I’m walking out the door in ten minutes to grab kids from school and head to airport for Las Vegas.  I’m a little bit nervous from all the last minute things to do.  I’m not a calm traveler until I hit the plane, and then I chill.  But I always stress a little about packing, getting to airport, parking, checking in, getting through security, boarding the plane…silly, but that’s me.

My crazy Ty Gurney headed off on his motorcycle last Friday for a solo trek to Vegas and has had quite an adventure.  He’s my guy.  Can’t quite believe that two people so opposite work so well, but we do.  People always say we have a fairy tale relationship and while I wouldn’t call it that, I do think its amazing that we found each other (remember, he was just the guy I interviewed for Kai in Flirting with Forty…he wasn’t supposed to be my real life guy!) and we’ve found a way to make it work, long distance and close distance.  I think humor helps.  And perspective.  Now that I’m older I know what’s important and have learned to pick my battles, too.

I will be sharing a link in the next day or so to the wedding chapel so you can watch the wedding live–or archived for a few days–if you feel like joining our festivities on Saturday!  The service with Elvis is at 5 pm PDT on Saturday.  I’ll get the link up via Lee.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!  I’ll check in Monday once I’m home!

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