A Very Special Contest!

This is a week of contests and now I have one more…!

This is a big contest is for all my friends who love to read as much as I do!   We’ve all heard of conferences that are just for writers, but there’s a new one that’s geared just for readers and I’d love to send one of you to it this August with a friend.

RomCon is a FAN convention hosted in Denver, CO and dedicated to avid readers of Romance and Women’s Fiction.  It’s 3 days of enormous fun with your reader friends, new friends you make along the way and some of your favorite authors too!

At RomCon readers have the opportunity to mingle and socialize with others who love books as much as they do.  Authors host teas and parties, chat on panels to talk about hot heroes, characters, solve murder mysteries and everything and anything else.  There will be over 80 different fun events this year with lots of open dialogue with readers and bloggers and tons of free swag and books!

I know this is something my readers would enjoy and  so I’m teaming up with Lee Hyat from AuthorSoundRelations.com to bring you this special contest!  On July 21st I’m giving away 2 tickets to RomCon 2011 along with two nights at the conference hotel in Denver.  The winner will also receive a tote bag full of books, goodies and gift cards!  The convention dates are August 5th – 7th this year so if you’re looking for a chance to get away for a few days next month, this is your chance!

For an opportunity to win this trip, just leave a comment on my blog and then head over to Author Sound Relations and fill out the official entrance form.

Lee will draw and announce the winner’s name on Thursday, July 21st.  Learn more about RomCon 2011 visit www.romconinc.com.

Good luck, get entered, and have fun!


  1. Jane! You are too much!! Since my novel has been out, I’ve been trying really hard to connect with readers like you! You are such an inspiration!! I even hosted a dinner (like you did in Frankfort) for four of my local readers. We had so much fun and I’ve gained some really great new friends!

  2. I would love to go to this. I had so much fun and met so many new friends at the RWA Conference in NYC last month. I would love, love, love to go to this. PLEASE pick me!!!

  3. Jane, this is a fabulous idea/gesture. I’ve already registered and booked hotel or I’d be all over it. I blasted this across twitter and Facebook. Hopefully, it will reach some of your other fans. WOW isn’t even the word Cindy. LOVE YOU, JANE!!!

    Hi Tonya…it’s nice to see you here.

    Peace and love,
    Paula R.

  4. Jane! I just finished reading Mrs. Perfect. (I loved it by the way!) I read the “About the Author” section and saw your website address so I went to your website to see what other books you’ve written and came across this post! That sounds awesome! Definitely filling out the form! -Rachael

  5. jane, what a nice thing to do!!!! i wish i could enter, but my youngest son will be starting school then, so it will be busy, busy, busy for me. thanks again for thinking of your fans!!!

  6. This sounds like so much fun and something new to try. Whoopee! You’re the best!

  7. Jane, just more proof that romance writers are the nicest people out there! What a wonderful idea and gesture.

  8. Oh wow! This sounds amazing!! I’ve never even been to Colorado! I’d absolutely love the opportunity to attend! Thanks for the awesome contest, Jane!

  9. Oh my gosh! What an absolutely super generous thing to do. I’ve heard awesome things about RomCon and it sounds like a wonderful time. Thanks Jane!

  10. WOW! What amazing way to meet you and other authors, I’d love to win this for so many reasons! First,to meet you and I’ve heard some good things about RomCon. What amazing contest!

  11. Wow, sounds so fun! What a great contest, thanks for giving everyone a chance to win!!

  12. I would love to go, since it’s right before my birthday! This would be the BESTEST birthday gift(win XD) ever! Especially since many of my favorite authors are going to be there and getting the chance to meet them would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me.

  13. This will be my first RomCon that I will be able to attend. Thank you for the chance to win this. Good luck to everyone.

  14. wow, Jane you’re generosity is just amazing! Never been to RomCom…oh, the possibilities! Have a great weekend!

  15. Wow what a amazing opportunity. I looked into the military discount for vets etc but it still was to much for me. I’d love to be entered. Thank you Jane and author sound relations.

    Lisa B

  16. I’d heard of RomCon before but didn’t realize it included Women’s Fiction. For some reason I thought it was only hard core romance. Thanks for the opportunity.

  17. What a wonderful opporunity. Who ever is selected is sure in for a treat! This conference sounds awesome.
    Good Luck to all!

  18. What a great conference, and a great location. Thanks for having such awesome contests and giveaways Jane! Would love to go.

