Happy July 4th!

Happy 4th of July to all my American readers!  I can’t believe it’s already the 4th…summer is definitely rolling right along!

I’m back in Honolulu after 6 whirlwind days in New York for the annual RWA conference.  As some of you know from Facebook, I arrived in NY sick and unfortunately got sicker…requiring a visit to a doctor and antibiotics and steroids to try to kick my system into gear.  I’m still not 100% but I’m back in Hawaii where the warm fresh air will certainly help me boot the last of these infections.

Considering I wasn’t at my best in NYC, I still really enjoyed this conference…perhaps more than any other in years.   I was able to meet with my two new editors Cindy Hwang and Sheila Hodgson, and visit with my dear friends.  I had my reader get together and presented the Rita award for best Novel with Strong Romantic Elements during the glamorous Rita and Golden Heart Awards Ceremony.   AND I got to wear three gorgeous beautiful new dresses for the Penguin Group party at the famous Sardi’s, the Harlequin Black & White Ball at the Waldorf Astoria, and then the formal Awards Ceremony in the hotel ballroom.  I can’t help loving dressing up for the special events.  My life with Ty in Hawaii is so casual, so full of swimsuit cover ups and sarongs, that wearing a fancy dress and heels and sparkly earrings is a treat!

My son Ty arrives in Hawaii tomorrow for 10 days and I can’t wait to see him.  It’s been three weeks since I left Bellevue and I miss my big boys.  Jake stays behind as he continues to train and compete in polo tournaments as they prepare for the JO’s in Southern California end of July, but Mac will be so excited to have one brother arrive tomorrow.   He misses having the big brothers around, too.

Mac’s just woken up and I need to go do mom stuff but before I go–I’m kicking off July with four weeks of  great summer contests!  Every week from now until early August, I will be giving away a special beach tote packed with books, gift cards, and fun summery treats.  This week’s contest starts today and ends Friday, July 8th at midnight.  I’ll post the winner’s name on Saturday.  So tell me what you’ve been doing these past couple of weeks and/or what your plans are for today and you’re entered!  And then be sure to check back Saturday to see if you’re the winner for this week’s Beach Tote with Books & Fun.

Happy 4th.  Enjoy your day!!


  1. Happy 4th of July. Hope you’ll be back to 100% soon. I’ll probably head over to watch the Macy’s fireworks tonight.

  2. Glad you’re back to ‘home sweet home’ and sorry you’ve been sick. Being home will fix you up. Today is for cheeseburgers and watching fireworks on TV. Your NY adventures sounded wonderful and elegant, casual and laid back sound wonderful too. Have a super day Jane, and to everyone…Happy 4th.

  3. Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Now you are home time to rest. Things are great. BBQ’s and family get togethers this weekend. Can’t wait to see the fireworks, I just love them! The bigger the better! Have a wonderful fourth with your family. God Bless!

  4. Happy Fourth of July, Jane!
    I hope you have pictures to post of you in the dressy dresses from the RWA conference.
    I know what you mean I think I live in casual 98% of the year.
    Well I spent yesterday moving my daughter for the second time in about 7 weeks. Oh, the joy of college life.
    I have been working in my garden (flower and tomato) sanding the door frames getting ready to freshen the exterior paint a bit.
    I read a couple of books and that is about it.

  5. I once sat next to Cindy at a lunch at the RWA conference out of Phoenix. What a warm and fun lady to have on your side!

    I just finished Odd Mom Out and Mrs. Perfect and loved them, Jane. I just wish I could get The Frog Prince as an e-book!

    These last few weeks, I’ve been on a week-long vacation to Island Falls, ME, where we went on a moose hunt (with cameras) and ate s’mores and got ravaged by a hundred thousand mosquitoes and black flies. There’s been preschool graduation and an end-of-the-year dance recital and just the start of swim lessons.

    As if we haven’t been busy enough, we just moved into our new house after a year living in an 800-square-foot beach rental, and it’s a heavenly 2200-square-feet in the middle of the woods and The Amazing Squirrel and Chipmunk Acrobats as they play amongst the birdfeeders. :o)

    Today we were supposed to go to the fireworks at the university, but it looks like a cold front is bringing some thunderstorms. Looks like we’ll be celebrating our 4th on the 5th!


