How Does She Do It?

People always tell me that I’m amazing…that I juggle so many balls and get so much done…two houses, busy travel and speaking schedule, two publishers, multiple book contracts, three kids, and now a wedding in just a couple weeks.  So how do I do it?

I get help.  Lots of help.  I have childcare, and great college girls who come in and serve as personal assistants and run errands and hit the post office for me.  I have someone who is focused on my social media and then there is Lee.  My #1 girl.

Lee Hyat of Author Sound Relations has been my assistant and friend for several years now.  We met briefly just when my first book, The Italian Groom was published in 2001.  A few years later, she attended my booksigning for The Sultan’s Bought Bride and we got to know each other better.  She’s worked with me since then and has been a huge help along the way.  I honestly couldn’t do the promo and marketing and reader mailings I do without her assistance.

Just what does Lee do?  Well…what doesn’t she do?  Lee Hyat handles lots of different things for me from all types of administrative work (maintaining databases, doing some basic bookkeeping, ordering office supplies, making phone calls) to event bookings, media follow-up, promotional mailings, contests, travel arrangments, book club coordination and much much much more.  She’s designed bookmarks and postcards and recipe booklets for me and helps me come up with different ideas to promote each book.  Lee is also my First Reader – she reads each book I write and I trust her as she’s read every book I’ve written and while she loves some more than others, I always value her insights as she approaches my work as a real reader would.  She also brings over 12 years as a reviewer to the table and it makes a difference.  Lee knows books, loves books, loves romance, and is totally informed when it comes to who has what coming out, who has the hot new release, who is changing genres, who is the new debut author that I must read.

Do you have a friend, family member or person in your life that makes your life better or easier?  I’d love to hear!  You could also tell me who you’d hire if you could hire anyone to make your life easier…would it be a driver?  A chef?  (Oh, I want both of those!!) Someone to clean?  Organize?  Grocery shot for you?  Watch the kids?  Watch your folks?  Tell me!!  I’m going to be drawing a winner from those that comment and you, and your VIP, will both win a great prize full of gift cards (Barnes & Noble and Starbucks!), See’s chocolates, JP reader goodies, a choice of books from my backlist and so much more.  This contest runs through Thursday and I’ll announce the winner on Friday so chat with me!

Love you all and now I’m off to write!


  1. My friend Emily makes my life better! She’s always there to listen, never to judge. She will tell me when I’m right but more importantly tell when I’m wrong. We had our first babies 7 months apart and have raised them together. There are times I feel I couldn’t live without her.

    If I could hire anyone it would be a maid and a chef. And maybe a part time driver. 🙂

    It’s awesome to have amazing people in your life!

  2. My Mom! She helps me a lot. She drives me to and from my chemo treatment and doctor appointments. She is always there when I need her. Another person is my best friend Cathie. We chat every night about books and what we are reading and want to read. I would love to hire someone to help watch my dad. He has alzheimer’s and my mom takes care of him everyday. I would like to hire someone to help her with him. So she can get a break every now and then.

  3. Hi Jane – you are very lucky to have Lee in your life. She looks like a very sweet person and fun to know. I am fortunate to have many wonderful people in my life, but I have to say the person who keeps me calm and centered is my daughter, Carly. She is a stay-at-home Mom of two and whenever I need to talk something over with a “sane” person, she is there for me. I can count on her to give me her honest opinion – whether she agrees or disagrees – and she will help me make sense of a situation so that I can get my arms around it and resolve to the best of my abilities. As far as hiring someone to help, I would definitely choose someone to clean and organize my house. I love to cook, don’t mind food shopping, am fine with driving myself around, but when it comes to cooking and cleaning, it takes a lot for me to get motivated. That’s why I throw parties – unless I’m under pressure to get my house in order, it would probably always look like a disaster area. Best of luck to you over the next week and a half as you finalize your wedding preparations. Counting to days until we see the pics of the beautiful, blushing Mrs. Ty Gurney.

  4. What a heartwarming post. You are so fortunate to have Lee in your life. We all should be blessed with someone as good and kind and as hardworking as Lee. I am surrounded by a supportive family and a wonderful sister whose love and support is always there for me. If I feel worried she lifts me up and always hleps me out with household help, cooking or doing errands. Best wishes.

