Summer Reading: Karen White

Good morning, everyone!  I can’t believe this is it for summer.  Many kids are back in school already, and my three start brand new schools this next week.  I LOVE it here on the California coast–can’t believe we really live here—and hope that soon we’ll be out of boxes and have furniture in all room.  Happily, my library/media room was finished yesterday and is scheduled to be stained next week so fingers crossed I’ll soon have all my books out and available to me!

Speaking of books….we are wrapping up my Summer Reading feature on my blog with NY Times bestselling author, Karen White, who has an amazing, loyal following, and wonderful, complex stories.  Karen and I share the same editor—Cindy Hwang–and I’m a huge fan of Karen’s writing, work ethic, and success.  Please help me welcome, the lovely Karen White!

The Price of Fame

By now I’m sure everybody’s seen the nude Las Vegas photos of Prince Harry.  My 20-year-old daughter was horrified (as she has planned on being Mrs. Prince Harry since she was about 13), and then severely disappointed that a person with such a public profile would so easily allow himself to become tabloid media fodder.

Granted, I’m not anywhere nearly as recognizable or as well-known as Prince Harry, or Justin Bieber or even Kim Kardashian.  Still, I’ve become more and more aware in recent years that I might not be as invisible as I had thought.

About a year ago, I was waiting for a dressing room at Anthropologie when a woman came up to me and asked if I was Karen White, the author.  Thankfully, my hair was washed and I was wearing makeup and—even better—my daughter (who is barely aware that I do anything besides her laundry) was with me as a witness.

I was thrilled beyond belief.  And a little appalled.  Here’s a little known fact:  writing is not a glamorous occupation.  We aren’t paid to work out with personal trainers, nor do we have a staff of stylists on hand to make sure we always look red-carpet worthy.  When I’m at home working, I look like a homeless woman: holey sweats, an old t-shirt, fluffy slippers, no makeup, and my hair in a blob on top of my head.  I’m always afraid that the UPS man will call the authorities about the squatter he thinks is living in my house.

I’ve been recognized as “Karen White the Author” at a Boy Scout meeting, the grocery store, and nail salon, and once at the vets, I was asked to sign the back of a magazine.

So what does this have to do with Prince Harry?  Well, it’s too bad he wasn’t raised by a Southern Mama.  I was taught from the cradle that one always keeps a tube of lipstick handy and one always behaves in public because one never knows who’s looking.  Or taking pictures.  Yes, I might look like I belong on the cover of National Geographic when I’m at home working, but I have learned that I need to at least wear clothes and put on lipstick when crawling out of my writing cave.  I also always keep in mind what I’ve taught my almost-adult children:  never do anything you don’t want photographed and freely distributed in the cybersphere.

My young nephew recently asked me if I was famous.  “Well, no,” I replied.  I’m not sure at what point one become famous, but I’m pretty sure I’m not there.  It probably involves more than being on the bestseller lists or being recognized at the local Kroger.

“How will you know?” he persisted. I’m not really sure, but I would bet it doesn’t require playing strip billiards or being photographed getting out of a limo without proper undergarments.  I’d like to think that being famous means being on the top of my game,  writing the best books that I can, and being recognized for being a writer who tells compelling stories about people readers care about.

I’m currently working on my summer 2013 book—my first hardcover release.  After my last two novels made the top 20 of the New York Times bestseller list, my publisher determined that it was time.  They will be putting a lot of effort into making it a successful release, and I’m busy making it the best book I’ve ever written.  Will it make me famous like JK Rowling or Stephenie Meyer?  Maybe.  Maybe not.

Regardless, I’m pretty sure I won’t be having a $20 million wedding and then getting divorced a month or two later.  No, I’ll probably just stick an extra tube of lipstick in my pocket and be prepared to be recognized in a few more places.  And then I’ll get busy writing the next book.  Because that’s what I do, regardless of how many people know who I am.


Karen, thanks so much for joining us today!  I’m thrilled you were able to join us here on my JaneBlog and am so excited to read your next book.  I know it will be incredibly successful and I’ll be one of the first in line to buy it!

Readers and friends, to learn more about Karen, visit her at and for a chance to win two Karen White novels, along with a fun beach tote of goodies, including a Ty Gurney Surf School water bottle, and Starbucks card, please leave a comment below and tell me about your summer, and/or what you are doing this weekend, Labor Day weekend.  That’s right.  Just chat with me and you’re entered!

