms!

  92. Jane,

    Thanks for always having such fun contests! Hope you have a Magical Mother’s Day!

    Once I started thinking about this…….I couldn’t stop my mind from drifting off to all those things that make me happy and it seemed that every thought lead to another Happy one…..I will try to just name a few here.

    1. taking a nap on a hot summer day with the window open and the wind cooling you off just enough to lull you to sleep.
    2. snuggling up in a warm blamket fresh from the dryer.
    3.playing with kittens as they are learning how to(we have 4 week old kittens right now)
    4 losing myself in a great book!
    5.listening to a great song that brings me to a time and place…..just yesterday I heard the old Bobbie Helms song “You are my special Angel” I immediately thought about my mom singing it to me my whole life.

    I guess are my top 5 for today, but really the list could be endless

  93. Happy Mothers Day!

    My list is simple. I’m an easy person to please and life in general makes me happy.

    1. Walking into my favorite Barnes & Noble on a quiet day when all the local area kids are in school and I can get lost in all the books as I make my choice for the week. Most importantly the smell of all the books.

    2. The smell of fresh brewed coffee that opens up all my brain cells first thing in morning.

    3. The smell of fresh rain on a hot summer day.

    4. The smell of the salty air flowing off of the ocean as the sun sets in the distance.

    5. The smell of my home after the floors have been cleaned with Pine-Sol.

  94. Hey Jane!! Happy almost Mother’s Day. Hard to pick just five things I love, but here we go….

    1. The smell of steaks on the grill (mmmmmm, someone next door is grilling some now)

    2. Funny commercials! One of my current faves is that Snickers Peanut Butter Squares one with the sharks, LOL. They save the extended version of it for night-time when kids are asleep (is it really that gruesome?!?!) lol.

    3. Getting goodies in the mail from my favorite author 🙂

    4. Those little white cranes that chase mowers to get the bugs

    5. Popcorn – cannot live without popcorn.

  95. Jane,

    I just wanted to wish you and the rest of the moms here(whether you have 2 or 4 legged babies or ones with fins or feathers) a very Happy Mother’s Day!

  96. Hi everyone,

    I’ve had a wonderful relaxed day so far and hope you are enjoying your day, too!

    I couldn’t pick just one name so I’ve got three winners for the Mother’s Day contest.

    #1 Emily
    #42 Kay
    #95 Becky

    Will the three winners shoot me their mail addresses when possible so I can get your wonderful prizes out?

    Congrats all!

    Love, Jane

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