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I’ve had my head down the past few weeks, writing feverishly and sitting long hours at my computer, to meet my October 15th deadline. Meg’s story, the first in the Brennan trilogy, is really shaping up and I’m so excited about the next two stories in this trilogy, too. Meg’s book will be out next September, with Kit’s in Spring 2013, and Sarah’s in Fall 2013.  It sounds like a long time away but I do have several Harlequins out before then and they are really fun reads!

To spotlight my newest Harlequin release, Mistletoe Wishes that includes my Venice Christmas novella, I posted a new blog yesterday on the Harlequin Presents website about my wedding (we romance readers love weddings!) and the new novella, One Christmas Night in Venice, featuring Domencio and Diana’s story, which is available now through Amazon and B&

I think most of you know how much I enjoyed our family trip to Venice a couple years ago with my boys, my sister Kathy, and her daughter Krysia. Now I’m returning later this month with Ty Gurney for our honeymoon! Our honeymoon is a whirlwind trip to three of my favorite European cities–London, Dublin, and Venice.  In Venice we’ll be staying at a gorgeous hotel on the Grand Canal, and in a former life the hotel was a palace from the 18th century. It’s a very posh hotel so I’ve booked the smallest room there, but I can’t wait to explore the hotel and all the grand public rooms. For more on Venice, and Domenico and Diana’s story, here’s a Sneak Peak.


I need to get back to writing, but if you have a moment, pop over to the Harlequin Presents Blog and check out my post and leave a comment.  I’ll be giving away a fun festive prize with a signed copy of Mistletoe Wishes and Halloween cookies from my favorite bakery, Cheryl & Co to one of you that comments. So for a chance to win, head on over there to check it out, comment and then comment back here and you’re entered!  Contest runs through Thursday night and I’ll announce the winner Friday morning.

Have a wonderful week everyone! Thinking of you as I write, write, write and hoping you’ll love this new novel I’m working on!


  1. Hey Jane,
    I checked out the Harlequin web page.
    Beautiful memories of your wedding. Love Love Love the red and black theme and especially those red shoes. I can’t wait to pick up your new book and start reading. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Your pictures are truly gorgeous. The red shoes and Ty’s shoes would make a great cover. Good luck with all your writing lately. The honeymoon will be fantastic, especially in Venice (my fav)for sure. Have way too much fun!

  3. Hi! Loved all your wedding talk and pictures, especially the red shoes and your flowers. You and Ty are so beautifuk together, and have fun exploring the hotle. I loved Venice, and so much to see…have fun! Can’t wait to read your story in Mistletoe Wishes…

  4. Hi Jane,
    I was just over at the Harlequin site and loved getting to see the pictures. I tried to leave a comment but it would not accept my comcast email address – I would soooo love to read Mistletoe Wishes 🙂

  5. Jane, I love your red shoes. And I am so happy you get to spend part of your honeymoon in Venice. It is my favourite city as well. I was born and raised not far from there and still go as much as I can. I have been living in Canada for the past 17 years, but my husband and I we got to spend the first 2 days of our honeymoon in Venice. It is gorgeous!
    Have fun and enjoy!
    I have tried to post a message on the Harlequin site, but couldn’t.

  6. The pics are beautiful, Jane! I’m so excited for you and Ty to enjoy a fabulous honeymoon.

    Maybe I’ll have to check out a little Christmas romance as well. 🙂

    Much love to you,
    Shannon in Tustin

  7. Hi Jane! Just busy with the kids and football and class mom and pto here. Looking forward to your new books! Because with new books comes more signings!


  8. The photos are lovely at the Harlequin site. Best wishes and your upcoming trip sounds wonderful. Enjoy this special celebration in Venice.

  9. I love the shoes and ya’ll look so happy as a family. Congragulations you look beautiful. Can’t wait to read your new book. Good luck and I hope all goes well. I posted on Harlequin blog but Im not sure if it went through, because it didnt show.

  10. Hi Jane,
    I just tried to post a comment on your other site, but I am not sure if it posted or not. Oh well. I said that I loved seeing more pictures from your wedding and that your Christmas book set in Venice sounds really good. I went to Venice back in 1983 and would love to return. I remember watching a glass blower in a little place down a side street.

  11. hi jane; visited the harlequin presents blog, posted a comment and admired your wedding pics…you all looked so happy, thanks for sharing it with us. can’t wait to read mistletoe wishes! happy honeymoon!

  12. Just love the additional pictures of your wedding. I have always thought a red, black and white wedding would be stunning, and well I was right!

    Just love to hear your writing is coming along. Mistletoe Wishes sounds so naught but nice!

  13. I’m so glad you had a wonderful wedding and your honeymoon destinations sound like beautiful places to visit. I love holiday stories so I can’t wait to read your Christmas story. By the way, I love your shoes.

  14. Hi Jane,
    Thanks for posting more pics of your wedding on the HQ blog. The photos are beautiful. I already loved the dress, and now I see your shoes were totally awesome as well.