The Karen White Contest runs through Friday night, Sept 7th, and the winner will be announced on Saturday Sept 8th in the comment section below, too!  So be sure to check back to see if you won and contact me with your details since I don’t hunt you down.  It’s the winner’s job to follow up with me.  Mean of me, but true.  Now get back out in the sunshine and enjoy your day!


PS  The Good Woman is apparenty shipping from Barnes & Noble so fingers crossed you will be getting your copy soon!  I can’t wait to hear what you think!


  1. Great interview. How true. Everyone thinks writers have glamourous lives. If they only knew how we agonize over every thing our characters say and think. And how they wake us up in the middle of the night with a new idea.
    Good luck with your new release.

  2. Wow. I had a busy summer. I started working full-time – unexpectedly – after being a stay-at-home mom for 6yrs. THEN my 5 yr old started Kindergarten so now I have 3 kids (all boys) in 3 different schools. I feel frantic busy but still make time to read, as a matter of fact, that’s all I have planned for the Labor day weekend – relaxing with a book.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. I absolutely love Karen White! She is one of my favorite authors. I haven’t been fortunate enough to read Sea Change yet but it looks fantastic.

    This weekend we are going to my father’s for a bbq and then probably taking the rest of the time to clean house. We had a fun summer but now it’s time to clean up and get ready for Fall 🙂

  4. I am getting ready to introduce my bookclub to Jane Porter. Thanks for the stuff you sent out for them. They are going to be so excited! Other than that I plan on relaxing! Have a great weekend!

  5. i even don’t know about Prince Harry naked if my friend did not tagged the photo at fb, but i think he still have his million fans who don’t care about his naked 🙂

    and yes, summer will over soon and it’s mean holiday will over too 🙁

  6. Homework…it’s thesis writing time! So, the next twelve months will be very chaotic balancing school with four kids!

  7. Thanks for sharing Karen with us… I will look for her books (as soon as I finish the stack I was going to read over the summer). I’m relaxing over the holiday weekend and going to a family reunion on Sunday..hopefully my great aunt, who just turned 102, will be able to attend…great stories from when she was a WAV

  8. Great insight into the glamorous world of writing! I work from home too and have duct tape over my web cam just so I don’t have to brush my hair before work!

  9. Loving Learning to Breathe, my first Karen White book~but I am positive it will not be my last…Labor Day rehab bathroom vanity and take my son(16) to Barnes and Noble to pick up a book by his fav. author. We are so exciting around here with books in front of our faces..:)Visited Santa Cruz and Monterey over the summer

  10. My daughter and I have read several of Karen White’s books and they are wonderful. The rest of her books are in my overdeveloped collection just begging to be read. Looking forward to reading your new book. Enjoy your new home. I am here in Wa with the driest Aug on record having just turned into Sept. Enjoy!

  11. Thank you for introducing me to Karen. I’m going to get one of her books today.
    This weekend… Tonight I am dropping off my USMC reservist son at his base for his 2 week training mission. I’ll miss him! And today I’m spending the day playing with my 2yr old granddaughter.

  12. Thanks, Jane, for having me for a visit today! As for summer–there was a summer???? After my baby graduated high school in May (yah!! empty nest!!) I went on a 7-week book tour. Came back in time to move him into his college dorm. Now it’s back to deadline mode. I’m ready for summer to START!! 🙂

    And congrats, Jane, on the new house and move!!

  13. I can’t believe summer is drawing to a close too! Went by really fast. Thank you for the great post with Karen. I’m going to start reading her books too. Enjoy your day too Jane…I’m heading out into the So. Cal sun too. 🙂

  14. nice to learn about your writing Karen;

    I will be dropping in to work as we are open from 8 am till 9 pm on the Monday holiday.
    Hopefully hubby gets working on our back deck/steps and finishes them this weekend as he is so busy helping others. Might be BBQing also.

  15. That’s a great story. I think I have some of those southern tendencies left from my grandmother, though I’m not a lipstick fan. 🙂

    This is our last weekend without soccer, and the last weekend before school begins. The daughter and I are shopping for clothes – high school has finally turned her into a “girl” instead of just a tomboy – and for yes, also for soccer items.

    Then we’re having friends over for dinner tonight – good food, wine and sun! It’s a great way to end the summer.

