Daddy, Mommy, Baby

Love the way 2 1/2 year olds look at the world.  Mac had visited a pumpkin patch earlier in the day with Jamette, his ‘other mother’, and an amazing part of our family, and at dinner when he was in his high chair he spotted the three pumpkins sitting on the kitchen counter and cried, “Oh, Daddy, Mommy, Baaaabbbby!  A family!” and I loved it.  Love how he thinks and associates and all the funny things he says.

Tomorrow Ty and I fly out to London and then overnight in Windsor, grab a fly Thursday morning to Venice, and then on Sunday grab another flight to Dublin, and then one more flight to London for a few days before coming home.  Lots of flying about but travel is huge for me.  It’s how I unplug and fill that creative well.  I will be returning to my desk November 1st to work on the second book in my Brennan Sisters trilogy (as well as tackling any and all necessary revisions on book 1) and so I need to chill while I can because I’ve lots of work to do when I get home.

So glad though that Meg’s book is done and in.  Now I just need to finish packing!  I’ll try to check in from the road but if I can’t, have a great ten days and sending you lots of love!

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