  6. We just spent a week in WA. We went to Seattle and caught a Mariners game and went to Forks… to do the Twilight thing. I LOVED the weather! It never got above 65 degrees. We came home to Houston to… 100 degree weather. What a shock to the system!

    Glad your feeling better!

  7. Happy 4th to you also! Summer is the worst time to be sick so hope you are better soon. Appears that summer has finally arrived in Seattle area so we are going to enjoy the sunshine, Mariners & barbecue.

  8. Hey Jane, great contest you’ve got going here. Don’t count me in…I just dropped by to show some love. It’s been a while. After last week, I’m feeling rejuvenated and happier. It was great seeing you at Nationals, and I’m happy to hear that you’re feeling much better. You did look beautiful in your pretty dresses. Enjoy the rest of the day doing mom things and hanging with your boys.

    Peace and love,
    Paula R.

  9. Hope you feel better soon. Summer colds are the worst.

    I walked/ran a 5k this morning and have spent the day relaxing. Going back to work tomorrow.

  10. Happy 4th of July! We just got back from camping. Perfect weather! We’ll watch the fireworks at dusk. Then, back to work for the rest of the week. Enjoy your time with your sons, Jane, and hope you feel better soon.

  11. Two days home and I’m still in recovery mode from RWA! I’m sitting in my living room (after finally dragging my lazy butt from the bedroom) with the laptop, catching up on emails (translation: deleting) and gearing up to get some WIP work down while the writing high lasts! If I don’t fall back to sleep first, that is.

    What an amazing week! And no more perfect way to kick it off than your marvelous cocktail party. I had such good fun being Jersey with Cindy and laughing with Kari and, of course, catching up with you. Exactly the start I need to ring in my first national conference with a bang.

    So glad you’re feeling better. I’m sure the warm Hawaiian air and being surrounded by your boys will have you back in fighting form in no time. Plus, there’s that tiny thing of DARK SICILIAN SECRET being the #1 Harlequin ebook…

    Rest well, soak up the sun (I have tropic envy) and enjoy! Mwah!

  12. Well I have been doing a lot of this and that such as lawn work and things but went to my sister’s house yesterday for a cook out and fireworks. Spent the night and just got home little while ago. I really had a good time but worn out today or hung over, not sure which.

  13. Taking a break for a bit after the morning’s 4th of July parade in the neighborhood with decorated bikes, a band and the fire truck#1 leading the parade! My niece’s family joined us so for a change we had some kids in the parade, and they enjoyed it and were really impressed with the fire truck and following it around the circle. After leaving them at the beach, we are going to pack for our 10 day vacation to Oregon with hiking, sightseeing, and visiting another niece who is a grandma already and we will get to meet the darling girl who is the newest member of the family.

  14. I am glad you got antibiotics and are feeling better. Sounds like NY was amazing! I would love to go there someday!

    The last couple weeks have been crazy for my family. Between work being exceptionally draining lately and throwing birthday parties for my little ones in between that and everything else…it’s been busy! I am SO ready to relax today. Kids are napping so they can stay up late and enjoy fireworks. We’re going to BBQ with some friends and keep it fun and relaxed. We are excited the weather is so perfect here in Sandy, OR…going to have a water balloon fight later! 🙂

    Happy 4th of July, everyone!!!

  15. Jane,
    Glad you’re feeling better. I’m sure the beach in Hawaii will make you better soon. Went to the 4th of July parade in Kirkland this morning. First time for me for that parade. It was fun and the kids are always so cute.
    Happy 4th of July.

  16. The last couple weeks I’ve been gardening and spending time outside.
    Friday we celebrated Canada Day, and I’ve been in swimming the last couple days.

  17. Well the past couple of weeks hasn’t been too special here, lol, I had been sick which I managed to pass on to 2 of my 5 children, the hubby’s been working out of town & without a second vehicle the kids & I have been kinda homebound. Last night, in celebration of Independance Day we went to a concert & fireworks show.

  18. Hope you’re better soon! I’ve been under the weather myself, so my husband took care of the kids today while I rested and now we’re off to join my brothers and their families and my parents for a family BBQ and then go see the fireworks downtown. Happy 4th!