  5. Hi Jane,

    Right now I have my Mother staying with me for a couple of weeks and she is such a great help. She helps with everything in the house and also looks after my twins. And she cooks too 🙂
    If I could I´ll have her stay with me a lot longer but my Father and sister are missing her and we all need to share her.

  6. I’d probably hire someone to get me organized. I feel my life would be less stressful if everything was in its place.

  7. My husband, Eric, always makes my life easier for me both financially and emotionally–he has got my back and is my best friend and cheerleader! I would love to have a personal assistant, personal trainer, personal chef, all around maid, and personal hairstylist!

  8. I would love to have a driver since I don’t a driver’s license-it could be so much fun not to take the bus to work or anywhere else I need to go.

  9. hi jane; so glad you have LEE in your life. my daughter makes my life easier…she is not only my daughter but she is my helper, my travel companion, my ear to talk/vent to, and she helps me remember who i am and how far i have come: she is my friend. i think if i could i would hire a driver to get me and the kids everywhere we need to go; from school to doctor appts. to anywhere! since i am the one doing the most driving, it would be great!

  10. I would say my friend Joyce makes my life easier. She is always a sound ear and support. She listens and offers the best solutions. And most importantly the very best wine festival companion.

    If I could hire someone to make my life easier I would love a personal trainer and chef. It seems to be the one thing I easily dismiss or remove from my schedule when things get hectic. Sadly it is also one of those things that makes me feel so much better after par-taking.

    Just want to say Thank you to Lee also for such great work. You are always pitching in when Jane is busy. Thanks for keeping us posted.

  11. I would love a chef! Coming up with dinner ideas and cooking them is so hard for me. I love my Mom’s cooking so if I could, I would hire her 🙂

  12. I am mostly on my own. My husband is a truck driver so he is there if only by phone to talk to and bounce ideas off of. I would love a house cleaner once in a while and a organizer. I can handle the driving if i had a newer car. Mines got one foot in the ground. lol I wouldn’t mine a personal chef either.

    I am familiar with Lee and author sound relations. Lee has sent me a stuffed envelope of goodies from her site. It’s pretty cool.

    Lisa B

  13. My family definitely helps out with the big and little stuff. I think I would hire someone to clean for me. I hate cleaning.

  14. I am blessed with so many special people in my life, but every day multiple times a day I email my friend and she is always there to answer and help me through the good and bad times. What would we do without friends? It would be very difficult for me!

  15. Even though I love doing things myself, I would love to hire a chef. Oh man, I’m drooling over delicious meals and desserts I would be requesting!

  16. Sounds like you have really great helpers there. I bet it does make life a little simpler for you. I think I would love to hire someone to organize my house. that’s the one job I seem to always fail at. i try, but get discouraged after a while and just give up.

  17. My husband, Eric, is the go-to guy. He’s not afraid of laundry or dishes. He does a lot around here, up to and including making an excellent weekend brunch.

    If I could have another person, though, I’d go for a housekeeper. Someone who could get my house organized, once and for all. Someone who knows something about interior design – he or she could save me from myself. Plus, they have to love cats. And a 90-pound chocolate Lab.

    It’s doable, right?

  18. Easy! My husband is my angel and I’m not sure how I got to be so lucky to have someone so supportive of my dreams! He works one full time job and several part time online teaching jobs so I can stay home with my kids, travel to writing conferences, go back to school to get my MFA, and carve out time to take the kids so I can write!
    If we could have ANY help…oh, that’s easy too! A personal chef. I can clean, no biggie, not that i like it, but I can get it done. I just don’t have the time to shop and cook every single meal. Blech, especially when we are trying to eat healthier.

  19. You are VERY fortunate to have Lee on your team. She is definitely your rand-hand woman 🙂 For me, the person in my life that is always there for me and willing to help at a moment’s notice is my father. He is definitely one of a kind, has a heart of gold and would give his last cent to someone if they asked for it. I’m blessed to have him in my life.