  16. Great post Karen, like you when I go out in public I at least have so nice clothes on maybe not make up. Now when I am home its a different story, pretty ragged if I have to say so myself. No plans for this weekend but next weekend is our 28th anniversary. So we may have some plans then. Looking forward to reading some of your books. Everyone have a nice holiday weekend.

  17. I’m so glad to hear that I’m not the only one in holey sweats and t-shirts when I stay home : )

    I’m watching [scratch that] supervising my husband clean up the back yard and getting ready to watch some football!

  18. Hi! I liked the interview and thank-you for introducing me to a new author, have never read her books and will look into her summer wasn’t all that exciting! i worked mostly since I have a home daycare and so I took care of Addi a 6mon.old and had 2 older kids for awhile that had bad behavior, my daughter and i were trying our best to teach them how to behave and to read, then the firday before the 4th they didn’t come and so I wasn’t paid for the week-very upset for i wanted to spend a few days at the beach..but my son was a doll and gave me the extra money…anyways, my house got back to a nice quiet and even Addi was so upset…so in the long run God knew i did my best with these 2 boys.I found out that Kadgen is in foster care and Cameron is back with his mom, not sure if thats the bset either but I thats not for me to judge-now I’m thinking about beigng a foster parent and looking into it. I love working with kids-went back to school, most of my classes are on line, and on saturdays i have group, which is fun I’m the oldest but they don’t really know my age and it doesn’t bother me at all, they have a bet going on and all I do is laugh…its too funny…we had Isaac to prepared for and another storm out there but that fla. weather around this time of year…don’t like hurricanes but love the sunny warm weather instead of the cold and snow that I grew-up in..anyways, have a nice Labor day weekend and stay safe.I’m looking forward in reading Karen’s books but am waiting to get my hands on the Good Woman!Wish I had ordered it earlier…

  19. I’ve not read her but it sounds like a wonderful read. This has been an exciting time for our family. It’s my mom’s 90th birthday today and we’re having a surprise party for her tomorrow. Then I’ll cook for family on Monday. My husband’s uncle just married his girlfriend of 27 years!! And my nephew’s wife is having her first baby at 42 (had 3 miscarriages) next week (a scheduled C-section because it’s breech). His younger sister already has 7 kids so you can imagine how excited we all her for them.

  20. We remodeled our kitchen this summer, so we didn’t have time or money for much else. 😉 We will be grilling out on Labor Day though. Thanks Jane & Karen!

  21. We had a great summer! We went to New York City. I loved it! If we were the type of family that could take 2 big vacations each year, we’d go back to NYC every year! My hubby went to Oakland and San Francisco for his Guy Baseball trip they go on every year. While he was there my daughter and I went to Galvestion, TX with my BFF and her 3 boys.

    Thisi weekend we are just chillin’ at home. We are getting some much needed rests after the first week of school! I hope you’re weekend is fabulous!

  22. Thanks for the chance of winning the giveaway! We had a great summer here in NC! We took our kids to the beach and mountains on several small trips since we are fairly close to both here and it was a blast! We did white-water rafting, tubing, jet boat riding and swam in the ocean! We also read a lot this summer. My boys and I participated in our local library’s reading program and earned cool little prizes for doing what we already love to do! I’m reading the rest of “The Hunger Games” series right now so that I can discuss it with my son who has read them all. I read “Jane Eyre” for the first time this summer & enjoyed it. I have so many books that I want to read next and now I definitely want to check out one of yours! I love, love being able to escape into a good book!!

  23. I’m melting right now in Atlanta–do I guess I’m not too upset about summer being almost over! I’m visiting my daughter in Scotland in November so I might be wanting to save a little of that heat!

  24. Hi Jane,
    I was at Barnes and Noble yesterday and asked if, by some chance, your new book had come in early. No, it hadn’t, but the clerk put me on an e-mail notiification and reserved one for me when it does come in. Can’t wait to read it!
    I’ve really enjoyed your author features this summer. Thank you for introducing your readers to some wonderful women who write good books!
    It is a beautiful weekend in Olymmpia. I just got back from the Harbor Days festival on the waterfront – tug boats, vendor booths – lots of really nice jewelry this year. How I wish I had a lot of extra money to spend at the moment! Anyhow, I am off to read and relax a bit. Next week will be crazy with school starting back up again.