  19. I just got back from Port Ludlow. Today my daughter and I will go to my cousin’s for a BBQ and fireworks. Happy summer has finally hit Washington! Next weekend I will celebrate my 40th birthday. Yikes!

  20. My daughter and I went to Greenfield Village and spent the day celebrating America the old fashoined way!

  21. These past couple weeks have been pretty miserable for me. I had pneumonia. Feeling a lot better now after 2 rounds of antibiotics, but still not back to my old self. Looking forward to hanging out with friends tonight for fireworks and yummy food! Hope everyone has a Happy and SAFE 4th of July!

  22. We are bbq’ing today with enough food for two armies! My parents are coming over, my sister with her two little granddaughters, and my daughter and her boyfriend with my grandson Tucker will all be here to eat and do fireworks! I doubt I’ll have to cook again for a week. I’ve been staying with my parents for several weeks since my dad had surgery, but he is better now, so we are celebrating that too!

  23. Hi Jane,
    We are visiting Gatlinburg with extended family for the 4th and having a great time. Visiting Dollywood today and tomorrow and hoping to shop at the outlets towards the end of the week. Hope you have a great holiday with your family and that you feel 100% soon!

  24. I’ve just been trying to stay cool. This summer has been very hot. We are getting ready for our annual family vacation. Every year I forget how much work it is to get 5 people ready to go somewhere – even if it is just for a week.

  25. I’ve been taking care of my 3 month old grandson. Long story, but I NEVER thought to be “mom” again at my age! Thank goodness my sister is a chiroprator, she’s sending a HUGE supply of vitamins for this OLD Maymie to hopefully make it through!

  26. These last few weeks we’ve been catching up on appointments & other things that are easily pushed aside during the school year. We also have done some traveling to visit with family.
    Soon, we leave for our family vacation in California! Can’t wait!

    Hope you feel better soon. Enjoy your summer!

  27. Happy 4th! You looked so beautiful in your Red dress and glad you had a great time at the RWA!. I was surprized from my son this morning-his best friends he’s a marine and he’s home on leave so we had dinner with him, and I gave him a care package to take back with him.I didn’t make it to the post office to mail it! Gonna try and see the fireworks at the beach. I’m trying to find a job or get more kids in my daycare so thats what I’ve been doing- worked off and on at this catering place but its only off and on but its money and it keeps me busy.Doing alot of reading so thats a good thing and hanging out with my daughter-she’s gonna be a senior so this maybe our last summer together. G;ad that your boys willbe spending time for they grw-up so fast.Enjoy and have a goodtime!

  28. Hi Jane, I hope you are feeling better. I have been in contractor h*** for the last few weeks. The office and play area are finished now I can start writing again. Today is the usual for me, I BBQ everybody eats.

  29. The last few months I have spent in and out of the hospital E.R. and Hospital with My mother-in-law who has congestive heart failure. Trying to take care of aging parents is harder than I thought it would be. I am reading while I wait. And man do I have to do a lot of waiting. Trying to celebrate the fourth with my son and his wife and my father in law and husband right now but we will follow that with a trip to the hospital to see my mother-in-law who was admitted again last night . Happy fourth. Blessing

  30. Happy 4th of July! My family and I got a taste of Americana with an old-fashioned parade in Snoqualmie and a summer celebration with multiple bouncy houses, snow cones, food, and lots more for the kids. A fun time had by all. Enjoy Hawaii and Ty’s visit!

  31. Unfortunately the boys in my house have been sick all week too! But I think they are finally well enough to go look at fireworks today… Here’s to back to life HEALTHY!

  32. Just chilling and taking it easy after an extremely grueling month at work! Fireworks tonight at our local tourist spot; Callaway Gardens. Back to the saltmines tomorrow! Feel better!!

  33. Going to watch fireworks tonight with my son & my brother. Hope you are feeling better soon! : )

  34. We actually watched fireworks last night. There is always a 3 or 4-day festival in our city for the 4th of July, culminating with the fireworks display on the last evening of the festival.

  35. We had family over today and made Frozen Hot Chocolate to help cool off!

    Hope you feel much better now and are enjoying your guys! Good luck to Jake and his team!

    Happy 4th of July to all!

