The wedding was great.  Had so much fun.  I should say more but I’m wiped out, and have so much writing to do today that my head is buzzing with noise, so I’ll just share a few pics and promise to return later today or early tomorrow with some more.

Favorite things about the wedding?  The friends and family who came.  The cool retro feel of old Las Vegas with the wedding chapel, the pool side cocktails on top of Binion’s with the setting sun in the background, and then entering Binion’s Steakhouse on the 25th floor and discovering the glamorous red and black color scheme…black table cloths, red roses, red glass votives glowing with light and the little black and white dice box filled with chocolate casino chips inside.  I loved my bouquet, my dangly earrings, the English six pence coin in my shoe (thank you Elizabeth Boyle!!), and my wonderful red shoes.   But most of all, I love my guy and my three boys and making us an official family.


Fill me in on what you’ve been doing as I’m totally out of touch.  I’ve got a Mystery Prize for one of you so comment today and I’ll announce a winner for the prize in the morning!


  1. Wow Jane!

    You look absolutely fabulous and very relaxed.
    Congratulations on your special day.
    I’m gardening today and hope to sneak in some reading as well.
    All the best to you and your family.

  2. Been waiting for the pictures, glad they are up.

    Love the dress, earings and the pictures. Congratulations on your day and uniting your family as one.

  3. Congratulations, Jane! You look so happy & so beautiful. Glad you & Ty enjoyed your wedding day.
    We’re just slipping into fall here – crisp, cool days & even cooler nights.

  4. Congratulations on your wedding!!! Love the dress and earrings 🙂

    This is going to be a busy week. My 14 yr old daughter and her rock band have their first gig this coming Saturday, so I will be spending the week taking her to band practice. I am so excited for the band though… I know they will do well.

  5. Congratulations on your marriage. The pix are great and so glad that you are so happy! I’m getting ready for my last pre-requisite class to start Wed. by getting all the last minute stuff done around the house I know I’ll be too busy for when I need to be studying. Hope you get all the writing done you wanted to today!

  6. Congratulations Mrs. Gurney! You are amazing and beautiful, but most apparent is your happiness. Here’s to many wonderful years!

    I have just been offered a job and am reading like a mad woman. It’s not as fun as one of your books, but must be done. I am so thankful for a wonderful opportunity. It has been a week of good news and celebration. Love it!

  7. Congratulations on the wedding! It looks like you guys had a great time! I’m really happy for you!

    On my end there’s not a lot to report. I’m still job searching, which is really discouraging. I had a great interview last week, but haven’t heard anything back yet.

    I’m back to the gym pretty much every day, which has been great for keeping job search stress in check. I’m also reading a ton! I’ve recently been reading Nancy Thayer and then I also tried a few young adult reads by Sara Shepard, which I loved.

    And the best of all, I booked a trip to go see my best friend Danny in Montana over Halloween. So now I’ve also got the task of putting together a gangster/prohibition era costume for the party he and his housemates are throwing.

  8. Congrats!! You look beautiful, love your dangly earrings too!!
    I finally got a job, doesn’t start til Oct 10th but hey beats nothing!! So now I have a couple more weeks to read!!!

  9. Congrats, Jane & Family! It looks like it was a blast. :o)

    Today’s rainy in NH, so it was storytime at Barnes and Noble followed by lunch where I made a sculpture/bullseye of ketchup, barbecue sauce, and mustard for my four-year-old to dip her Boca Chicken Pattie into. Her idea, by the way.


  10. You look gorgeous! Glad all went smoothly! CONGRATS!

    We’ve been busy all week . Had a baby shower for my daughter on Saturday. Cool temps moved us all indoors Fun was had by all. Fixing things up at our rental properties. One dishwasher is causing us headaches. Getting the yards ready for fall and then winter. There is a definite chill inn the air.

    Best Wishes to you, Ty and your sons!

  11. You look absoutely stunning! Love your dangly earrings and the top of the frilly white dress…looking forward to the rest of the details and the red shoes. Now that you’re both officially off the market, something tells me you will never settle down (that’s a good thing so woo hoo!). Congrats to you all! Just got back from a week at the beach, the last of it for this year unless we go somewhere exotic. Am so very happy for you Mrs. Gurney….Best Wishes, Ruth

  12. Congratulations!! Love the cake.
    Your smile says it all. You are beaming with happiness.
    My life is work, work and more work. I am looking forward to a few days off in October.