  20. I would hire my older sister, Brenna. She definitely makes my life easier and I trust her to read my books and tell me her opinions. She always knows exactly what I’m trying to say even if I don’t know it myself. Plus, she encourages me to do more in my own life since she’s done so much with hers-a Masters in Accounting and two jobs.
    If I could hire anyone to make my life easier it would probably be a personal trainer so that I could be motivated to work out every single day and keep my mind right. As my life gets busier that answer will probably change………

  21. I wish I had a “Lee” in my life! Instead, I am the “Lee”! 🙂 I work 5 different jobs – one from home (hospital cafeteria) and 4 from home as a virtual assistant to a very popular coupon blogger & blogger/content writer for 2 companies + social media/marketing person for another company). In addition to all this, I homeschool my 3 kids (15, 12, 11) and run my youngest to ballet class 4 days/wk to Seattle. My husband works f/t so we’re often passing each other on the way to one kid’s taekwondo lesson or youth group or some other random errand. 🙂 But somehow we manage to make it all work, despite my lingering desire for a personal assistant – or two! (Hee hee)

  22. I absolutely love my next door neighbor. I’m always forcing her to taste test whatever sweet concoction I’ve created in the kitchen. We were just pitching around the idea last week of a pulley system between our houses. So when we need to exchange something we’d have a simpler way of doing so. Our oldest kids are the same age and we’re always comparing notes on homework and classroom things. My youngest is convinced that her oldest, a girl, will be his wife one day. (He’s 4, she 8.) There have been times where I didn’t feel well and she has brought me groceries. My husband has worked on her van. And last week when I needed to run out real late for a slight family emergency I asked if my kids could stay with her until my husband or I got home and she didn’t even hesitate to say yes. Both of our husbands work second shift and often we’re home alone during thunderstorms. We text back and forth, “Did you hear that one?? It shook the house!”. It gives us a little comfort. I love having her next door and won’t even think about moving unless she’s following.

  23. Cheers to Lee! She sounds great. I’m happy you have her in your life. As for me, I’d have to say I am very lucky to have my mom in my life. She’s my VIP because I always know that I can count on her when I need someone to talk with. I know she’ll be there for me. As for someone around the house who I’d like to help my life be a bit easier: oh a chef for sure! Though I am better at cooking now than I was a few years ago, I would LOVE to have a chef….even if just for dinners. That would make me happy. 🙂

  24. Hi Jane,

    I think everyone needs a Lee in their life. For me, the person who I rely on the most is my sister. Even though she lives in NY and I live in TN she would drop what she’s doing if I need her. However, I wouldn’t mind having my own chef, masseuse, housekeeper and hair dresser. 🙂

  25. Hi! Wow! I don’t need any help now for its just my daughter and I and I use to have a home daycare but lacking kids, so I’m looking for a job-can’t I have Lee’s just kidding…it sounds like a good job reading your books, and all the other things she does. It would be nice to have a chef, for i’m not into cooking anymore, I pop a Weight Watcher meal and a salad for dinner or chicken on the grill for a few days, my daughter cooks so thats a blessing. I was always someone’s Lee, but that was before i moved to Fla. I helped my mom for she was sick, and I was glad for I spent time with her before she died.I like helping others, whenever I can-helped with my girlfriend Tabby when she had her baby girl-cleaned her house and I still do like once a month. Have a good evening!

  26. Hi Jane,

    You definitely are a busy lady. It’s great that you have a person in your life who is not only a friend, but also there to help you with work. I know that I couldn’t get along without my husband. Even though I don’t tell him as often as I should, I don’t know what I would do without him. He is always there for me and willing to help no matter what. That being said, I still wouldn’t mind having a personal manicurist/pedicurist at my disposal. I don’t think I would want to ask him to do my nails. Oy vey … imagine how that would look!!!

  27. My adult daughter Ellyn got me through hip replacement by staying here with me…she did all of those horrible things like changing my bandages, and helping me take sponge baths…and she cooked and cleaned and made sure my three little dogs got a lot of attention. All this while caring for her own 8 month old son. She was a saint! If she hadn’t stepped up to the plate, I’d have ended up in a rehab center for who knows how long…I can never thank her enough….