  19. That sounds like a lot of fun. just imagine all the wonderful writers you could meet. I still couldn’t afford to go, so don’t enter me in the contest. I just want to wish everyone good luck and thanks Jane, for offering this wonderful prize. Whoever wins is sure to have a great time.

  20. Jane,

    I never knew of this conference. Oh my sisters and I would have a blast.

    thank you for the opportunity. I will go over and enter.

    Have a Nice Weekend!!


  21. I have drooled over this convention since I picked up one of the promotional cards in a Borders last year!!!

    I’ve said it once and I’ll gladly say it again. You guys are AMAZING for hosting this giveaway!! Thank you for this opportunity!

  22. How fun would this be? I know exactly who I would take! Awesome prize and giveaway thank yoU!

  23. The trip sounds great! An opportunity to read, talk about reading, talk to authors about the their books you’ve read, and maybe pick up some more books to read – what could be better. Oh wait, I know – discovering your blog page where you are talking about books and I can get some hints about what book I want to read next. Thanks!

  24. Hi Jane! Cool! What an awesome contest. Thanks for giving me a chance to win.

    Hope you have a great summer!

  25. Jane,

    This sounds like a wonderful opportunity for someone. I hope whoever wins this awesome prize has a wonderful time. Thank you and Lee for offering such a great prize.

    Hope the writing is continuing to go well for you this weekend.

  26. Sounds like tons of fun. It’s nice to know that there are conventions like this one for readers. What a great idea.

    If I win I’ll joggle the whole thing about being a Mother and leaving my two beatifull twins at home with their daddy for a couple of days 🙂

    Thanks for throughing fun contests our way.

  27. Hi Jane,

    Thanks for giving your readers a chance to win such an awesome contest!!! The conference sounds like so much fun. I have never been to Denver. For someone who is an avid reader this would be paradise. Good luck to everyone!!

  28. This is such a wonderful event. I would love, just love to attend with my daughter who is an avid reader. What a great contest! Thank you once again Jane for offering a great opportunity.

  29. OMG!!! Win a chance to meet you and all the other wonderful authors on my e-bookshelf? Are you kidding me. I. Would. Die!!! And Denver in August? HEAVEN!! Thank you.

  30. Oh, me, me, please pick me! I love RomCon and I love Denver. You are so incredible Jane and so very generous to your fans. It was great to see you in NYC and thanks again for a fantastic dinner.

  31. Oooh! Crossing my fingers! I’d love to go, but just can’t afford the admission! Very excited, thanks for the opportunity!

  32. It sounds like a great time. I’m even on vacation that week so I could go without missing work! Either way, I’ll be working on my TBR pile during that week!

  33. Hmmmmm, I’ve only been to the Denver airport. It would be nice to see a little more of the state. It would be even nicer to see you!

  34. Jane it sounds like to me you have the dilemma of the all american woman. WE all are pushed for time. WE feel extremely guilty when we have to prioritize work over family. Every minute you spend with family and friends are precious. Just dig in and get the job done. Celebrate with your family and friends your acomplishments!
    It’s very generous of you to offer this wonderful trip, who ever wins will be over the moom I’m sure! Good luck to all! ;>))

  35. Wow – this is in Denver and I live in Denver! I would love to attend this and try a new event. Thanks for the contest!

  36. OMG that sounds so amazing, sometimes I think some of my friends get tired of me telling them the next book they must read. This would be a wonderful opportunity and I have never been to Denever before. YIPEE!!!

  37. Well, Sounds Like quite an awesome event in, what i imagine is a beatiful location. What a blessing to whoever gets to go. I’ve Read all of your books except eyes on the eyes. Loved them all. Cant wait to read eyes on the eyes, and a dark sicilian secret.

  38. Hi Jane,
    I would love to attend this wonderful event! Are you planning to have another reader meeting in Denver? I’d love to join you!

  39. I have and will always be a READER of romance, but as most of my friends here on Facebook know I am an aspiring AUTHOR as well. The opportunity to mingle with readers and authors sounds fantastic! It will be a blast for some lucky person.

  40. I found your blog via a post on FB at Romance Book Sluts page. I have been a reader for years, but would love to be inspired to write! I would love to go to RomCon!

  41. Jane,

    I have read all of the Odd Mom out books plus quite a few others and I have loved them all. I grew up in Medina and get a kick out of how you really have the characters down. My mom met you at Overlake last winter when you hosted a lunch that some fans purchased at an auction. She said you were lovely and really enjoyed chatting with you becuase she is a big fan as well. I hear you are moving, good luck.