  25. Oh Jane, Karen sounds like a lovely person and I am going to look for her books. Thanks for the introduction. You are the best one for finding other great and talented authors.

    We are staying indoors this weekend, so very hot outside here. I am reading Dorothy Cannell’s new book, Sea Glass Summer.

    Thanks again Jane! Happy Labor Day everyone!

  26. Jane, glad you’re loving your new digs. Congrats on The Good Woman, too! Karen, thanks for the guest post. I sure wouldn’t want a flock of paparazzi following me around. Good luck to Prince Harry. I will be chilling and reading this weekend. Maybe doing some laundry and getting my daughter ready for 10th grade. Have a great weekend!

  27. Well I went to a local parade last night, worked a soccer game all day today and now I’m parked on the couch torn between reading and catching up on my dvr. I’m in Indiana and we were supposed to have rain from the gulf storms but we only had some showers this morning. This afternoon has been sunny but I’m too sleepy to do anything!! I’m hoping to get some pool time in before the weekend is over! Not to mention my masters class for the fall semester started and I should probably need to get started on that! YUCK!

  28. should i tell you my secret Jane, that Karen is my top favorite Authors beside you ? 🙂 i love Karen’s books, still trying to collect all of her books and yours too *grin*

    My 6 yos has just started his Elementary school, kindda busy with mommy’s things right now, LOL; between home, 2 yos boy and the new school boy 🙂

    1. Mariska–obviously you have TERRIFIC taste in authors. 🙂

      I’m exhausted just thinking about doing the little children/elementary school thing all over again. I enjoyed it while I was going through it, but I’m happy in my little empty nester-hood. For now, anyway. Enjoy dressing your little boys–my teenager just looks at me with horror when I buy him new clothes. 🙂

  29. Not too much going on around here this summer. I’ve been doing lots of reading because I just don’t want to get outside when it;s this hot. I’m with Karen on this one, I never leave the house without being properly put together. At home, I do live like a homeless woman too, in big dresses in the summer and sweats in the winter. No makeup or hair done either. But, if there is a day, I have to go someplace, even the bank or grocery store, I will get fixed up. Maybe it is a southern thing, maybe not. But, that’s how I was brought up too. You never know who you might run into. Or my biggest fear, the car breaking down and I have to try to get someone to stop and help me. If I’m in my big sweats, I fear everyone will just drive by and not think twice about stopping to help.

    1. Janine—when my kids were in elementary school, we had a carpool line where the moms just lined up in the parking lot with big numbers on our windshields and the teachers would place our kids in the cars–without us moms having to get out and be seen.

      The ONE time (I was on deadline OF COURSE and had lost track of time) I literally threw myself into my car looking like a homeless woman, there was construction in the parking lot and they were requiring the moms to park and come inside the building. My children almost didn’t recognize me…. I still have nightmares about that afternoon…

  30. Rain is the forecast in the Midwest this weekend. Usually a parade on Saturday but not today with the rain. On Labor Day we have a family cook-out with relatives here from GA.

  31. I’m so glad I LIKED you on FB because i found out about your blog post today. You and Karen White are two of my favorite authors! I, for one, am sad to see summer coming to an end. I served lots of tea and golfed a lot.

  32. This weekend so far has been spent on finding my daughter a suitable dress to wear to an event we will be going to on September 22 for our Kentucky chapter of CCFA. It is called Cupcakes & Cocktails. 1st one we are attending. Thank goodness for Kohl’s : we found her a dress for under $20.00; marked down from $66.00! Raining off and on so probably not cooking out 🙁 but we will have fun anyway.

  33. Jane and Karen,
    Of course you two would be connected. You are two of my favorite writers and your books live on my “keeper” shelf.

    Karen, I introduced my sister, niece and her best friend to your Tradd Street series and all of us are waiting impatiently for the next one-:). I’m also a big fan of your other books as well.

    Jane Jane Jane!!!! We are so excited for The Good Wife to come out. Alredy read the chpters you’ve posted and I’ll be ordering it off of Amazon. I miss California so much and I’m enjoying reading about your move with your guys. Good luck with school!

  34. It always amazes me that people who are in the public eye are not more careful of their image. Your interview was right on target. I enjoyed it very much. Congratulations on your writing success.