  28. I think it would be my good friend the library lady on your post. She has been my friend for many years and is always there cheering me on!

    I would hire a cleaning lady, who comes every other day! Wyoming is very dusty!!

  29. Hi Jane! And yes, Lee is such an amazing person. Such a great helper and sweet, sweet lady. I’ve loved getting to know her over the years.

    My husband is the person in my life who makes my life easier. He works so hard for us, takes care of getting all the outside yard work done so I don’t have to worry about it. Makes all the $ to pay all the bills, and loves me when I’m feeling completely unlovable. He supports me emotionally, encourages me…what a guy!

    As for who I’d hire- well, I can’t think of anyone specific but I’d love to have a housekeeper- someone who will map floors, clean bathrooms, and do laundry. The rest I can handle but those three things I really hate. I don’t mind dishes, windows, dusting and such, but the others, ick!

    And come to think of it, my daughter Cera makes my life easier too. She loves to cook and when she can see that I’ve had a rough day, she always offers to fix supper and she’s so creative when she cooks. What a sweetheart!

  30. Hi Jane,

    I would love to hire someone to organize all our stuff and help clean up the house. You are sure lucky to have Lee help you.

  31. You are so lucky to have Lee! I have no doubt she must be a huge help to you. I have to say that both my mom and my mother-in-law both have been huge helps to me. My mother-in-law is usually always available to help out with childcare if needed and for sewing patches on Cub Scout uniforms. My mom (and dad, too) will still take my family out to dinner and even sold me their old car when mine broke down and needed a new engine that was too expensive to replace.
    If I could hire anyone to help me on a regular basis, though, it would be a housecleaner or a team of them, even just once or twice a month. I was brought up knowing how to clean, but I just don’t have the desire to keep my house spotless. It doesn’t look dirty, but it would just be nice to have someone who could do the deep cleaning to really get all of the areas.
    I hope your wedding goes off without a hitch, Jane, and that your older boys are settling in well at school. Thanks for all of the enjoyable contests, too! I really appreciate that you have so much reader interaction!

  32. My sister-in-law, Angela, truly is my angel. I’m a single mom and when I’m feeling overwhelmed or just need someone to make me laugh or to cry with me, she’s there for me. Usually before I even ask. She’s the best and I don’t know what I’d do without her.

  33. Jane,

    Lee is awesome! Well, I would hire 2 people because these women absolutely amaze me in every way. Kari and Cheryl are 2 women who truly believe that anything is possible and if they dream it, it will happen. Their first job would be to make me believe like they do!!

    Happy Writing!

  34. Hola Jane!
    I am so glad to finally put a face with the name. Hi Lee!

    I wish I could hire someone to clean, wash and cook during the week. I can handle the weekend, its just the week that has me pulling my hair.

    I have several mothers that have come to my aide over the last few years. If it wasn’t for them, I think my 9 yr old would still be waiting for me outside the school courtyard.
    My mom and sister help me out as well on the weekends when needed. Couldn’t do it without any of them. Love them all 🙂

  35. Actually, what I would really love is to BE that person who makes life better – it sounds like Lee has pretty much the best job in the world!! I think I need to figure out how I can do that. : )
    For myself, I’d love to have a personal trainer/nutrionist to help keep me on track, because that’s the hardest thing, I think. But a housekeeper who helped keep me organized, too, would be a close second…. Honestly, though, I am really really lucky that I have my husband, who is a stay-at-home dad and does most of the housework and I rely on him so much. He is awesome and better than an assistant any day – cuter and I can cuddle with him (plus he works for “free”)!

  36. For me, that person is my husband. I have spent many years being that person for so many others, and he has been that person for me. Whether helping around the house with dishes, laundry, the kids, cleaning, yardwork, anything I need or letting me sleep in on Saturday morning, he is always always my rock. He is the single biggest helper in my life. I don’t know how I would do everything I do without him!!

  37. Hi Jane,
    Lee sounds wonderful.
    If I could hire someone to make my life easier I would hire a chef. I would love someone to make good, healthy meals for me that taste fantastic.
    Someone that makes my life better by just knowing this person is a friend named Katrina. When in need, her first words are always, “How can I help?” When I moved she volunteered her son and husband to help with the heavy stuff. She’s always there to listen, support, and just make me feel good.