  42. What a wonderful opportunity for someone, I never win anything, but sure would love the bag of books!!

  43. You had me at “Flirting With Forty.” It remains at the top of my list of Chick Lit and helped me believe that romance can and does happen to women over forty. I didn’t meet my Prince until I was 42! Thank you for all you do!

  44. I have been to several Romance conventions in Atlanta, but that’s as far as I’ve traveled. Thanks for the opportunity.

  45. Would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this! I have never been to Denver or RomCon – what a great way to experience both! Such a generous gift that would be gladly enjoyed – and a late birthday one at that – just turned 50 this month!!! 🙂 Yes, I’m shameless!!!

  46. Sounds so fun! I met you at Third Place Books when you discussed and signed “She’s Gone Country” (I got to have dinner with you and Lee, just the three of us). You both kicked my butt (figuratively, of course) about writing and no more excuses… Thank you! Hope you’re having a great summer — I expect Denver will be warmer and sunnier than here! 😉 Safe travels!

  47. Hi Jane! It’s so nice of you to let us know about the contest. I just finished reading “She’s Gone Country” and although a different theme from your other books, I thoroughly enjoyed it! Thank you. 🙂

  48. Wow I have never been to a conference like this and it would be so much fun I am in the middle of dental work but I dont care i will go like this wouldnt miss it for the world…wow thank you

  49. What a fantastic giveaway. I would love to go!! I went to a Romantic Times Convention in Houston about 7 years ago and loved it.


  50. The RomCon trip sounds like lots of fun.

    I love to read and always read your books!

    Looking for more to show up on NookColor to download from B&N site!

  51. Jane, what a great opportunity you are providing for the lucky winner! Thanks, too, for all the wonderful hours of reading you have given me!

  52. Hi Jane,

    I love to read and would have a great time in Denver meeting new people. Thanks for the opportunity/chance to win such an awesome prize:)


  53. What a great contest, Jane! You’re always thinking of us, your devoted readers…:-) Just bought your latest book for my Kindle, plus a few older of your Harlequin books too! Hope you’re doing well!

  54. Hi Jane,
    The last conference I went to was a mathematics conference for Drury University. As awesome as that was…I can’t begin to even imagine what fun it would be to attend a conference that is geared specifically for avid book readers. Then to top it all off…in such a wonderful location.

    I love your work, your website, as well as you inspiration. Keep up the great work.

  55. What a great prize. I just went to RWA in New York last month and had an amazing time. I bought so many books and got to meet all my favorite authors and some amazing readers too!!! I didn’t even mind waiting on line for 1 1/2 hours. I would love a chance to win this…
    Have a great day!

  56. I go to Malice Domestic, a convention for fans of the traditional mystery, and have a fantastic time. This convention sounds like just as much fun.

  57. I can’t think of a better escape than a good book and friends to share it with. READ ON!

  58. Wow this is so nice of you. I always knew that romance writers
    where a great bunch of people, this
    only goes to show you I was right. LOL I have been a reader of romances for more years than I care to admit. 🙂 Your stories gives the average people a chance to visit other times and places and maybe just lose ourselves for awhile from every day life. Thanks for hosting this giveaway. It would be really nice to have a mini vacation right about now.

  59. Thank you, This is an awesome opportunity. I would love to attend this con. You Rock

    Robin Blankenship

  60. I would like to enter to win. I have been reading about how much fun everyone has at RomCon and had been wanting to go and meet all my favorite authors.

  61. Fantastic! And I know just the person that I’d ask to be my traveling buddy. Thanks for hosting this contest.

  62. OOOH…Pick Me Pick Me! This sounds like an awesome get together for readers all over. Would LOVE to go!
    Thank You!

  63. Hi Jane,
    I don’t know how you give such amazing prizes…winning would be a perfect little getaway! And, so glad to know Dark Sicilian Secret is now in stores…yeah!

  64. Wow, what a great offer for a prize. This would be soooooo awesome to win. Thank YOU for having such a spectacular idea. Hope your summer is going well despite this weeks massive temps & humidity (not my favorite the humidity, it just seems to suck the energy & life out of me…guess it is the Swedish, Russian & Germanic genetics that lean towards the cooler less humid climes…the Indian genetics can’t compete with the other 3/4)…. Happy summer to you,

    Michelle B. aka Koshkalady

  65. Jane, It would be so much fun to go and also to meet you. Thank you for the chance to enter the contest.

  66. Jane,
    I truly love reading your books and would like to meet you. I am beginning a new job on the 8th and this would be a great mini vacation. Can’t wait to read your newest book.


