Love Between the Covers

Four years ago, in August of 2012, I shared with you how much I loved the Kickstarter project, Love Between The Covers and all the wonderful work filmmaker, Laurie Kahn was doing on it.  For anyone who loves romance, be they writers, readers, librarians, booksellers or editors and agents, Love Between the Covers will make an impact as it reveals the global community of women who create and make these books so successful.

Today, I’m excited to tell you that this documentary will be available in 13 days and you can Pre-Order your copy now!  I hope you’ll check it out and here’s a quick clip:


  1. Jane, you are always involved at the cutting edge of things and are such a great public speaker. This looks like a good view of the industry and what writers experience. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Wild, wild west! Good analogy. I’m glad that you’re one of the ones flourishing…your books, and those of so many other romance writers, give us so much enjoyment! Thank you for gifting us with your imaginations! We’re appreciative!

  3. I keep hearing how wonderful this film is. I will have to watch it soon!! Loved the snippet you were in & shared.

  4. I love this documentary, I am so glad now everyone can get a chance to own a copy. I first learned about it, right here on your blog all those years ago. Thanks for sharing with us.

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