  38. My daughter Erin definitely makes my life better. When I lost my apartment in May due to the tornado she immediately said I could live with her family even though they really didn’t have room for me. So we are remodeling their garage into a space for me, it’s kind of behind schedule but should be ready by the end of the month. Since my oldest daughter lost everything too she couldn’t take me in. There is a big housing shortage since hundreds of families lost their homes and are all searching for houses and apartments at the same time, I’m very lucky to have a roof over my head. If I could hire someone to help it would be a maid to help my daughter.

  39. Hi Jane,
    If I could hire anyone, it would definately be a personal chef. If dinner could be ready when I got home from work, it would be a time saver.
    The one person I could not live without is my sister. She is loving, family oriented, and always ready and willing to get together without hesitation. I love her.


  40. I need one of those professional organizers. I try..I really do. I pull things out and try to make things know, too many things and too little space.

  41. I thought about leaving a comment for another try at a contest here,but,well,I read the second comment above from (Amy S) and thought, you know?
    It isn’t about me and receiving a tote bag,chocolates,coffee or tea,or even a book, it’s people like Amy who appears to stay confident through a time in her life where many of us would crumble. Amy doesn’t ask for anything for herself, but for others.If anyone should be given a gift I should think without a doubt Amy should be a receiver, however, a gift she is already.

    PS.No I don’t know Amy,lol.

    Dee,reading in BC.

  42. Wow Jane, sounds like you have some great people helping you in your life!

    I personally couldn’t do without my mom. She looks after my little one so I can write, she helps me with meals, and when she has a break from looking after the baby she helps me to clean!

    If I could employ someone, my luxury would be a house cleaner a couple of times a week. I’m so busy being a mom, working a day job and writing books, that housework is the first thing that has to go!


  43. Jane, so glad you have help managing your very busy life. My sister and my friend Janel are the ones I go to when I am feeling overwhelmed. They always give me good advice. If I had the money I would hire a drivers for my kids. It is a constant stress figuring out how to get my kids to their activities. I would also like a chef. Not so much to cook for me but to give me great ideas for quick, healthy, good tasting meals. Hurry up with your next book. Going into withdrawals.

  44. My husband Steve makes my life easier in every way. He made it easy for me to be a stay at home mom for the last few years while my youngest finished high school and I was also able to travel all over the country to watch him play with his travel hockey team.
    What I’d really like would be a housekeeper once a week. I absolutely hate housework!


  45. my husband, he does everything I ask of him without complaining and most of the time before I ask him. Tonight I got home before him, found the dog, our chihuaha in the front yard. My daughter had let him out earlier and he escaped. I began insanely complaining about this and all the holes under the fence because i was tired and just feeling complain-y and my husband was suddenly in front of me, flashlight in hand, ready to go search for the hole in the backyard made by naughty chihuahua. To me thats a big help, and true love!

  46. Lee sounds like a gem! I’d love to have someone like her to help me get organized. Right now, I’m leaning on my husband & my kids for help. My husband is pretty handy. The other person who has always been there for me is my dad.

    Just catching up after a week away- wedding plans sound fabulous. Best wishes to you Jane.

  47. My boyfriend is my guy Friday. Literally. He helps around the house, cleans cat litter, does dishes, takes the recycling to the pick-up station (even though he isn’t as “green” as me), helps with my pet-sitting business that I do in addition to my full time job, and is just my strong shoulder for all around emotional support. He also doesn’t bat an eye at doing a coffee run to Starbucks on a yucky Saturday morning so I don’t have to get out of my pj’s. Same goes for dinner takeout when I am too tired from work.

    Given my choice, I would definitely hire a cleaning person and someone to take care of the banking and bills.

    Hugs to you on the wedding countdown!

  48. I am truely blessed to have an amazing support “group”! To pick just one would be unfair. Each of them balances me! For that, I am greatful!

