Mac and Max

Getting ready to head to airport and it amazes me how much an almost two year old needs for a trip!  Or maybe, it’s all the stuff I need to entertain a two year old on an airplane!  Either way, it seems like we have a lot between cars and toys and snacks and diapers and a change of clothes.  But I love my almost two year old so much.  Next week is his 2nd birthday and I can’t believe he’s growing up so fast!!

Mac gets to go to all his brothers’ sporting events, including Ty’s lacrosse games.  Mac likes Ty’s lacrosse games because they are on a field and there are always dogs, including his favorite, 5 month old Max.  Max likes Mac a lot, too.  🙂


I’ll check in when I can, but in the meantime love to all and have a wonderful week!

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