  36. so sorry you aren’t feeling well: but glad that you are taking care of it :). today i am hanging out with my daughter, and my oldest son:grilling and setting off fireworks at home. my two younger sons are celebrating with their dad in ohio…watched fireworks last night! happy fourth of july!!

  37. Today I went to a BBQ at a friend’s house….great food, great company, swimming in the pool, perfect weather. Happy 4th of July!

    Sorry about how sick you were at the conference. That is a bummer, but it does not sound like being sick slowed you down any.

  38. Hi Jane,
    These past couple of weeks have been busy with work, work, and more work. Ugh! Today, I’ve been busy helping my soon pack for college as he moves into his new dorm room tomorrow.


  39. Happy Fourth! I would have loved to have seen you and your party dresses in NYC!!!

    This weekend was mimosas and ferris wheels and hanging out at the river–it has to do when you don’t have an ocean!

  40. Sorry to hear you were sick in NY. That’s not a fun way to spend any day, let alone conference days! Glad you are feeling better now.

    Spent today shopping for a replacement car for my daughter (hers was totaled in an accident last week). Tonight we plan to watch fireworks. Happy 4th!

  41. I hope you’re having a blast with Ty visiting you this week!

    We hosted our annual “wine party” (where we share wine my daughter and I won in local badminton tournaments in May) this past Saturday. Forty-three attended. Some played croquet, street hockey, and basketball. Others played with the kids on the playground equipment in our backyard. All enjoyed the potluck (perfect when you don’t know how many are actually coming, as I was expecting 29!) and most enjoyed the wine. I enjoyed sleeping a few hours later, LOL!

  42. Hi Jane
    I’m home sick from work. Must be because my trip to NYC to the Nationals was cancelled because of the ash cloud from the Chilean Volcano. Anyhoo I’ve just booked to attend the Melbourne conference in Australia and I see you will be there. It is already July 5 here in Auckland NZ, but I was meant to be in NYC enjoying the fireworks. Sigh. All the best.


  43. Jane,

    I am glad you are feeling better!

    I have been enjoying the heat in So Cal. I love it when it really feels like summer. Today, the kids and I spent the afternoon by the pool with friends, and, tonight it’s fireworks, of course! Beautiful, relaxing 4th of July.

  44. I’m so sorry to hear you got worse while in New York. but, it sounds like you still had a really good time anyway. I hope the rest of summer goes good for you. I bet it is nice to be back in Hawaii. My last couple weeks haven’t been so exciting. I’m still dealing with roofers and the insurance company about the storm damage. but, this weekend we took off worrying about anything and just had fun. We did a little shopping, ate out a lot and took long country drives looking at some of my favorite ranches and cattle.

  45. Plans for today:

    BBQ and hopefully fireworks! 😛

    Plans for the week:

    Making deadline for a catalog I’m designing at my internship. Terrified!!!

  46. Jane, Sorry to hear you had to visit the doctor, but hope you are well on the mend now. Enjoy your time with your guys and good luck to Jake with the training and tournaments.

    Trying to stay cool in the humidity here in NJ. Didn’t see any fireworks this year as my younger sister decided that her friends are cooler than me. Resting up for the busy short work week ahead.

  47. I hope you are feeling much better Jane. It’s awful to be sick in the summertime.
    My past few weeks? Hmmmmm. Well, I turned 44 on the 20th. Two days later everything I had in storage was sold because I could not pay. Then a week to be depressed. But now, I realize it was just stuff, and I have dealt with it. Now to appreciate what I do have.
    Just watched our town’s fireworks and am feeling pretty good.

  48. This weekend included a cookout, going to a movie, and fireworks. So thankful to live in the USA!

  49. Sorry to hear you were sick during your time in NY. That’s not a fun way to spend a trip. Glad you were able to make the best of it though. Jealous that you’re in Hawaii! Wish I were there!

    The newest thing going on in my life is that I’ve taken up hiking. I’ve done roughly 32 miles in the last week and a half. I have a 10-miler coming up this upcoming weekend on the Appalachian Trail. Should be a lot of fun! It’s great exercise and being out in the sunshine has been good for my mood!

    Hope you enjoy your week with the boys!

  50. Happy 4th to you too Jane…celebrated the holiday with my sister and the family… they have a big tado in her neighborhood where they shut down all the streets in her sub and shoot off the fireworks at the golf course. Lots of good food and drink and FUN!

