Loving Life with a 2 Year old!

Mac has had a fever for the past day and a half and my busy little boy is content to just lie in my arms and snooze.  I didn’t get much work done yesterday but I was glad I could just hold him and love this little boy of mine.  He’s learning so much, so fast!  He’s just begun learning letters of the alphabet and of course the first one he learned was “m” (from M&M’s and Mac) and the second was “o” and he’s just mastered r, e, and a.  I love how he wants to know everything about everything and his favorite expression at the moment is “what’s that?”

With my oldest son about to start his junior year of high school, my middle son starting 7th grade, its so fun to have Mac just running around being Mac…no homework, no stress, just a smiling face boy that is eager to do everything.

I appreciate my career and am hugely, seriously grateful to have such amazing and loyal readers and friends, but its being a mom that has changed my life, and defined me.  I’m not looking forward to kids growing up and going because being a mom is my favorite part of my life.  I’m so lucky to have these boys. So lucky to experience life with them.   All is good.

Tell me what you’re grateful for.  I’d love to know!

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