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4998_36914127_hrHappy November, everyone!  I hope your Halloween was fun.  I know I ate way too many mini & bite size sweets.  I’m swearing off candy today but it’s okay as I have a wonderful treat in store for me…Karin Tabke’s IN A BAD WAY releases today and it’s just downloaded to my e-reader!

I wasn’t sure how many of you know Karin so I have asked her to join us today.  I actually read Karin for years before I ever met her.

I was introduced to her as an author through my friends, Michelle and Tina, die-hard romance readers and promoters of romance, and when I had questions about  about digital publishing two years ago, Karin spent an hour on the phone with me giving me her thoughts and advice.  Karin isn’t just a talented writer, she’s a wonderful person, generous and supportive of all women, and I’m delighted to have her here today!  Welcome, Karin!

Karin, please tell us a little bit about yourself that is not commonly known. 

I used to raise boa constrictors and iguanas.  My kids loved it.

What do you love most about being a writer?

The storytelling part and the meeting readers part.

How many books have you got under your belt now?

20 and climbing. What’s the journey been like since you became published? Amazing. Crazy. Challenging.  I’m working harder now as a self-publishing author then I ever did as a New York published author. I love it. Does the thrill ever fade? No.

Why did you choose to write this book?

IN A BAD WAY is book four in my Bad Boys of the Bay series. Flynn showed up in BREAKING BAD book two.  I knew the moment he showed up on the page I wanted to get to know him better.  I also knew he needed an extra special lady.  Isadora Fuentes is something else. What attracted you to this genre? I married a hot cop so it’s only natch that I write them.  J

Please tell us about the premise of IN A BAD WAY. 

IN A BAD WAY is the story of two fractured souls who just want to be left alone but find their attraction to each other impossible to ignore.  They each have to go waaaay out of their comfort zones to make it work. But wanting to make it work isn’t always enough.  Sometimes you have to strip down to the raw center, pour alcohol on it and let it burn before you finally understand that THAT pain’s got nothing on the pain of living without that one person who lights you up.

This is Izzy and Flynn’s love story.  It will have you squirming in your seat, catching your breath, laughing out loud, sighing, getting angry, all while pushing you closer and closer to the edge of your seat.   I dare you not to fall in love with these two the way I did.

So? What happens when Mr. Suit and Tie meets Ms. Wild Style? A chemical reaction that leaves them both IN A BAD WAY.

Special Agent Flynn Ryker meets his match when Wild Style, a sexy little stripper with a big secret, lands in his lap, literately.






Will there be more books connected to this one?

Yes!  Whose story is next? Hunter and Alex.

Does your main character, Izzy, have any characteristics that are similar to your own?

She does. She’s pretty fierce when it comes to protecting the people she loves.  She’s kind of a smart ass too with a big heart.  I wish I were as brave as she is.

Tell us more about Flynn’s personality.  What makes him tick?

Flynn is old school conservative.  He comes from money, is hot as hell, and highly intelligent.  Things have come easy to him until he meets a bodacious little stripper who turns his world inside out.  He’s lived his life thinking he wanted one thing but discovers he wants the polar opposite.  He spends much of the story fighting it.  But in the end, there is nothing he can do to prevent hurricane Izzy from breaching his heart and wreaking havoc with it.

What’s your own favorite scene from the book?

Oh gosh, I had so many!  I had so many laugh out loud moments as I wrote this story that I found myself smiling so much, my cheeks hurt.  But it’s also a deeply emotional story.  And sexy as hell.

What are you working on at the moment?

THE HARD WAY, Alex and Hunter’s story.  At the end of IN A BAD WAY, Izzy’s sister Alex is still missing.  In THE HARD WAY, we find out what happened to her.

How do you see the romance genre evolving in the next ten years?

I think we’re going to see darker more complex heroes and heroines as well as darker themed stories.

Based on everything you know today about the publishing industry and making it as a writer, is there anything you’d do differently if you had to do it all over again?

I would.  I’d write slower, and I’d be more strategic.

Describe your personality in 5 specific words. 

Passionate. Dedicated. Friendly. Compassionate. Grounding.

What advice would you give aspiring writers today?

Learn. Your. Craft. Be. Patient.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

My gratitude.  While I write because it’s my passion, it’s my readers that drive me to write better. I appreciate each and every one of them taking their hard earned dollars and spending it on my books.




Thank you, Karin, for chatting with me and I’m really excited about your new release.  I do hope my readers check it out.

And readers, you know I love you, so there is a special giveaway celebrating Karin today.  I am giving away the first 3 stories in Karin’s The Chronicles of Katrina Series:  The Dare, Double Dose, and The Truth, plus fun reader swag and a $5 Starbucks drink card.   This is the series I read that I fell in love with.  Hot, sexy, interesting…loved it…and I think you will, too.  Have you read Karin yet?  Are you a fan?  If so, let me know which is your fav Karin Tabke story, or tell me something interesting you learned about Karin in the feature!  The contest runs through the 6th with the winner announced on November 7th.  Have a great week!


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