  49. So nice to put a face to the name. Lee was wonderful when coordinating your ATL visit! I don’t have a Lee, but sure wish I did! PA would be my dream choice. I am terrible at handling anything that hits my desk:) Bills, Insurance stuff, school correspondence!!!, & junk mail. Yuck. The only exception is Christmas Cards.

  50. My sister makes life much easier for me. My husband works two full time jobs and we only have one vehicle so that leaves me stranded at home all week. My sister is always there to take me anywhere I need to go and never complains about it. She also lets me tag a lot of the times she has errands to run so not only can I get some done too but so I can escape the house and get fresh air. I think I’d go crazy if I weren’t able to get out 🙂

  51. I would love to hire a housecleaner and a cook, along with a decorator. I have ideas but no follow through and I can’t make a decision. My goal is to re-do our family room before the holidays, and so far I have just been looking – too many choices!

  52. My Friend For over 25 years Rita would be the one I would say. She is always there to talk to and never judging just listening, she is my go to girl. I wouldn’t mind a housekeeper and chef ahhh if only but until then I will keep dreamin!

  53. You have a wonderful assistant. Your marketing and promo is fabulous.
    I have a wonderful husband who helps around the house and with children. I am blessed.
    I have had a housekeeper in the past, but haven’t for several years. I sure do miss her!!

  54. It certainly sounds like you found a wonderful assistant with Lee. My VIP is my daughter (who introduced me to your books and this blog). I don’t drive much these days, but she is always willing to take me places I need to go and she never complains about it. She helps me run my errands and assists me around the house. As for additional help, I would love to have a handyman nearby to help out with all the things that seem to break when you have an older house.

  55. I know Lee through Author Sound Relations; you are fortunate to have her.

    I would hire a cleaning maid for sure!!

    Hubby is there for me-taking me to appointments if I can’t go myself and was there for me through my Cancer and is there now as I’ve developed Type 2 Diabetes. He’s super!!

  56. My sisters make my life life easier and I can ask them to do anything for me. I also have a friend that I met when we were five years old that I am very close with and has always been there when I need her.

  57. My husband makes my life so much easier and always has. He’s been there for me and beside me with help and support and has been my partner in raising our four children. You are so lucky to have great support in your life too…now the secret is out how you are always on top of everything. Countdown to wedding…I know we are all so excited for you and will be waiting for pictures of your lovely family. Best wishes Jane, you deserve the very best…Ruth

  58. I would hire someone to clean house and cook dinner for me. (Or more likely I would hire someone to clean for my parents since it’s not as easy for them!) Who has time to vacuum anyway… 🙂

  59. My nanny! My husband started a masters program the same year that my youngest started kindergarten. I decided then to embrace the phrase, “it takes a village… AND a vineyard!” My family has always been supportive, but none of them live close. We had a couple of au pairs, but it was like having an (adult) child and more work. Both my husband and I work full time. My nanny was my barista at the drive thru for several years so she was already one of my favorite people. We hired her about 2 years ago and she has been with us through thick and thin. She is like a sister to my kids, but strong enough to not let them run her over. She will help with misc. errands, grocery shopping, homework (which is the most stressful), so when I get home I have less to worry about andcan focus on my kids. She is wonderful and has decided to move on in 2012 and she will be very hard to replace!

  60. Jane,

    What a wonderful relationship you have with Lee. I am lucky enough to have a mom who is a Best Friend and helps me out so much. I have a handle of great friends that I also know would have my back so to speak if I ever needed anything, but Mom is supere special. I can’t even begin to tell you all the ways my mom is there for me and I would be lost without her.

    If I could hire anyone to help me it would be a chef and trainer!

