Books, Kids & Vegas Weddings

The little Vegas wedding on September 17th has gotten pretty big and we’ve just switched to a bigger chapel to accomodate everyone!  Ty has 25 family members coming.  I have another 21.  And then there are the friends, and the friends with kids and so it looks like we’re going to have roughly 70 there for the weekend.  Yesterday I took my dress in to have it hemmed and Ty saw a tailor to get his black velvet jacket fitted.  Son Ty has found blue velvet shoes and we’ve got everything else pretty much nailed down.  Now I just need to write.

I’m back in Bellevue and tomorrow I get back to my desk.  I’ll be pulling some long hours in my office for the next 5 weeks but hopefully the writing will flow.  I love the story and characters…just can’t lose confidence!

Ty returns to Hawaii today for the next nine days.   I am grumpy about him leaving.  It’s so nice when we’re all together and after spending the entire summer together, its tough to think about our back and forth we do during the school year.

I’ve got ten fun prizes for you guys this week!  I’m giving away 10 of my brand new red and black READ totebags filled with various fun things you’ll love, including a Jane Porter loves her readers t-shirt, a signed copy of Easy On The Eyes,  and lots more fun things.  How to win one of the ten prizes?   Tell me anything!  Have you seen any good movies lately, read any good books, done anything fun?  Post a comment and you’re entered.  Winners will be drawn and announced Friday morning!  Good luck and I hope you win!

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