  51. Jane,

    Well, I think I have recovered from NYC…We spent the 4th at the pool and then to my hometown Cranford for fireworks with about 11kids, 8adults. Had a blast and now it’s time to do some house chores before going back to the pool followed by a few days spent at the Jersey Shore.
    My grandfather has been in and out of the hospital a lot this past month and he turns 87 next week. He and my grandmother are my alltime favorite people so I am looking forward to seeing them a bit 🙂
    Glad you are feeling better! Enjoy the rest of your summer in Hawaii!!

  52. Glad to hear you’re on the mend!

    We spent our holiday weekend in NH in the White Mountains. We’ve been going up there for the past few summers and it’s just so breathtaking…..

    We had a cookout at our house for the 4th yesterday. Lots of fun!!

  53. We’re hoping, we’re assuming, you got the Harlequin turned in that was due June 1st. It’s a selfish hope of course.

    My husband turned a holey, ancient, metal wheelbarrow into an excellent portable barbeque cooker. Clever him!

    1. Um, Karla, no I am still working on that book. It’s been brutal going but starting to make good headway. Hopefully by the end of NEXT week it’ll be done. I really got behind on this one and just couldn’t see my way clear but I’m on it now!!

  54. Happy 4th everyone! We went to the Fair on the 1st, Canada Day, and to the parade. At the fair we had mini doughnuts, Elephant Ears, a new kind of fries/chips and walked around inside and out.

    Yesterday we put away/stored bricks in our back yard and cut some tree branches that were in the way of putting up our Gazebo.

  55. Hi Jane,
    It has been a busy few weeks with my kids’ schedules. Baseball, special events, work all kinds of unusual activities. I have been running ragged! I need a little vacation. My daily release seems to be a walk in the park and curling up with my books!

    Have a great week.

  56. Hi Jane!

    Hope you are feeling better now. I have been under the weather myself with a summer cold and sinus infection.

    We enjoyed the 4th though by going to Quantico Marine Corps Base and hung out with by the lake and enjoyed music and the crowds and fireworks after dark.

    Today it’s back to chemo treatments for my husband, but we look forward to the quiet time together.

    Have a great week!

  57. Hi Jane. Hope you get completely well soon. Lately, I have been preserving vegetables from my garden and tomorrow we leave for short vacation.

  58. Hi Jane! I’m so sorry to hear that you weren’t your usual self in NYC. It’s so hard to travel and be away from home when you don’t feel well, ugh! Hope you’re feeling MUCH better.

    I was in Honolulu last week, got to hang out with MY Hawaiian surfer, and got to surf again with Ty. He is such a great teacher, so patient and encouraging!! I caught several waves and even learned to turn a little. I’m SO hooked on surfing, it’s like flying, over water!! I tried to stay out after and catch a few on my own, but my arms were spaghetti from paddling, lol. Anyway, it was wonderful as always! I’ve been telling everyone I know to definitely call him while they’re on Oahu. =)

    I’m waiting to hear about a possible job on a new ABC show that will be shooting there…crossing my fingers!
    Enjoy your time with your guys…

  59. PS have you guys eaten at a place called the Cream Pot?? It’s a japanese/american fusion place at the corner of Ala Wai and Niu, just before you hit McCully…SO GOOD!! Try them for breakfast, amazing!!

  60. I’ve just been working and keeping busy with stuff for the kids, stuff for my blog and reading a lot. I’m also addicted to “The Glee Project” and am trying to catch up on “How I Met Your Mother” episodes.
    I spent the 4th with a close friend who was visiting from NYC. The kids loved hanging out with her. 🙂

  61. Sorry to hear you’ve been under the weather Jane. It’s been sunny and hot here in MI lately and we went to one of the beaches here on Lake Huron Sat and Sun and i managed to get a burn while everyone else just got tan. It was a nice weekend and we went up to Port Austin last night and watched as they set off fireworks off the breakwall over the lake. Very beautiful displays!

    Have a great week and feel better.

    Lisa B

  62. What an exciting contest! So far this summer I have been trying to juggle my son out of school and now into camp and my work schedule. Luckily my husband is great at helping out around the house and picking up our son and I have been taking days off here and there to enjoy the summer sun! Today….more work :(!