  13. Sounds like a awesome day!!! Nothing much going on here. My youngest two are getting used to back to school. This is their 3rd week. My oldest moves back to college this coming Friday.

    That’s about it. lol


    Lisa B

  14. congratulations…you look beautiful…w/ your dangling earrings 🙂 can’t wait to hear more about your special day.


  15. Hi Jane!

    Congrats to you and Ty. You looked beautiful, loved the pictures you shared and how wonderfully unique the wedding was.

    I just started a new job with less hours (thank goodness) and attended some Google workshops today. They were very interesting and makes me realize I am more a dinosaur than I thought!

    Have a great day.

  16. Congratulations, you looked beautiful!
    I have been checking back to hear and see all about it. So excited for you, you make a beautiful couple and make us believe that dreams do come true!

    You are an inspiration in all you do!

    We have been trying to adjust to our weather change in Ontario and getting the yard geared down for fall/winter so it is refreshing to say the least!

    Can’t wait to see the rest of your pictures!

  17. You look incredible! You are glowing from the inside out. It must feel amazing to merge everyone into one family. (And the cake looks delicious.)
    Big Hugs and Best Wishes for a very happy, happy life.
    Shannon 🙂
    (no contest)

  18. Congrat Jane on the wedding, you look fabulous! Love the pics.

    I am trying to get son’s room cleaned up since he is back in college and I can get in there to clean. Next I am going to start on the laundry room and paint it. Always something to do.

  19. I’m so happy for you and your family! You both look fantastic and I can’t wait to see more wedding photos!

    Still unpacking and organizing- hard to do with this awesome Texas weather!

  20. Oh, you my gosh, you are such a beautiful bride and what an absolutely gorgeous dress. I love reading about your wedding here and on Facebook! Hearing about your red shoes and dangling earrings and Elvis theme–everything! So cool–congratulations!!

  21. Sounds like a fun, relaxed wedding exactly as it should be. Love your dress & hope you post a full length photo. Congratulations to you both and hope you have many happy years together! Awesome cake too!

    1. Forgot to tell you what I’ve been doing, probably because I haven’t been doing much of anything. Been trying to get over another sinus infection so I’ve been taking it easy. Have read some great books lately and look forward to getting some serious reading done this fall and winter.

  22. Congratulations to you Jane and your family. I love the pictures. Thanks for sharing.

    I have been busy getting the house ready for guests and it´s not that easy when you have two little ones demanding your attention. But I made it and will look forward to a couple of weeks with my guests.

  23. Congrats! It sounds like your wedding was fab!

    I haven’t been doing anything nearly has fun as a wedding. 🙂 But we did buy a new Dogde Ram quad cab. It’s pretty!

  24. I am caring for my mom as she is still ill and I am going to college classes at night. I just had my first test of the semester last night.I think I did well. Right now I am at work waiting for my son to pick me up because I have a flat tire. In the last two weeks I had a flat and was too busy( and too broke) to replace the spare after it went flat on our dirt roads. Thank goodness today is payday! I will go to Topeka get the tire and my son will get me back to my car so I can get to class tonight. Whew! Just fun stuff in the Heartland.Love the pictures of the wedding. I hope I can see the link of the wedding soon.TTYL,

  25. It all looks so FANTASTIC! Little less conversation, LOTS more action. 😉 Your dress is so totally you too. Gorgeous.

    This week, I have been paying off debt. Yep, that’s how exciting I have it. Seriously, after many years of (im)patiently paying, I made my final payment to a retail credit card. Zero balance, baby! Also, transferred another retail CC balance to a bank card w/zero APR so I can soon kick that one to the curb too. It’s a giddy feeling to have one less bill to pay every month. Simple pleasures.

    Mom came home from rehab about 10 days ago and is slowly getting up to her normal – well – slow speed. I’m having writing epiphanies from listening to RWA nationals recordings while driving down the PA turnpike. And paying bills. I am paying da bills, mon. And apparently am more than a little punchy from it.