  61. My husband is my biggest ‘helper’ and makes my life a lot less stressful. I am very thankful and appreciative for him and all he does. He is the type of person you don’t have to ask to do something, he just does it. If I am at work, he will clean the house, do my errands, go grocery shopping, whatever I need done. I know with 2 little ones, that shopping and running errands isn’t always a blast taking them along…but he never complains. (Can’t say that for myself…I guess I can only listen to so many, “How many more stores do we have to go to, mom?!”) 🙂 He asks me everyday before I go to work, if there is anything he can do for me. Mind you, I only work part time, he works full time. The thing that I am most thankful for in him, is he understands and listens. I have a medical condition called fibromyalgia that not many people seem to understand or necessarily believe. When I have Dr’s acting like the pain I have been dealing with since I was 15 years old is all in my head, my husband is the one who believes me and knows how much pain I am in at times. He is the one I can talk to about anything and I know he will listen. I feel sometimes, if I wouldn’t have him, I would not be the strong person I am today. He has made me a better person and I know how lucky I am to have him! He is my best friend.
    I think if I could hire one person, it would be someone to organize my entire house. I always say I am going to organize it, but lets face it, when you are a mom there is just not enough time in a day to do so. When I do get a couple rooms finally organized, my kids have them unorganized 3 days later. I’m sure when my kids are grown I will have all the time in the world to organize. So, I try to just enjoy life and the little ones while I can!!! 😉

  62. Hey Jane & Lee!! Such a great post giving kudos to Ms. Lee – she is the bomb!! It was great meeting her in Seattle during one of your events and at Mac’s birthday party last year.

    You do a fantastic job Lee!!! 🙂

    If I could hire anybody to help out in life, who would it be? This is a great question. I couldn’t think of anything at first, but I suppose at this point in time it would be great to have somebody who could mimic me, write my resumes and job applications and could decide where in the world I should hold my ceremony for retiring from the Navy. Time has gone by so fast this year, and I know the next 6-7 months are going to go lightening fast – I’m just afraid I am not going to be ready or get it all done in time. If this guru could work all that out and figure out the job, the house and state I’ll be living in, that would be the ultimate genie!! 😉

  63. Kudos to Lee! And thank you!

    I have friends who keep me sane – Sandy, who always has perspective; Julie, ready to take the kids (or vice versa, drop hers off so mine can have kid play time), followed by a good dinner and a glass of wine; Liz, Marie and Tina, who I’ve known since I was 12, they know all of me, we can pick up and go at any time and have shared the best and worst of times.

    I think I would hire a landscaper. I always seem to think I can get it all done, but I can’t. The yard is the part that exhausts me – making me fall even further behind on all the other lists – and where I really, really need the help. Why did we think a big yard was a good idea?!?!?

    Enjoy the sun this week!

  64. I would hire a personal trainer and a cook! Ironic huh? I love food and I need motivation so those are the people I would hire.If my mom was in better health she could probably serve as both. Have a wonderful wedding Jane!

  65. My mom use to be the one who was always helping me. Helped me with childare while I worked and also with a million other things.

    Now that my mom has passed away, my daughter is the one who has been a huge help. She helps me with my business if I ever need her to fill in, she is always there for me, and even though I am a little embarassed to say it- she has taught me how to cook some amazing dishes. I feel like I should be the one teaching her, but, oh well. lol

  66. I always wondered what Lee looked like. Now I know.
    I don’t have anyone to help me. I am the assistant for everyone.

    I have been very sick this week and I could have used an assistant.

  67. Good morning everyone! I’m writing a lot right now but wanted to sneak in here early and announce the winner!

    It’s # 34 Katy M!

    Katy, shoot me a private email with your address, your size T-shirt you’d like, and which of my backlist books you’d like…and then do the same for your Mom and/or M-I-L…whichever you’d like to get the VIP prize!

    Congrats and happy weekend to all!


  68. I can’t live without my cleaner. She finds things I have misplaced and she keeps my home sparkling and she knows my habits and she has worked so hard all her life it breaks my heart.

  69. I would definetly find childcare! I have 3 small children, I work part time at a dead end minimum wage job, and I am a full time college student. It seems as if there is just not enough time in the day! I would love to have a pal to help out. If I could find more time I would begin writing a novel 🙂

  70. I don’t have anyone who helps me. but there are times I could use one. My husband doesn’t like doing things around the house and gets cranky when I have to ask him a few times. The last one was the fence gate that wouldn’t open and needed to be repaired. he finally fixed it last weekend, but not without a lot of grumbling. So, I think it would be nice to have a handyman around when there is something I can’t fix myself (I always try to do it before asking for help).

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