  63. I’ve been trying to keep cool this week as the weather has warmed up. Also visited with a couple of my daughters and enjoyed BBQ’d food on the holiday yesterday. Hope you are feeling better!

  64. First of all I hope you’ll feel better very soon!

    The last month or so was super busy for me, on May 31 I flow to the US- I was in Chicago for about a week (my first visit there and I had a wonderful time) , a few days in Ohio for Lori Foster Authors and Readers get Together and then NYC for my cousin’s wedding.
    On my last day in NYC my parents called me to let me know that my sister got engaged!!! I was so happy and I couldn’t wait to get home and see her but the weather in NY was really bad so my flight was delayed for more than 5 hours 🙁
    When I landed in Israel my dad told me that my younger sister has fever and what we thought was just a little fever turned out to be a kidney infection and she had to be in the hospital for 10 days but now she is back home and she’s feeling much better so we can all be happy and start planning my sister’s wedding.

  65. I’m in my second week of being a Mother to two beautifull children and enjoying every moment of it.

    It’s nice getting to know two tiny little persons with big personalities.
    I therefor spend my days looking at them every chance I get and when we are not sleeping, eating or playing I read a chapter or to in one of your Harlequins.

    I hope you feel better soon and have a great Summer in Hawaii.

    1. Elisabeth!! Congrats on the arrival of the babies!! I am so happy and excited for you. This is absolutely wonderful. Congrats to you and the proud daddy!! You must be so relieved that they are here safe and sound and now you get to know your twins. I hope I get to meet them when I return from Hawaii at the end of the summer!

      Much love and best wishes on the birth of your babies–


  66. Hi Jane! So glad you’re on the mend- what a bummer to be sick during such a fun week.

    I’ve been spending my days working in my vegetable garden, answering phones for hubby’s business, running the kids to fundraisers for camp, and church activities. Yesterday I BBQ’d some of my mom’s famous terriaki chicken, made maccaroni salad and had some friends over for supper. No fireworks but that’s okay, the neighbors lit off enough for us 😉

    anyhow, the upcoming weeks will be busy. Cera comes home from Seattle next Tuesday and I can’t wait. She’s been gone nearly a month and I miss her so much! Then she’ll be home for about 10 days before she and Brittany leave for camp and hubby and I take our son down to Nashville for a college open house. Busy, busy, busy!

    Have a super week! Hugs 🙂

  67. I hope you had a great fourth Jane. It’s been hot here in LA, we’re just running errands and doing stuff around the house. I’m excited for my first real break since Christmas, but i’m really certain what I’m going to do, just play it by ear I guess. Have a great week.

  68. Happy 4th! Summer has arrived in the PNW and it’s beautiful. We are finally nearing the end of the baseball and softball seasons – baseball ended last weekend, softball this weekend. I am looking forward to the break, even though it will be relatively short. Soccer in August! Until then, I’m putzing in the garden – well, as much as one can on 5 acres, trying to get control. The house is a never ending project, I think my husband has decided to replace the deck. I have some upcoming surgery, so I’m feeling the pressure to get house stuff done before then. But a stack of Georgette Heyer books have been calling my name, I really should be waiting for my recuperation time to read but….!!! Enjoy your boys and I hope you feel better!

  69. It’s too bad you didn’t feel well but it sounds like you still had a good time in New York. We had a nice Fourth of July weekend, seeing family and going sailing but now it’s back to work.

  70. I am happy you are feeling better – what timing to be so sick. 🙁
    Had a great 4th. Went to the racetrack, had some bbq and saw some amazing fireworks. I’m still trying to catch up on my sleep – it was a long day/night! lol!

  71. no special things’ happened so far. except yes, my 5 yos son is still having her school holiday till next two weeks 🙂
    it just too bad, hubby is so busy so no vacation this month 🙁

  72. Jane,

    Hope that you are continuing to get better.