  15. Sounds like a fun honeymoon! I am so looking forward to this coming trilogy! Now I am headed over to the HQ blog. Thanks!

  16. Congratulations on your wonderful wedding and your cherished memories. In your writing you make your reader part of the story, drawing us right in just as you have done for us by sharing your wonderful day…thank you for making our lives a little brighter!

  17. Thanks so much for letting us share in your special day. I left a comment on the Presents blog. The pictures were lovely. I adore your red shoes!

  18. Jane i kept getting a error when i tried posting tho Harlequin. I actually follow that blog too.

    Here’s what my post there was supposed to say.

    LOVE LOVE the red shoes. Perfect accent to the dress and flowers!! Congrats on the wedding and the new book!

    Lisa B

    I was looking for red shoes for a wedding i’m going to this weekend. Those would be perfect. It’s hard to find cool red shoes. You did great!

  19. I guess the other website doesn’t list names. It just put this as my name f79b1f10-eef8-11e0-a7a9-000bcdcb8a73
    Anyway, I am so happy for you both getting married. Congratulations again. I hope y’all have a wonderful honeymoon. I love the pictures and the red shoes are the best. I wanted to go with leopard ones but my mother didn’t like that idea. We are finally getting around to our honeymoon. Tuesday we will have been married 2 years and it seems one thing after another with the house or cats being sick, we just couldn’t put any money back. We’re taking a shirt driving trip to Galveston (about 4-5 hours from us) and staying a couple days. I’m excited about your new Christmas book. I love holiday stories and add a great setting makes it even better. Again, have a wonderful trip.

  20. Jane,

    I tried to post on the other site using my google account and it deleted it. I will try again tomorrow. Thanks for always keeping us in the loop on what you have coming out. I truly just love eveything I have every read that you wrote. Hope that the rest of the writing goes smoothly. Can’t wait to see the pics from your honeymoon, the hotel in Venice sounds heavenly.

  21. The wedding photos at the HP blog are great and now this page is over the top with fabulous photos. The shot of the Grand Canal is full of energy and makes me wish I was there now.

    Enjoy the honeymoon,

  22. I loved looking at the wedding photos on the Harlequin Blog. I am so glad to hear you have a Christmas story coming out this year. I sure do need a little Christmas right now.
    Wishing you the speed you need to finish your work so you can enjoy the honeymoon.

    Godetevi il vostro viaggio di nozze

  23. I loved seeing the pictures of your special day over at Harlequin, but I am hoping that you will post a few more over here! I want to see more of your fun pictures. Please?

    Also, really looking forward to reading the Christmas story.

  24. thanks for sharing your big day via photos; congrats!!

    Love Christmas so am waiting patiently for the new book.

  25. Jane you look fabulous and your wedding pics are beautiful.

    I love Christmas books so will be watching for this one.

  26. Totally love the “Red Shoes”. Thank you for sharing the pictures from your special day. I am looking forward to reading “Mistletoe Wishes”.

  27. Hi Jane!
    Love love love your shoes! Your honeymoon plans sound wonderful. Vegas is such a fun city. My husband and I are heading there this weekend for a conference and a 10 year anniversary trip! I am excited. Good luck meeting your deadline!

  28. I left a comment about how Bill and I dream of a Vegas wedding with Elvis…love the picture of your shoes..and what a honeymoon you have planned! Amazing..

  29. I adored Venice, the last stop on my solo whirlwind trip to Italy in 2002, unknowingly, mere months before my life imploded at every level. In Venice, I went the wrong way on the vaperetto and wound up on the slow boat route of the canal (which was wonderful). In Venice, I went to a possibly the best chamber orchestra concert I’ve ever heard in a church at the foot of the Rialto bridge that had been converted into a museum of musical instruments. In Venice, I didn’t get nearly lost enough.

    In Dublin, four years earlier (also solo), I fell in the mud, got a flat tire, and ran outta money b/c the U.S. ATMs were down for 3 days. ‘Nuff said. (Though I love Dublin & Ireland).

    Have a fabulous honeymoon! (How could you not?!) 😉

  30. Thanks for sharing your wedding photos with us. Congratulations!! Can hardly wait to read your next book. They are always on my TBR pile.

  31. sounds like youhad an awesome time the wedding photos soo beautiful! congrats on ur new release
    I loveeddd shes gone country !

  32. Thanks for showing us all the lovely pictures from your wedding. They are gorgeous 🙂
    I hope you have a great honeymoon in Italy.

  33. Great photos! I too “love the red shoes”! Have to say, my favorite photo is your family in the limo;)

    (tried to leave a note on the other site but didn’t know what form or how to use…google, anon.) While commenting about technology…God Bless Steve Jobs<3 for making life on the internet happen for us. R.I.P.

  34. Thanks so much for checking out my post on the Harlequin Presents blog. I do love my red shoes!

    The winner is #35 MissyRoseSol! Missy, please shoot me a private email with your address, etc, and I will get your prize in the mail right away!!


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