How Does She Do It?

People always tell me that I’m amazing…that I juggle so many balls and get so much done…two houses, busy travel and speaking schedule, two publishers, multiple book contracts, three kids, and now a wedding in just a couple weeks.  So how do I do it?

I get help.  Lots of help.  I have childcare, and great college girls who come in and serve as personal assistants and run errands and hit the post office for me.  I have someone who is focused on my social media and then there is Lee.  My #1 girl.

Lee Hyat of Author Sound Relations has been my assistant and friend for several years now.  We met briefly just when my first book, The Italian Groom was published in 2001.  A few years later, she attended my booksigning for The Sultan’s Bought Bride and we got to know each other better.  She’s worked with me since then and has been a huge help along the way.  I honestly couldn’t do the promo and marketing and reader mailings I do without her assistance.

Just what does Lee do?  Well…what doesn’t she do?  Lee Hyat handles lots of different things for me from all types of administrative work (maintaining databases, doing some basic bookkeeping, ordering office supplies, making phone calls) to event bookings, media follow-up, promotional mailings, contests, travel arrangments, book club coordination and much much much more.  She’s designed bookmarks and postcards and recipe booklets for me and helps me come up with different ideas to promote each book.  Lee is also my First Reader – she reads each book I write and I trust her as she’s read every book I’ve written and while she loves some more than others, I always value her insights as she approaches my work as a real reader would.  She also brings over 12 years as a reviewer to the table and it makes a difference.  Lee knows books, loves books, loves romance, and is totally informed when it comes to who has what coming out, who has the hot new release, who is changing genres, who is the new debut author that I must read.

Do you have a friend, family member or person in your life that makes your life better or easier?  I’d love to hear!  You could also tell me who you’d hire if you could hire anyone to make your life easier…would it be a driver?  A chef?  (Oh, I want both of those!!) Someone to clean?  Organize?  Grocery shot for you?  Watch the kids?  Watch your folks?  Tell me!!  I’m going to be drawing a winner from those that comment and you, and your VIP, will both win a great prize full of gift cards (Barnes & Noble and Starbucks!), See’s chocolates, JP reader goodies, a choice of books from my backlist and so much more.  This contest runs through Thursday and I’ll announce the winner on Friday so chat with me!

Love you all and now I’m off to write!

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