The Year & A New Year

I don’t write as many JaneBlogs as I used to.  I have been featuring many guest authors and friends because it feels strange to always talk about me and my books.  I know many of you are here, or follow me, because you enjoy my books, but as the career has continued and the deadlines accumulate and the manuscripts wrap up, I can’t help feeling a bit like a fictional character myself…telling you this bit of news and that, trying to be cheerful and positive, and entertaining while still being real and honest.

And so I invite friends to join me here, and ask them to blog, and try to show some love and light onto others.

But today I just want to say few words from my heart.

I know life can be hard.  I know the economy is still tough on folks and there are health issues and life issues and heartbreaking things around us.  Like all of you, I have a family that sometimes struggles, and sometimes struggles a lot.  Like you, I have friends who are confronted by cancer and loss.  Like you, I have children that feel like square pegs in a round hole.  Like you, I’m not always sure I’m doing the right thing.  Like you, I lay awake at night, feeling guilty or resentful, or fearful.  Like you, when afraid, I reach out to friends, and lean hard on my faith.

There are times where I don’t think I should be writing anymore.  I think I should go back to teaching.  I think I should be doing something that truly helps others, and encourages others, a career that doesn’t have as much ego attached as the writing life where there are so many crowns and tiaras of lists, reviews, accolades.  I find myself wishing for a career that was based on heart and hope, strength and faith, courage and kindness and I work hard to write stories that reflect those themes so close to my heart….but those aren’t necessarily the popular themes in literature, and I’m no literary darling.  New York/traditional publishing doesn’t quite know what to do with me, or how to market me.  I don’t really know how to market myself.  So now I do traditional and digital publishing while trying to see the future.

But as much as I pray about my career, and asking God to close doors and open doors I find me still here…writing.

And then it hits me that maybe I’m still writing and selling in whatever form it happens to be,  because it allows me to know you, and reach out to each of you, my way.  Maybe my career isn’t about bestseller lists and being someone’s literary darling.  Maybe my career is about….you.

Encouraging you.

And validating you.

And most of all, loving you.

And so as 2013 ends, and 2014 is about to begin, know that I am still writing because I believe we can make a difference, together.  You and me.  I believe we can change lives and strengthen hearts and heal wounds.  I believe we can offer each other support and hope, and most of all, love.

Love is everything.  You’ve heard me say these words in my books, most recently in The Good Wife, and also in my Christmas story, Christmas at Copper Mountain, but love is there in the beginning, and love will be there at the end.  Love is all.  And it is love that will give our lives meaning.

Happy new year to all of you, my friends.  On the nights you are worried and can not sleep, or the mornings you wake with a heavy heart, know that you are not alone.  You are part of this…us…a community of amazing, beautiful, valuable women.

Here’s to you, my amazing, beautiful, valuable friend!



PS  And what would a New Year’s JaneBlog be without a special giveaway?  Not so very special!  🙂  And so of course I have an extra delightful, secret gift of lovely things for one of you.  Comment below and I will announce the winner on Saturday, January 4th!

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