Crabby But True

It’s been a rough start to 2014 and I don’t say this so anyone emails me, or says, feel better, because honestly, I won’t ‘feel better’ until one of my chicks is better, and the only way he gets better is if he begins to want it, too.

A couple readers seeing my Facebook posts wanted me to cheer up and say more happy things and it made me growl a bit at my computer.

I’m not an actress.  I’m not an entertainment personality.  I’m a mom, wife, sister, daughter, friend, woman, writer, and now, publisher.

But mostly a mom, wife, woman.  I’m that woman.  I’ve got a four and a half year old that won’t sleep unless you go to bed with him  (biggest mistake ever), and yet, having that time with him to snuggle and cuddle and just smell him is maybe my favorite time because its pure and still and I can feel it, and own the moment, and the love, as there is no one else asking for something, or telling me something, or wanting me to be or do something.  It just is.

And I think life demands so much of us, that there is one thing I am holding dear….and its my definition of love.

It’s the biblical one folks love to read at weddings, but its the one that speaks so much to me, and my heart.

The first part that speaks is this:  Love never fails.

Which means, I will keep loving no matter what, and I refuse to ever throw in the towel.

The second part that speaks to me is this:  Love is patient.  Love is kind.

Crabby love doesn’t feel much like love.  Impatient, irritated love can hurt…at least hurt one’s feelings.  Sharp responses, a shrug, a rolling of the eye…not loving.  Not patient or kind.

And then lastly, the part of the verse I cling to is:  Love always protects…love always hopes.

And so yes, I’m muddling about, dealing with real life, trying to be a mom, wife, woman first right now which means the writing is a distant fourth, but that’s okay.  The writing will be there.  The stories won’t go anywhere.  And you, my readers, are also my friends and you know that sometimes we just have to do, what we have to do.

Patiently, kindly, protectively, hopefully….and with fierce resolve.

Love never fails.

Or quits.

Or keeps score.

Tell me about your new year.  How have the last two weeks been?  I have something fun for one of you…a January pick me up!  Contest ends Friday night midnight PST, winner announced Saturday morning.  Comment below and you’re entered, but if you comment, I really want the true.  I’ll accept crabby, but true.  🙂


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