Gladiator For a Day

I have my very own gladiator and he was amazing in battle.

Two weeks ago Surfer Ty and my boys attended “Gladiator School” in Rome and Surfer Ty was pretty amazing.  He’s always been a fighter–he’s something of a legend in San Diego–but watching him fence with his gladiator instructor wowed me.  Ty only needed one run through of the different moves–defensive and offensive–and then he was sword to sword with his instructor and it was like a beautiful ballet of man and muscle.

Ty isn’t always the easiest guy.  In fact sometimes I think he and I are two different species.  But oh, even after eight years I find him so very sexy.  I love watching him surf…his ease in the water…the effortless way he moves on his board…and then when he was fencing I was awed all over again.  He’s graceful…magical.   Inspiring.  He uses his body the way I use words.

When Ty and I first started dating he said he’d had a dream that he was a gladiator in the Colosseum and I was an empress in the stands and I held his life in my hands.  Would I save him, or let him die?

I would have saved him.  Freed him.

I think there’s a story there…

Do you ever think you’ve lived a past life?  Do you feel like you’ve been someone else in the past?  I do and I’m certain I knew Ty in it, too.

Everyone that posts in the comment section below will have a chance to win a very special Italy prize package that includes a beautiful Venetian red heart necklace plus other great gifts.  The contest runs through Sunday night.  I’ll announce the winner Monday.  Chat with me and then come back to see if you won!


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