    I am on vacation this week and part of last week as well. Originally I was supposed to be in Indiana visiting family and friends, I grew up there, but have lived in CA for 19yrs now. The flights were just so outrageous I decided to do a staycation and stayed at a nice local resort hotel and I was upgraded to a suite for only 90 buck for 3 nights! Had a lot of fun and even did a spa day with a gift card a friend had given me for my birthday in December. This week has not been as much fun, I have a nasty cold and sinus infection and I am helping my mom clean out 19yrs of accumulated junk, we are trying to simplify!

    Enjoy your boys and your time in Hawaii.

  73. I hope you are feeling better. There is nothing worse than being away from home and being sick.

    This has been a really busy summer so far. My son turned 11 years old last week, so a lot of planning and preparation for that. Also, my daughter is in a summer music program where she is in a rock band… OMG… it is crazy running her to practices, clinics and lessons 🙂 but it is really her passion, so well worth it.
    I have been trying to do some reading… but cleaning house has gotten in my way.

    Hope you have a great relaxing week in Hawaii.

  74. Looks like you had a great time in NYC. This is a busy time of year at work. I am so tired of looking at numbers.
    Enjoy Hawaii. Summers go by quickly.

  75. I finally finished a big work project that had to get done and though my official vacation isn’t scheduled til September just being done a big chunk of work feels like a vacation! I plan to celebrate by sitting outside with a cold drink and a good book!

  76. Oh, what I’d give to be in Hawaii right now. I just got back from a few days with my parents in Fresno. It was hot, but we had a great time just hanging in the pool all day. Congrats on your e-book!

  77. Hey Jane! Since I’m a teacher, I’m on summer vacation. These past couple of weeks have been busy! I’m taking my first class for my masters, so I’ve been busy with that. My brother got married June 25 and then on June 28, 10 of us headed to Cancun for a wedding celebration. We just got back last night and today has been spent cleaning up my house after leaving my kitten home for a week and doing lots of laundry! Reality has set in!! I have an assignment due Friday I need to get done and I’m hoping for some sun and pool time this weekend!

  78. Hi Jane,
    Hope you are feeling better real soon! Other than working I have been swimming a ton since it’s so warm here, just went to a beautiful lake this 4th of July weekend, rented a pontoon boat to go fishing. I didn’t catch a fish but got a great tan! 🙂 Getting ready to help with my nieces graduation party this month along with my birthday. It’s been a pretty busy summer so far. Hope all is well with you and your all your boys!

  79. Hi Jane, I’m glad that even though you were under the weather, you had a great time in NY. Love your outfits — saw all three of them. You look great in all of them but I think my fave is the red one! WoWie!!! Headed to NJ for the weekend so i can continue cleaning up my house and getting it in order for the sale. Today, all I want to do is get some take out vietnamese food and veg out when I get home. It has been a very long day for me.

    Hope you are feeling much better and enjoy your beautiful family!

  80. Glad you are back in Hawaii! Wish I was, too! Instead, I’m here in HOT Visalia, running kids all around to baseball and waterpolo practices, games, summer school, and trying to fit some work in!

    Have a great day!

  81. Hoping you are feeling like your normal self soon. I imagine being back with your guys helps tremendously. Our 4th was a quiet one. We stayed home and grilled hot dogs and hamburgers and lit sparklers to celebrate. There is a nearby forest fire in our area that is causing there to be lots and lots of smoke in the air so we decided again going to see the fireworks which was a bummer. But sometimes a nice, calm holiday is just what I need.

  82. Hi Jane. So sorry to hear you got sick for the big NYC shindig. I saw Kari A. right after she got back and she was excited and so thrilled about all she got to do. I’m envious.
    I’m glad you get to be with your sons now for a bit. Our daughters (NYC & Hollis,NH )are coming for a visit first week in Aug. We get to entertain grand kids!!! Meanwhile, work @ the Deli consumes my time until the family comes. I’ve been reading though. 😀

  83. I will be going camping with my 2 teenage daughters for a special “girls” getaway. Looking forward to it!

  84. PR Galore. I’ve been working on reviews, writing my monthly column, posting interivews and guest post, coordinating blog tours etc. I love it! I have also been hanging out with the kids and having summer fun before kindergarten starts for my oldest in August!

  85. Had a great 4th! Went camping for a week with my brother and sister-in-law. Everything was so peaceful and fun. Now it is back to reality and the grind.

