I’m walking out the door in ten minutes to grab kids from school and head to airport for Las Vegas.  I’m a little bit nervous from all the last minute things to do.  I’m not a calm traveler until I hit the plane, and then I chill.  But I always stress a little about packing, getting to airport, parking, checking in, getting through security, boarding the plane…silly, but that’s me.

My crazy Ty Gurney headed off on his motorcycle last Friday for a solo trek to Vegas and has had quite an adventure.  He’s my guy.  Can’t quite believe that two people so opposite work so well, but we do.  People always say we have a fairy tale relationship and while I wouldn’t call it that, I do think its amazing that we found each other (remember, he was just the guy I interviewed for Kai in Flirting with Forty…he wasn’t supposed to be my real life guy!) and we’ve found a way to make it work, long distance and close distance.  I think humor helps.  And perspective.  Now that I’m older I know what’s important and have learned to pick my battles, too.

I will be sharing a link in the next day or so to the wedding chapel so you can watch the wedding live–or archived for a few days–if you feel like joining our festivities on Saturday!  The service with Elvis is at 5 pm PDT on Saturday.  I’ll get the link up via Lee.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!  I’ll check in Monday once I’m home!


  1. I think you guys are quite close to the fairy tale.
    No worries… everything will fall into place.
    I am so excited for you! Have a wonderful day!
    Your handsome guy there has a nice ride too!
    Wishing you many, many years of HAPPINESS!

  2. so excited for you and your whole family jane! you two deserve all the happiness in the world! enjoy your day and enjoy Vegas! Congratulations again!

  3. At our house we are so very happy for you both. Cool picture of Ty, makes me think of Mac. Looking forward to the wedding and keeping you in our prayers.

  4. I think you and Ty were meant for each other and with all your craziness and all it works. I love your story…so happy for you! Thats what love is all about! Can’t wait to hear all about your wedding, take time for you and Ty! Thanks for all the goodies! I love your contests and you give out the best things.

  5. Jane,
    Thank you for giving us “just turned 40 single moms” hope that fairy tales are possible! A toast, here’s to a lifetime full of love and laughs to you both!

  6. Congrats, Jane! So happy for you!! It just shows you never know when or how you meet your “Mr. Right”! Many, many happy years ahead for you, Ty & your family. : )

  7. Congratulations again! I do believe when people say opposites attract. Me and my husband ore totally different and people said it wouldn’t work. but, 11 years later we still get along as good as the day we met. I know you and Ty will have a wonderful happily ever after marriage. I’m so happy you will share the wedding with us all. I hope it all goes smoothly for y’all.

  8. Have a beautiful weekend Jane, wishing you and Ty (along with your little men) all the best!

    What an amazing journey this has been for you!

  9. Huge Congrats my sweet friend. I’m so happy for you and I’ll be sure to watch live the day of the event! I wish I could be there for real to celebrate with you. Great big hugs to you all.


  10. Awww, thank you for sharing this special moment in your lives with us. I’m sure a wonderful time will be had by all. Congratulations! Aloha to you and Ty and your families!

  11. I can’t believe your big day is here!!! So happy for you. And I agree with Janine above. Met my husband when I was 16 and he was 17. His family said it wouldn’t work. He is into skiing, scuba diving and used to play tennis. I like to travel, cook and read. Celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary this December. Luckily we have the same strong family values so I guess that’s what keeps us together along with the differences making life more interesting. Look forward to seeing the video of Jane and her handsome prince. Best wishes for a magical wedding day.

  12. Jane,

    Congrats and Best Wishes! I am so excited for you two! Thanks for sharing all of this with us! You deserve nothing but Happiness and Blessings!

  13. You two have fun and CONGRATULATIONS!!! My son probably would have been on your flight if I would have figured out a way to get him a plane ticket! His baseball team was probably on your flight heading to a tournament there! See you when you get back Mrs. Ty Gurney!!! 🙂

  14. I’m so excited about the link to your wedding!I have followed your story since the book came out. Have a fabulous time Jane! Your writing as well as your own story gives me such hope and inspiration that one day I will be able to find my niche in life and maybe my someone too.We don’t get older we get happier!Happy travels!

  15. Dear Jane,

    I am SO excited for you!! You deserve all the happiness in the world. I hope you have the most wonderful wedding day EVER, and God bless you, Ty, and your whole family on this special day.


    Kieran :>)

  16. I am so, so excited for you Jane! Enjoy the craziness–craziness is what births all of the best life-long memories. :o)

    Happy Wedding–and Happy Ever After!!!


  17. If your romance isn’t the stuff of fairytales, I don’t know what is! Sending you happy wedding wishes and enough love to last you two lifetimes.

  18. Hi Jane, keeping up with you is like a whirlwind, one I envy… (smiles warmly).
    The picture of Ty reminds me much of this past summer in BC, where typically here all bikers hit the roads and freeways come the good weather.
    That said? how damn exciting is it to marry a man with as many facets as Ty? beach-guy-to-biker! (faints)..
    Wonder if Ty can teach my husband to surf? (chuckles..)
    And how damn exciting is it for Ty to marry such a gorgeous woman who carry’s the ‘whole package?’
    Karma truly lives and so does destiny.

    I hope to see via the link of the wedding in the chapel. In fact? I wouldn’t miss it for the world:)
    Have a fabulous time.
    And *cheers from Canada*

    Reading In Bc.

  19. Best wishes & congratulations Jane & Ty for a happy, healthy & blessed marriage! I’m so excited for you both & look forward to seeing you tie the knot! You are both amazing for allowing us to share this special moment with you ~ love & hugs to you & your family 🙂

  20. Saturday, 8:00 pm EDT: just realized that this is the moment… Herzliche Glückwünsche und alles Gute! (Best wishes in German).

  21. Thinking of you and can’t wait to see the beautiful bride and her prince…so exciting and such a wonderful day…best wishes you two! Ruth

  22. I’m sure you were a lovely bride and had a wonderful, fun, romantic wedding. Can’t wait to see the video… best wishes to you and Ty!

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