    Congratulations to you and Ty and the boys!

  26. Hi Jane! I’m really out of touch because I didn’t know you were getting married! I’m so happy for you!! Congrats from the bottom of my heart. I sold a book since your last trip to the Spokane area, so listed my blog above! Hugs! Teresa

  27. Hi Jane! Congratulations again! You look so happy. We had a great weekend. Spent lots of time with my hubby and kids and had the day off yesterday since my son had a day off for a teacher workday. It rained so we spent time reading and playing the Wii. Got nothing done around the house but had a great time with him!

  28. Isn’t that great to have a fun wedding, so happy for you! Your dress is fabulous and you look so beautiful in it. The cake reminds me of the show Cake Boss. And, everything just sounds like a real treat and especially the part about you and all your guys being a real family now. Wonderful!!

    We are just plugging along here and finally and gratefully getting some cooler weather. Amazingly 93 felt balmy today!

  29. Congratulations! It must have been such a fun weekend. I’m looking forward to hearing more about it and seeing more pictures. I am teaching morning kindergarten and it’s so much fun. The kids are great. Right now I am enjoying looking out and seeing blue skies and sun shining on the grass and trees. I love this time of year.

  30. What a fun wedding! It sounds fabulous. I’m so happy for you and all your boys/men. You look beautiful, and I love your dress!!! Congrats!

  31. Congrats 🙂 That looks absolutely wonderful :). Enjoying the sun whilst tending to neccesities, wich is really not at all bad.

  32. Jane, you are so beautiful! I LOVE the dress and the cake. Looks like it was a fun time!

    I’ve just been getting back into a school schedule with my kids. Early mornings and a little quiet time to myself to get some much needed organization done around the house!!

    Congrats to you and Ty!

  33. Congrats! I love all your wedding pictures that I’ve seen so far! I haven’t been doing much but going with the girls 3 days a week from the couch to doing a 5K/ So far its really going good, and its a nice way to start the day, then we do Zumba the other 2 days which I love doing. I’m still looking for a job, I thought I had a job as a nanny but it was a scam…bummed about it but I’ll find something! I’m so happy for you and the way you talk about the wedding it was beautiful and so was your dress! You’ll get your writing done, enjoy your time with your hubby and the kids!

  34. Jane,

    I loved looking at all the pics that Kari posted on FB. You looked absolutely gorgeous and Ty was so handsome. You two really do make one good looking couple 🙂 Congrats. You deserve all the happiness in the world.

  35. Hi Jane!
    Love seeing the wedding pictures! Gorgeous family!!
    We just recently sent our last daughter off to Fresno State, so we have been packing for our trip to Maui tomorrow!!
    It’s “Our last kids off to college- let’s celebrate” empty nester trip!!!

    Looking forward to time with MY hubby and some good island fun! Golfing, Sunning and soaking up the island hospitality!

    Aloha from the Central Valley!


  36. Congratulations to you and Ty again! I love the pictures and can’t wait to see more. I’m so happy your big day went so well. I wish for you the best, happiest marriage ever. This week, I have decided to get back on track with working out. I let it slide for so long after being sick. I’ve been sore. I forgot how hard it is to get back to it. The weather has finally started cooling down in Texas too. It’s a huge change from the super hot summer we’ve had. And, we finally got some rain Saturday night after the long drought. it’s not enough to help yet, but it’s a start.

  37. Congratulations Jane and Ty!!!

    I LOVE your dress… and the dangly earrings of course! I’ve been busy since school is back in full swing. I’m also taking masters classes, and thanks to writing this post, I just realized I have a short discussion post due tomorrow night so I need to get busy on it now!! Ooops!!

    Congrats again!!

  38. Thanks for sharing the great photos of your special day with all of us…Your wedding dress is so beautiful. I love the detail of the fabric cascading over your shoulder. So elegant and you look so happy. Congrats…It is special to be a new family….