  86. Well Jane my summer has been a roller coaster ride full of wild turns, high lifts and sudden drops. First the drops; I am taking college algebra and it is kicking my hide! I am sure to have to retake it to get the grade I need to transfer to Washburn University. Now the good twisting turns and high lifts; Summer and Summer vacation to Florida for nine days! It was amazing to be back home in the south in a rented beach house! I also now have a super tan to send me glowing into the rest of summer break.Well back to getting some sleep I have another math test tomorrow to trip over.

  87. Hi Jane,
    ahh to be in Hawaii!!
    I have been crazy busy at work (Doctors office), enjoying the sunshine and reading by the pool in my spare time, and my son’s wedding planning!! I just saw their “surprise” wedding invitations!! They are big “gamers”, and the invitations reflect it, totally unique, fun and them!! Had a great July 4th visit with family & dogs, mine just learned to swim and dive into the pool! who heard of a german shepard submarine?? funny dog! Life is good 🙂

  88. Jane, I just got back (July 3rd) with the kids, after a 34 day road trip~! We had a blast, but I am tired. Daddy surprised us all…when we pulled in, there was a huge water slde in the yard, so the 4th was spent splashing and catch up on all the local news/gossip with great friends. Happy (belated) 4th!

  89. Glad to hear you are feeling better and having fun in Honolulu. The past couple weeks have been pretty busy for me- started a new job, had a college friend visit Boston for the first time, and just trying to be outside to enjoy some of the sunshine. Today I am off to work and then out for dinner to catch up with a friend I haven’t seen in almost 2 months. Happy 4th!!

  90. Today is my big boy’s 11th birthday! So, he gets to choose where he wants to go out to dinner for his birthday with just the four of us, then we go home and open some presents.

    The big crazy kid party isn’t until the 24th of this month, as most of his friends are out of town on vacation.

    Where does time go? I remember when Jake was just a baby bump and Marcus wasn’t even a twinkle in his daddy’s eye yet!

    I hope you are feeling better. I know Hawaii would make me feel better!

  91. Having fun and trying to entertain my girls for the summer.
    Weather has been great so far and lots to do with friends. When I can I try to fit in some work as well.
    Have a great summer!

  92. HI Jane,
    Hope you’re feeling better. I am crazy busy at work. I am the trainer and have 2 new agents. There isn’t time for much of anything. I am even working all my days off.

  93. Well with the kids home from school not much is about what I’ve been up to. They do not let me get as much done as I had thought. I planned all sorts of organizing and cleaning up however they have had they’re own plans to keep me busy such as dress up, games, watching Tangled (the fav at the moment), reading stories (no problem there). I guess I’ll get my to do list started in September when they go back to school lol!

    Thanks for this giveaway

  94. My summer has started off great with meeting my favorite author (Jane Porter of course) and meeting new friends in NYC. I have been enjoying spending time with my kids and am preparing for our week long vacation at our beach house 🙂

  95. I’ve actually been super busy! I just got back from NYC. I met the man of my dreams, for real. I’m working on my own business while working full time. I am doing volunteer work and gardening. I like to keep super busy!

    PS thanks again for your great books!

  96. What a great giveaway, Jane! This summer, my goal has been to spend as little time at work as possible and as much time as I can in a bathing suit! I’ve had some wonderful female bonding evenings where we catch up over a glass (or two…okay, sometimes three) of wine, as well as delicious dinners. Looking forward to more relaxing days to come! Hope you’re feeling better!

  97. Think I just missed the deadline, but must tell you I got to hit Veegas for a few nights with just my hubby, no kiddos and it was hot and wonderful!

  98. I am here this morning to announce the winner of the Tote Bag contest! And for those of you who didn’t want…there will a conteste very week all summer for more totebags, books, gift cards and fun stuff!

    And without further delay….

    #16 Dawn

    AND I have two bonus prizes from a June contest that were never claimed several weeks ago and those go to:

    #7 Linsey Taylor

    #88 Renee Jacobsen

    Will all 3 contest winners please send a private email to me and let me know your name, #, prize you won (tote or bonus) and your mailing address!

    Thanks so much to everyone for participating and look for more fun summer contests this week!


  99. I have read all of your books except for She’s gone Country. I can’t find it. I guess I’ll have to bite the bullet and download it to my Kobo.

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