The Most Wonderful Time of the Year with Maggie Marr

Maggie-MarrI am so happy to have guest author Maggie Marr here today.  Maggie isn’t just a really cool author, and the President of the Los Angeles RWA Chapter, and an entertainment attorney, and the film agent for several of my projects, as well as the legal counsel for a fantastic little publishing company that is near and dear to my heart, (whew!  that’s a lot isn’t it?), she is also someone I love to bits.  I do.  She makes me a bit teary because she is that cool.

Why am I a fan of Maggie?  Because she’s strong and smart, passionate and loyal, and creative and real.  The real thing is what pushes her to the top.  She keeps it real even as she promotes opportunities for women, and sets the bar so high but then helps others get there.  As you can see, I’m full on fan girl for her, and I’m thrilled she’s here and you get to meet her and learn about her new story releasing today, A Billionaire for Christmas.

Maggie, welcome to my JaneBlog!


I love Christmas, but once upon a time, I didn’t. For a long while, Christmas came with a host of pressures. Which parent did I spend the holiday with? What gifts should I get my family? How did I get all those gifts purchased, wrapped, and delivered to all my friends and family in time for the holiday? For a loooong while, (that kind of felt like forever) Christmas lost its joy for me.

So what happened?

My love for Christmas returned with the arrival of my children. Seeing the excitement of Christmas through their eyes rekindled my lost love for the holiday. As I built my own family and home, we created our own traditions for the holiday. The creation of these traditions lit my spark for Christmas. Now, I find myself getting excited for the holiday sometimes as early as September. My excitement usually begins when our youngest mentions (usually around the end of summer) that Christmas is coming and they absolutely can not wait. For our family, Christmas has become the time of year when we build in extra time. Extra time for shopping and baking and cooking and decorating. We do all these things as a family. I try to cut back on deadlines and often the pressure of our day-to-day existences eases with no school. This time of year has become one of joy and happiness for me.

Yes, I love Christmas again. With this rediscovered love, one of the traditions that I’ve built into my life is releasing a Christmas book.  My Christmas book this year is A Billionaire for Christmas, book 7 in my Eligible Billionaires Series. This is a long-lost love story. Shelly fled her home and her future when her brother died. Anthony’s heart froze when he lost Shelly. Now Shelly is home for Christmas and Shelly and Anthony must see if Christmas Magic can spark their romance.


A Billionaire for Christmas
Anthony Travati will no longer live in his brother’s shadow. Determined to start his own financial group and sever his ties to Travati Financial Anthony will stop at nothing to gain his independence. Shelly Bello spent five years trying to escape the memories of her past. Now she’s putting her life back in order and has come home to spend Christmas with her grandmother. Anthony and Shelly were the couple most likely to marry but a tragedy tore them apart. Can their never-ending love and Christmas magic overcome the tragedy in their past and reunite these long lost lovers?

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A Billionaire for Christmas releases today and for a very limited time is only .99! From my family to yours have the most brilliant holiday season.


Thank you, Maggie, for being here today and talking about Christmas and your new release.

Readers, to celebrate Maggie being on my blog, I have a I Love Los Angeles giveaway which includes a Los Angeles Starbucks mug, a Los Angeles Starbucks drink card, a signed copy of my Easy on the Eyes (you guessed it…set in LA!) and lots more fun reader swag.  I will also send the winner an ebook of her choice from Maggie’s backlist so tell me if you’ve ever been to Los Angeles and where you like to visit if you do come to Southern California!  Contest runs through Saturday with the winner announced on Sunday, Nov 22nd!


  1. Dear Jane, You are such a good friend….I feel like I should love Maggie, because you do! She is a new author to me and sounds like someone I will enjoy reading. Thanks for the introduction.

    I once visited LA at age nine and of course loved going to Disneyland the very best of all in that visit. Coming in a very close second was meeting a second cousin for the first time…a new to me relative and fast friend just my age.

  2. Jane,
    Thank you so much for having me on your blog today. You are the dearest of friends and your kind words made me smile and feel deep gratitude for having you in my life. I love you oodles.

  3. Have enjoyed Maggie’s books through the years and am amazed at how many other things are on her plate too. Way to go, Maggie!
    I was last in L.A. back in 1976 (at 17 years of age). We drove to Hollywood and Vine – and didn’t see a single movie star, LOL!
    We enjoyed driving to “nearby” Las Vegas, where we went (yes, at 17 years of age) to the Desert Inn. For our $10 cover charge, we saw Foster Brooks and Juliet Prowse perform, PLUS it included our first drink (a Tom Collins!). They probably didn’t ask for ID because I was with my parents (57 & 57) and friends (57 & 79), LOL!

  4. I have not read Maggie’s work but will check it out. I have never been to LA except maybe in a few books. I would love to read Maggie’s new Christmas books and yes kids make Christmas so much better. My only child is grown now and I miss the little feet at Christmas time.

  5. Congratulations on your new release!

    I’ve been the LAX airport en route to Hawai’i, plus the return trip. The next time, I stayed a few days–won a trip to Knott’s Berry Farm. We didn’t venture away out and about–husband was too frugal to rent a car or stay another night. Hope to visit one day again!

  6. One day I would love to visit LA and many other places in California. Speaking of Christmas, it has always brought bad some bad memories for me. So, it’s a difficult time of year for me. But through books, I am learning to love certain parts of the holiday.