  39. Wedded bliss!!! Looks like you are in the throes of it, Jane!! Great photos – your joy is evident. Congratulations to all of you! Wishing you all the very best!!
    As for me, I am busy trying to get organized around the house, and trying to take care of some projects that have been “on my radar” for just a little too long now!
    Still looking for a job I can do from home — need the income to help with things around here, and the flexibility with my little one still home & our older kids’ extracurricular schedule. My handsome hubby is a police officer with a crazy and unpredictable schedule. I desperately need & want to be doing something to help my family, and to make some positive changes, but I am having a rough time finding a work-from-home job.
    Oh well, I’ll keep at it … persistence is bound to pay off eventually, right? : )
    BTW, you are beautiful in the pics you’ve shared. So happy for you! : )

  40. Congratulations and best wishes to the happy couple! You look radiant, Jane!

    Nothing exciting to report here. Trying to keep up with the kids’ school work and activities and my work schedule. On the horizon is a girls’ weekend away to look forward. That keeps me going.

  41. You look really happy as you should on your’s & hubby’s day. Congratulations on newly wedded bliss, may you have many happy years together as a family. Hope to see more pictures in the future

  42. Congrats!! What a great themed wedding and much more fun then processing payroll for 300 employees which is what is on my list for this week along with helping my boys with their homework and trying to spend sometime outside in this great fall weather!! (Spending time outside hasn’t happened yet but having the windows open is awesome)
    I hope your marriage and life are truly blessed.

  43. You look beautiful! Congratulations!

    Life here continues as normal and normal is good.

    Enjoy some sun, the great month of September in the PNW!

    Sharon A

  44. Jane!
    CONGRATULATIONS!! You look beautiful and SO very happy in your wedding photos! So excited to see you post more photos from the big event! Happy for you and your family….very special times for sure! I wish you all the very best. Enjoy your boys and your new married life!

  45. Congratulations to you and Ty! What a marvelous dress you wore and thanks for all your pictures. We had my family over for a birthday celebration this past weekend and had a great time.

  46. Congrats Jane on the wedding, you look fabulous! Love the pics.

    I have been Packing to go see my family in Seattle. I love living here in Atlanta but I miss Seattle and making it back home twice a year. tonight my son and I are packed to get on the the 6:30 flight, this time tomorrow we will be in Renton with my sister and her family. :0)

  47. Hi Jane. I have been loving seeing all the pictures of your special day. I’ve been trying to recover from having my sister here from Oregon last week, we spent most of the week in the car exploring and visiting. She’s home now and I’m getting back to writing and normal life. Big hugs to you and the fam!

  48. Beautiful dress! Congratulations!
    Took my son to the ortho & found out not only does he need braces but he’s also going to need oral surgery for impacted cuspids and will need other teeth pulled to make space for movement of teeth. I feel bad for the my poor little guy.

  49. Love the Photos! Congrats!! We would love to hear more about the wedding when you get a chance. 🙂

    Love your dress!

    Busy working, cooking trying new recipes, enjoying the Fall (thinking about a halloween party) and planning a trip to Hawaii around end of March. Lots going on and all the kids are doing good.

    Wishing you and your family so much JOY!

  50. Mes felicitations Jane et Ty !
    Your dress is gorgeous, simple and sophisticated. The earrings add a very nice touch.
    Right now, I am sadly, already, in “halloween” mode. I work with kids (elementary school) so it is time for decorations, treats and making myself a pirate costume. That is what is happening in my neck of the woods and still waiting for more pictures!

  51. CONGRATS, JANE!! So happy for you! Can’t wait to see more pics. As for what I am doing….getting ready to go to work. WHEEE!!

  52. Beautiful dress Jane, really unusual and sofisticated. Hope you can carry the joy and happiness of your wedding day for many years to come.
    I have been very busy as I am back in school and still having to take care of my business and my family. But what I am studying is very interesting, so it makes the obvious exhaustion a little easier.
    Take care and try to rest.

  53. Oh congratulations!!! Can’t wait to see more photos… lovely dress, loved the one shoulder detail.

    Going to get into my garden… get things ready for fall, work on a quilt and maybe READ!!!

  54. Jane,
    You look so relaxed and lovely in your pictures. I can’t wait to see more!
    I just finished The Frog Prince today and loved it! Thank you again for the goodies I won from the last contest!

