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bethI just met Beth Albright a month ago in Atlanta when I did a book event with her at The Book Exchange in Marietta, and I love her!  I feel like I’ve known Beth forever and I want to be part of her inner circle.  She’s smart, and funny, and warm, and bubbly, and charming as heck.  She’s also Southern and has the whole Southern Belle thing down to a science…so much so, that she’s writing a series featuring her belles, more properly known as “The Sassy Belles”.

Beth is everything I want to be and more.  I can’t wait for you to meet this amazing talented new author who is taking the world by storm!  Readers and friends, here is the adorable, incredible, vivacious and beautiful Beth Albright!

Beth, is there anything that has surprised you about writing or publishing your books?

Oh my, yes! My nerves are shattered! Hahahahaha…Not really but I was so nervous no one would like the books. So from my very first book “birth”day in June…I have been a wreck. I can’t explain how much it’s just like having a real baby!!

What’s your typical day like when you’re between writing projects?

Same as every other mother or wife…laundry groceries, dishes, you know, the whole thing. And my son is away in college. Hahaha. But I still take care of my biggest baby– my husband! He takes care of me when I’m writing though. And I spend a lot of time promoting the books!! Several hours a day on social media, doing radio interviews or traveling and signing books.

Was there anyone or anything that helped inspire you to be a writer?

My mother and the women that raised me—they were amazing, smart, beautiful, strong and funny. In The Sassy Belles, the first novel of the trilogy, my narrator Blake, talks constantly of her grandmother’s yellow kitchen table. This is where I spent the majority of my childhood with my mother, aunt and grandmother; laughing so hard I could barely breathe. My mother pushed me to write from the time I was little. I was always entering contests. Before I started writing seriously, I was a radio talk show host and an actress on Days of Our Lives as well as owning an acting school and theater for children. When it finally came time to write I knew I would write about my favorite place, my hometown of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and the wonderful women who raised me.

Please tell us about your current release in 2 or 3 sentences.

My latest book is called Wedding Belles. It’s the second book in my new trilogy, The Sassy Belles. Wedding Belles, like the others, is full of sexy southern fun, a mystery, wedding planners gone wild and a redneck psychic as well as portraying the deep bonds of tried and true women’s friendships.


If you could meet one person who has died, who would it be?  What would you want to discuss with him/her?

This is so easy…my dad. He died in a car accident when I was only four years old, so I only have sketchy memories of him. The saddest part was that he was only 24. Oh, I have lots of stories from so many people about him, but one of my greatest desires is to hear the sound of his voice. He was a gorgeous, six foot three, large built man, with magnificent blue/green eyes, deep dimples and jet-black hair. I want to know his touch and hear him speak and talk with him about the dreams he had for himself and what he thought of me for the four years we had each other.

Best advice you’ve ever received?

Several things stand out. My first agent says “Don’t worry Beth, just write! My mother always says, keep your eye on the ball, Beth. But, my grandmother leaned over on my wedding day, just as I was about to walk down the isle and said, no matter what, you can plant the thoughts but always let him believe everything is his idea. It will save your marriage! That one was way too difficult!

Drama or comedy?

The best of anything in film, TV or literature always has elements of both!

Sunset or sunrise?

Sunset for sure. The brilliance of a sunset is the most peaceful view in nature for me. It signals the end of a day, a chance to begin again after a night’s rest. My hobby is taking pictures and I have been known to chase a million sunsets for just the right shot. I have even been able to snap the illusive green flash just milliseconds before the sun disappears into the ocean. I live on the West Coast now and the sunsets over the Pacific Ocean are some of the most breathtaking I have ever seen.


Name 5 words that fit your personality according to you.  And 5 words that fit your personality according to your best friend.

ME: Passionate, friendly, sarcastic, affectionate, outgoing

FRIEND: Emotional, nurturing, quick-tempered, funny, passionate

What three words would you use to describe your book?

Sexy Southern Fun

What is your favorite thing about your book?

I love that the books all take me home again. I have so much passion for where I grew up and that passion gushes onto the pages. I love the women in my books because they are all amalgamations of my closest friends and relatives so I can be with them all the time! And I love that the books are full of college football!! I grew up in a town where –like it says on the back of The Sassy Belles. The first book in the series– There are two seasons in Tuscaloosa—Football and waiting for football! I LOVE it!


Thank you so much, Beth, for sharing with us today!  You are amazing.  Can’t wait to see you and give you a huge hug.  🙂

Friends, don’t forget to check out Beth’s website to learn more about her Sassy Belles trilogy.  I am giving away to one of my lucky readers a signed copy of Beth’s first book, The Sassy Belles, an advanced reading copy of The Good Wife, which release Sept 3rd, and a bunch of fun JP reader treats.  Want to win?  Talk to me about your summer and what you’re reading now.  The contest ends Friday night with the winner announced on Saturday morning!

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