  35. Great interview! I was disappointed in Harry, too. How embarassing for his family & maybe his country, too. My summer has been a little bit of a bummer because we couldn’t go on vacation. We took a couple of local day trips. A guy on Long Island opens his property for people to see hummingbirds! Really cool!And we did a little hiking in Montauk.

  36. I am car-less this weekend, so I’m catching up on paperwork, laundry, vacuuming, etc. and maybe reading a book tomorrow (fingers crossed).

  37. Hi Jane,

    I just got to Orlando, Florida today. I’m here visiting my parents and my sister and niece will be here tomorrow. It should be fun. I started my vaca off with going to a bookstore and seeing your new book on the shelves. I was so excited to see The Good Woman on the shelves before the original release date. I can’t wait to read it!

  38. Jane,

    I have so enjoyed your Summer guest blogs, and it has introduced me to some great new authors! I am adding Karen to my TRL today!

    Karen, I rarely have the lipstick, but my mom always does. For me, it is mascara, I try to not leave the house without it on.

    I can’t believe that Summer is almost gone, I didn’t get to do as much as I planned since I have been in a walking cast/boot for the last 8 weeks, so next Summer I am going somewhere fun!

    So glad that you are loving living here in CA, and I know the boys will do great at their new schools.

  39. Thanks for sharing this author with me. She is one I am not familiar with but will get familiar with. Best of luck.

  40. HI Jane,
    I have to work this weekend. I am taking my book to work so hopefully I can read on my lunch and breaks. Ha..that never happens. I work right through.
    I can’t wait for “The Good Woman”. My friend Debby and I like to read your books at the same time so we can discuss them back and forth!
    Hope you have a good weekend!

  41. Thanks for visiting, Karen! I recently read, The Memory of Water…loved it! I will be “laboring” this Labor Day holiday. I’ll be working at the DNC. Long hours, but a once in a lifetime experience.

  42. Summer always means visiting family up the coast. There are a lot of us, so it’s always a fabulous time. Lots of story telling , laughter & food.

  43. I really didn’t do much of anything this summer. And this weekend is pretty dull too. I was in the hospital last weekend and am still not feeling up to par so I’m just taking it easy. We finally received some rain here in Southwest Missouri courtesy of Isaac and it was very welcome. I’m sorry for all those on the southern coast who were flooded so badly but am grateful for the rain we got. We have been in a severe drought and the farmers are really hurting around here. So most of us didn’t mind having a rainy Labor Day weekend. I hope everyone has a safe and happy long weekend.

  44. Loved learning about Karen, have not read any of her books yet so I am missing out as I can see. Getting ready to go to the beach again this week, then when we return we’re going to Palm Springs for two weeks…can’t wait. Loved Mac’s picture, he is a special doll and growing way too fast. A safe weekend to all….Ruth

  45. I read my first Karen White novel this summer – SEA CHANGE – and absolutely loved it! Looking forward to reading more.

  46. Wow this weekend and all of the weekends in Sept are a nightmare as we are building on 17 acres we’ve owned for 10 years but we rent a neat house and its great for me as i am disabled well she decided to take us to court to evict us as she is moving and selling all the property ours included so my husband found a modular home that is a single floor and is just beautiful for my scooter to go around and the chiwauwaus will love it only thing is my husband has to pack up our house plus do so much work on the new house, Plus the dr says we have to get a king size bed now and a few pieces of furniture that we desperatly need so not sure where there it is raining money but yup we have to move and my husband went to court on friday and we have to be out the 23rd and we’vd paid our rent faithfully to boot she is a good friend. So i dont worry i read at night so worried but we’ll do it we got the home loan approved last thurs ugh but that is our month anyone out there with a free new king size bed lol but jane you have had the best authors on your blog the last week or longer they are some of my favs. happy labor day ..

  47. Great Blog! I love her humor:) I actually had this book on my to-buy list (an ever growing and shifting list:)). I will move it to the top – love her.

    Jane, I like how you’re featuring so many GA writers!

  48. We had our family Labor Day picnic yesterday since we wanted to enjoy one more sunny day in the pool before closing it for the season. Thankfully we did as today turned out to be rainy and tomorrow more of the same is in the forecast. Remnants of Hurricane Isaac I believe. Anyway, yesterday I grilled Filet and Lobster and served a group of 11. Today I had a friend over for lunch and now I am enjoying some R & R while watching the rain fall outside. Nothing on the agenda for tomorrow, so look forward to a relaxing day. I may not get out of my pajamas – yeah. Glad you are getting settled in San Clemente. Best of luck to your three boys in their new schools. Can’t wait to get my hands on my pre-ordered copy of The Good Woman this week and start reading your newest book.