    Work is crazy this week, so I’m just trying to survive. Glad to have great books by great authors so that I can let my brain unwind at the end of the day!

    Congratulations, again!

  55. Hi Jane! Love the pictures and can’t wait to see more! It’s crazy busy at work, so that’s pretty much what I’ve been doing…:-)

  56. Hi Jane,
    Congrats! You looked so happy and beautiful in your wedding dress.
    All I’ve been up to is work and reading.


  57. Congratulations, Jane and Ty! The pictures are lovely. I hope that you a great writing day. Just keeping busy with work and a recuperating mom.

  58. Congratulations!!! Wishing you and Ty life full of happiness and joy 🙂

    My sister’s wedding is in less than 6 weeks and I still don’t have a dress but I hope to find one this Friday. Other than that I’m busy at work but trying to work less hours so I’ll be able to see friends more often.

  59. Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Ty Gurney!!! Jane, you look amazing as always:)
    I’m trying to get my boys organized with this school year …just went to their back to school night & now I have mine for the high school on Thursday. I really need to figure out a way to get some “me” time back…I miss going for a massage & reading.
    Wishing you a wonderful time with your family.
    Love ya,

  60. Thank you for sharing your wedding story and photos with us. It looks like it was a wonderful gathering of friends and family in a fun place like Las Vegas. Congratulations to you and Ty.

  61. Jane,
    You are a beautiful bride. Your life seems like a fairy tale that you found your “prince” and had a darling baby boy together to join your big boys -and now happy every after. Best wishes to all.

  62. Congrats again, you look beautiful!
    You hijacked my dream wedding…I wanted nothing more than a small, relaxed affair in a fun place… but the family did not approve. Oh well… the marriage is still on after 15 years, so I guess it didn’t matter.;)

    Wishing you all the best,

  63. Jane,

    Today I am married 14 years. Because it was Tuesday, I still did all the usual things a mom does but w flowers and a beautiful card. I live the pics. Especially the one on FB of you and Ty looking at each other at the alter and then one it looks like you are on a bus. You are all smiles and the live between you is obvious. Many happy and healthy years to you both!

  64. You look FABULOUS! You ARE FABULOUS! Your dress is beautiful and earrings scrumptious!Thanks for posting photos of you and your handsome hubster. How sweet of you to be so thoughtful of your readers during your busy and special event. Looking forward to more glimpses into your lovely wedding and seeing photos of you and your precious family. Happiness always. Hugs all around…mj

  65. YAY ! SO Happy for you Jane ! you look Fabulous and GREAT 🙂
    i’m doing good, my 10 and half months baby Boy now has his first two teeth 😀

  66. HI Jane,
    You look beautiful!! I love your dress.
    I have been working non-stop with training new agents. I am off for the next 3 days and am going to read and catch a few movies.

  67. Congrats! Many more Blessings coming your way! How exciting for you and your family. Thanks for sharing your photos and your special day with us! You looked absolutely beautiful! What a fun wedding!

    I went to the woman of faith event last weekend in Anaheim, it was so inspiring, and this weekend I just hung out at home and relaxed, which is very nice in its self. Of course when Monday came it was back to the work thing, which is going good, had my annual review and it was excellent! Which was a great load off my mind.

  68. Wow, Jane! You looked gorgeous! Love the beautiful dress and earrings! Congratulations and I hope you are enjoying married life. 🙂

    Re-decorating the house this past week. Not moving along as fast as I was hoping, but at least something is getting done. Also been busy making dinners for a family who’s wife/mom is battling cancer and is doing chemo 4 times a week. It’s a very sad situation, and I wish I could do more than cook for them. Makes me very thankful to have a healthy family. I count my blessings everyday.

  69. Thanks for sharing your wedding pics with us! Looks like it was an amazing day! Congrats to you, Ty and your boys! I’ve been working like a dog and in between sending in applications to grad schools all over the US. Hard work and sleepless nights, but it’ll pay off sooner or later.

  70. HI Jane,
    You look so beautiful and happy! I love the dress and the earrings. Congrats to you and your family!

    I am working a lot of hours these days. Trying to do video editing and still have fun at it. I am struggling with my children and my hubby. Quite frankly I am over everyone right now. Guess I need a “me” vacation. At least I can escape in a good book.

