Home from Rome

It was an amazing ten days in Italy and a rather hard jolt back to reality when I woke up yesterday morning at 3:00 am and couldn’t go back to sleep due to jet lag.  There was so much to do but Mac wanted Mommy to himself, away from the phone and computer and stacks of mail.  I ended up spending the day with the little guy but today I did confine myself to my office to tackle the massive piles of mail and bills and requests covering my desk.  I was supposed to start my new book for Harlequin today, as well as kick off a diet to help me shed some of the weight I’ve gained the past few months writing, writing, writing and then from eating lots of pasta and pizzas in Italy, but neither has happened yet.  It’s pathetic that it’s so hard to take weight off and so easy to put it on.

I had good news while I was gone, though.  She’s Gone Country finaled in two contests which is very fun.  (The details are in the news section on my site.)  And I know the film producers who optioned She’s Gone Country had a meeting with some important folks while I was away, and that’s pretty cool, too.

Something that isn’t so fun is that my move to California is on hold.  I’m hoping the snags can be worked out soon and that the move will still happen before kids return to school, but right now its out of my control.  I can’t move if my former husband won’t, and he’s no longer sure he wants to leave Washington so we’re in a wait and see.

And since I’ve been gone so long, I have a really special prize for my readers this week!  The contest runs through Friday evening and I’ll announce the winner Saturday morning.  It’s a late Spring Break prize consisting of a pink striped beach towel, a copy of Megan Crane’s brand new I Heart the 80’s (a fun fun fun novel that is chick lit and romance and sexy and wonderful!!!), a signed mass market copy of Flirting with Forty, a colorful Vera Bradley sunglass holder, Jane Porter water bottle, and lots more goodies.  Want a chance to win?  Fill me in one what you’ve been doing while I was gone and you are entered!  And then come back Saturday to see if you won.  The winner has only one week (7 days!) to get back to me or I’ll pick a new winner.

Now I really do have to start my new novel…even if it means I only write a paragraph or two.   Ciao!

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