  49. Jane,
    Just got back from Arizona…Hot, Hot, Hot!!! Celebrating my daughters birthay today. Hoping the sun comes out in Seattle today.

  50. Congrats to Karen on the successful writing career…and you too Jane. I had a nice weekend, though did have some plumbing problems, but they were resolved without having to spend too much money. I feel fortunate because it could have been much worse. Overall, nice weekend with warm weather and spent some time with family too.

  51. Hi Karen,I love your work.
    I have been reading you since you published In The Shadow of the Moon all those years ago. 🙂
    love the picture of Quincy he is a real charmer.

    I didn’t do anything this Labor Day I have been ill this entire weekend.

    1. Wow, Gigi!!!! That’s amazing!!! And if you still have your copy of IN THE SHADOW OF THE MOON–hang on to it. It’s been out of print pretty much since it came out and copies on Ebay are selling for lots of money! Maybe I can help fund your retirement. 🙂

  52. My labor day weekend was pretty full! On Saturday night my husband and I celebrated our 13th anniversary (it’s actually today), then Sunday we took our daughter to the Minnesota state fair, the largest fair in the U.S. It was our first time, and we were exhausted that night! Then yesterday we went out and bought our daughter (who’s 3) a big girl bed! Quite the busy weekend, but it was fun!

  53. We’ve been in school for weeks now, so Labor Day is a nice day off. Mostly shopping for the things you need that the teachers’ list doesn’t mention…

  54. I’m a little sad that summer is already over and this is the last of the summer blogs for this year.
    I have had fun reading a getting to know a lot of new authors and their work.
    This summer went so fast. We have had guests visiting since May and it´s kind of quite here know with no guests.
    But with the extra help I have been able to read some great books and take out a little me time. So all in all a great summer for me 🙂
    For the Labor day weekend we just stayed home enjoying our garden and the nice weather.

  55. Hi Jane and Karen,
    I am so glad you have introduced Karen to us…I know what I’ll be reading next. My kids are back to school, my youngest is now in full day, so I have a lot of time to myself. My husband just left for graduate school all the way across the country from us, so I have a LOT of time on my hands to read now. It’s been a nice way to relax and get my mind off of things. Sitting in the back yard with iced coffee and the beautiful warm weather. Doesn’t get much better than that! Things have crazy since I am pretty much a single mom for the next two years, but we’re adjusting. I spent Labor Day working a 12 hr shift, so nothing exciting, just the norm. 🙂

  56. Spent Labor Day hiking and finished with a picnic. It was beautiful where we were at with the mountains and lakes. Then back to work and reality.
    Excited to read some of karen’s work – sounds great. I have read some amazing books due to your reccommendations, Jane!

  57. I love Karen White! You and Karen are two of my favorite authors! I love how you bring all of these different authors to your blog. It’s so much fun. =]

  58. Karen,
    I, too, LOVE your novels…thanks for the chance to read your latest.

    Looking forward to reading your next masterpiece. A wonderful posting w/ Karen.

  59. Summer flew by. You would think I’d be used to that by now. My youngest is a Senior in high school this year so we spent the summer doing a bunch of “last times”. This might be the last time we do this together or we should do this as everything will be different next summer…that kind of last time.

    I saw two Broadway plays in Seattle. Very different from each other but both full of talent: American Idiot and Les Miserables.

    Hope everyone is ready for fall. I know I am.

  60. I have been on a kick to eat better so I have been making my husband go to farmer’s markets in the areas to get some healthy stuff.

  61. I can’t wait to get my hands on this book. Thanks for all of the wonderful author recommendations. This one sounds like a true gem.

    I just spent the week with my daughters and granddaughters. They all came to visit for a week. Now it’s time for me to start reading The Good Woman.

  62. Hi everyone,
    Our winner for the Karen White blog is #8 Pennie!
    Pennie wins a great beach tote bag filled with fun things and Karen White novels. Shoot me a private email with your address and I’ll get this package in the mail.
    love to all,

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