    Congrats again. I am very happy for you!

  71. Jane you look awesome. Congrats to all!!
    We are renovating our kitchen with new floor, paint and cupboards(what a mess).

  72. Congratulations you crazy kids! Jane you look positively glowy(is that a word?). The dress is amazing and you just seem to radiate pure happiness. You and Ty look great together, best wishes always. Thanks for taking the time to share it with us.

  73. I know I’m late to win a prize, however, Just wanted to say — Congratulations to you and your wonderful family!! You look beautiful as always!

  74. I’m here to announce the winner for the contest….and I’m going with #1….it’s such a lucky number and reminds me of Aces in Vegas!

    So #1, Jodie, please shoot me a private email with your address, etc, and I will get your prize to you pronto!!


  75. Hi Jane!!! Congrats on your WEDDING!!!! you look beautiful and of course Ty is handsome 🙂 I Have been busy getting ready for a getaway trip to Tennessee with my man, my best friend Jen and her man)and his best friend (Scott and his girl). Can’t wait. Congratulations again

  76. First off congrats to Jodi:)

    As for those unbelievably- gorgeous-dangly-earrings?
    wow…love-em. Nice choice.
    As for your dress?
    beautifully unique, and elegant with bare shoulder.

    Hm..I sound like a fashion critic (chuckles..)Hardly.

    Congrats again on what seemed like a wonderful celebration to a lovely union.The locations sounded wonderful.

    As for what one is up to? I think it’s awfully sweet and kind that you ask women here of that question. However? I imagine, that being on the bottom of this comment section that, chortles, my happenings are my own. That said? I presume, least today, to pay no nevermind about it, and say I am awaiting the birth of my 1st grand-baby (a girl) from which we are all very excited for and expect any day.
    That too said? outside of feeling very excited? I can’t get out of my head that at 44 I shouldn’t be thinking I’m 19 and listening to the likes of ACDC and Areosmith (chuckles).
    It’s like my mind hasn’t caught up with my stage of life.
    It’s very peculiar and makes me laugh in some cases.

    Anyways, I send all my best to you, Ty, and the boy’s, from here in BC, Chillwack.

    Reading in BC

  77. Congratulations. You were beaming and beautiful. Here in middle America, we’re going to college football games and getting back in the swing of school. Best wishes to you both.

  78. Congrats to Jodi!

    But mostly congrats to you, Jane. Love the pictures. You look beautiful, radiant, happy. And love the’s so cool..

    Happiness for you both always.

  79. Congrats Jane! I was so excited to jump on to your blog to find you got married!!! I haven’t visited your site for a bit so what a nice, fun surprise! I love your dress! You look perfect in it! I got engaged in April so I am trying to figure this planning thing out. Would love to run to Vegas too since this isn’t my first marriage but have to let my honey enjoy it too. Let me know any advice u may want to share!

    Hugs from Minnesota!

  80. Jane, Aloha nui loa to you and your family! What beautiful photos of a beautiful day! Here’s wishing you a wonderful life together!

    Aloha from Hawaii and Little Rock, Arkansas

    Jane T.

  81. You look beautiful. I am so happy for you, your three boys and your husband. I wish you a life full of love and happiness.


  82. Best Wishes to you both
    for a long and happy life together!

    My past couple of weeks have been spent taking care of my honey who underwent emergency
    surgery two weeks ago today. I’m glad to say that he is doing well!

    Pat C.

  83. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your dress looks gorgeous and the wedding sounds like it was a dream come true.

    My day was no where near as exciting or beautiful. In the morning I went grocery shopping and ran my list of errands. Then in the afternoon I was outside working to clean up my flower beds and start emptying out the flower pots and getting the yard ready as Autumn has arrived and the leaves have started to fall.

  84. Hi Jane: Congradulations. You looked so beautiful and I loved your dress. I wished you both a wonderful and blessful life together.

  85. Hi Jane,
    Congrats on your marriage. So happy to hear you are happy!
    See you in the Bay Area some time!
    Your high school pal, Holly

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