  7. Maggie is a new Author for me and I look forward to reading her books. You have so much going on Maggie . Bless you with all you’ve accomplished. Thanks for the post aand giveaway. I’ve never been to LA but just found out we have cousins there. Making plans to visit.
    Carol L

  8. I have been to LA , and would love to go back during the holidays while I’m off and recouping from shoulder surgery . I love how different all the areas are and are so unique

  9. I haven’t been to LA since the 90s. We went there to check out colleges for our son and there was a 7.2 earthquake. It was so scary to wake up in a hotel room with the whole world shaking! Our son didn’t go to Harvey Mudd so we didn’t need to return and I don’t want to cause the big one to hit LA.

  10. Thank you Jane, for introducing me to Maggie. I’ll be sure to head over to amazon.
    I have never been to LA and next time I go to southern California I want to see you and Lego land

  11. I have never been to Los Angeles. If I traveled to California I would love to finally see the Pacific Ocean!!!

    Maggie: I’ve been listening to Christmas music since September!

  12. I never been to LA but I would love to see the Pacific Ocean.
    Thanks for the giveaway and letting us learn about Maggie’s books.

  13. Thank you for once again introducing us to another awesome new author. Maggie Marr sounds wonderful as does her book.

    I haven’t been to the LA area for a long while, maybe 10 years. Growing up we would go out there (from the Chicago area) to visit my dad’s brother and my cousins. One cousin is 5 months older than me and we always wrote to each other so as to keep close. Hey, I’m old here, it’s way before cell phones. Then about 28 years ago my sister moved out to Thousand Oaks where she married and raised her daughter until 10 years ago when they moved to Houston (job change) and then back to CA but to the San Jose area.

    My favorite place to visit, besides Disneyland, was the Farmer’s Market and all the goodies you could buy there.

    Now my best friend has moved from Minnesota to Santa Barbara to me close to her daughter. I hope to visit her one of these days.

  14. Hi! love reading your blog, I stopped liking Chistmas the year my mom died, and I was so upset for she made Christmas so special, once Kenny got older and he loved Santa Claus and the old bit I had had to start believing again and make the holiday special for him. I’ve never been to Jolla, one of these days, I will, I’d love to walk and see the Hollywood sign and Rodeo Drive and all the other things that LA has to offer. Your books sounds really good another one to put on my to read list.

  15. I have never been to LA, the farthest i have ever been west was Hot Springs, AR. 🙂 I would love to visit LA to see Hollywood Walk of Fame and Venice Beach. maybe someday. enjoyed the interview & excerpt!

  16. Thanks, Jane, for introducing me to a new author! I can’t wait to check her out. I have been living just south of LA proper for 17 years now. There are so many things I still need to see, like the Tar Pits. Even being here, we sometimes get stuck in our own area.

  17. I’ve lived in the LA area since 3rd grade and have seen so many changes to the downtown area. My long time favorite place to go is Olvers Street across from Union Station. I just love all the kiosks and little shops.

  18. Sounds like a great book for me to add to my Holiday reading list. I live fairly close to LA, but I rarely go there any more. I was just there for a bridal shower and will be heading there for a wedding in 2 weeks though.

  19. I have never been to LA – or California at all – the closest I have been to California was when my oldest brother and his family had my son go out to the Bay Area (Northern CA, I know!) for his 19th birthday back in 2002 – he loved it and wants to go back – and I have a cousin who lives and works there in LA! Christmas has almost always been a happy holiday for me – I love listening to our Christmas records to keep the mood going! The “almost” part refers to decorating – I am just plain lazy and always have had trouble getting into gear with decorating! LOL

  20. I flew through LAX once but I don’t think that counts as having been to LA. Thanks for the swag bag chance.

  21. I’ve never been to LA but my hubby has an uncle down there we would like to visit soon. Christmas has always been my least favorite holiday but books like yours help get me through

    1. Nila,
      Thank you for leaving a comment. I hope that A Billionaire for Christmas helps to get you through the holidays. This can be such a tough time of year for many people.
      Much love,

  22. Congratulations on your new release. I have never been to LA or California, maybe one day
    Thanks for the chance❤

  23. Hi Jane! I got to go to LA one time for business. I did get to travel the PCH and see Malibu and Laguna Beach. I didn’t get the chance to really see any of the touristy things, though.
    I no longer hold that same position, so looks like I won’t be able to go back anytime soon. 🙁

  24. I was there as a kid with my family many years ago. I was sick the whole time so didn’t see as much as some. I’d like to go back. But really about an hour north to see my two grandchildren who live out there.

  25. I adore holiday romances! A Billionaire for Christmas sounds perfectly delicious! I lived in LA for a little over a year and look back on my time there with rose colored glasses. I had so much fun and never cried harder than when I lived in LA. I was young, working my tail off, making choices—good and bad—and falling madly in lust every week with every handsome man that crossed my path. There were SO many! Sigh… Thanks for this amazing giveaway!

    1. Alexandra,
      Your comment sums up the LA experience for so many! I was older & married when I move to LA but all my LA transplant friends who came out in their 20’s talk about that time in LA the same way. I love it here, LA is home for us now, but I will always have the Midwest in my heart as well. xoMaggie

  26. Maggie, what a busy woman you are. I admire and wonder how ladies like you are able to do so much and still churn out such great books. Looking forward to reading A Billionaire For Christmas.

  27. Huge apologies, everyone. I’m very late announcing the winner for this contest and feel bad that it slipped on my to-do list!
    Our winner is #25, Felicia Ciaudelli! Felicia, if you could email me with your mailing details, I’ll get the goodies in the mail asap! Also let me know which ebook you’d like from Maggie’s backlist.
    Thank you, all, for being so patient and supportive!
    Jane xoxo

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