  67. Thank you for the opportunity in this wonderful contest. I would love to indulge in RomCon and I’m sure Denver is beautiful this time of year.


  68. I would love to meet all of you & get an autograph from each & everyone of my favorite writers. But I’m number 117 & if there were Bad Luck entering contests that’s me. If there is more than one entering I would not win. But I just want to say thanks so much for letting me enter. I don’t live that far from Denver & my husband & I have not been on a trip in sometime. Sounds like a Great! Great! Trip. Good Luck To All, I’m keeping myfingers & toes crossed. Love You Jane!

  69. Jane,

    What an awesome contest! You are so generous! This sounds like such an amazing event! Whoever gets to go will be one lucky fan!

  70. Hey Jane! You know I love and promote you all the time! I am finally reading “She’s Gone Country” and I LOVE it, as I have LOVED all your novels! I am also excited to enter this contest, last minute, but it is better to be entered in than not! Love you and missed seeing you at Stacy’s in April, I was sick 🙁

  71. Thank you for such an amazing contest!! Great authors who care about their readers are amazing!!

  72. oh I wanna go… pick me, pick me LOL. Seriously what a terrific prize and huge congrats to whomever wins! It’s sure to be a fabulous trip!

  73. This is fantastic, I never knew there was such a convention. It would be the greatest thing ever. Imagine a convention that consists of interests instead of work related topics. Thanks so much for this.I would love to be the winner of this contest, but if I’m not congrats to the one who is.

  74. What a great prize, Jane. I would love to win this. Just have to figure out who to bring with me!!! Decisions, Decisions!

  75. Oh, WOW! What a prize! So generous! It would be beyond amazing to win this!! Keeping my singers crossed I will win!! My sister needs a “pick me up” and this would be PERFECT!!

  76. Woohoo, I didn’t actually believe there was anything that could take my mind off the heat but this worked as well as a bucket of ice over the head.

    Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity to win tickets, It’s completely tickled my fancy! Good luck to everybody else and thank you Jane!

  77. This sounds to-die-for-AMAZING!! 🙂 Sounds like a perfect time, and … it would be SO cool to be able to escape the furnace of Arizona for the cool, mountain air of beautiful Colorado AND spend the time having insane-fun at RomCon. Pinch me!! This opportunity sounds to good to be true … please count me in! And thanks to you both for such an amazing giveaway opportunity. : )

  78. How incredibly generous and wonderful of you and Lee, Jane! I have loved your books FOREVER – would kill to meet you in person!

  79. Hello~
    This sounds so fun and amazing! I would love to go! I need to have some fun!
    Thanks, Jane!

  80. What a wonderful giveaway. I have been looking at the RomCon schedule since it first came out and see many sessions I would love to attend.
    Thanks for making this opportunity available to someone.

  81. That trip sounds amazing..Since becoming a mom 5 years ago, I have stayed home and have gone no where!!! You are a amazing Author Jane..To whomever wins this contest, I hope they have a blast.

  82. Probably too late to enter, but hey, I’m giving it a shot! What a fantastic give-away!! And oh, how nice to just get-away for a few days and talk, read books, books, and more books!!!!

  83. Good morning from sunny Hawaii! Our Very Special Contest is over now and we’ve got winners!

    Himeko from CA and Marelou from CO have won tickets to RomCon2011! Congratulations, ladies!! Watch your inbox for more details about your tickets. 🙂

    Thanks to everyone who entered. I’ve got lots more fun stuff planned for the summer so check back soon!

    1. Congratulations Himeko & Marelou ~ have an awesome time!!! And, to Marelou, if you’re the same Marelou I met at Jane’s dinner in NJ in November, then I am even more excited to know one of the winners ~ have a blast!

    2. Jane, THANK YOU!!! and Lee, too. Salamat, merci, grazie, gracias, mahalo, shukran, xiexie, danke… from the bottom of my heart, my thanks. This is such a wonderful surprise and what an opportunity! I’m so excited to not only go to my first ever RomCon but also to see Jane.

      Hi, Stephanie: yes, I’m the same girl who a fun and lovely evening with you and Jane in NJ. I will have fun for all of us!

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