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Holiday baking – Such sweet goodness!

Hi Readers, I’m hosting a cookie swap for the awesome Tule team this week and baking dozens of my favorite holiday cookies for the party, along with cookies and candy for the family. Growing up, it was the tradition to begin holiday baking right after Thanksgiving and my mom would make roll out sugar cookies, butterscotch scotties, Spritz cookies, pralines, fudge, and so much more.  But this recipe below is one my boys love, and so of course Trey Sheenan (The Kidnapped Christmas Bride) is one of my boys, too, so I’ve put McKenna in the Cray Cabin kitchen making cookies for Trey and TJ. Trey’s Favorite Peppermint Pinwheel Sugar Cookies Ingredients: 3/4 cup butter, softened 1 egg yolk 2 cups … Continue reading Holiday baking – Such sweet goodness!

My Fair Lady: Nancy Robards Thompson

Today is a big day for me, because today Montana Born releases a brand new fun summer series with the incredible author, Nancy Robards Thompson as our launch author.   Nancy is a terrific writer and an inspiring woman and I’ve asked her to join my blog today to talk about real life and an ‘issue’ close to her heart, since my readers always like the real author and not just the head shot and professional bio. So here’s Nancy Robards Thompson talking about The Power of Girlfriends! The other day, an old friend found me through Facebook. I hadn’t talked to her in probably thirty years. Obviously, we were babies when we first met. Hearing from her felt like Christmas had … Continue reading My Fair Lady: Nancy Robards Thompson

Crabby But True

It’s been a rough start to 2014 and I don’t say this so anyone emails me, or says, feel better, because honestly, I won’t ‘feel better’ until one of my chicks is better, and the only way he gets better is if he begins to want it, too. A couple readers seeing my Facebook posts wanted me to cheer up and say more happy things and it made me growl a bit at my computer. I’m not an actress.  I’m not an entertainment personality.  I’m a mom, wife, sister, daughter, friend, woman, writer, and now, publisher. But mostly a mom, wife, woman.  I’m that woman.  I’ve got a four and a half year old that won’t sleep unless you go … Continue reading Crabby But True

Ringing in the New Year with Elizabeth Boyle

I am returning to California from Hawaii today and asked Elizabeth Boyle, my very good friend, and a very long time friend (having known her since 1996!) to join my on my blog today for a special new year’s message, and its one I know you will enjoy. Without further ado, here’s Elizabeth! This Year: Faith Several years ago–about this time of year–I was reading a blog by Cathy Maxwell and she talked about taking a word each year and using it as a guiding light for the coming months. Her word that year was Create. While I knew that a lot of people did that each year, I’d never been much interested in trying it out, but something about Cathy’s … Continue reading Ringing in the New Year with Elizabeth Boyle

The Year & A New Year

I don’t write as many JaneBlogs as I used to.  I have been featuring many guest authors and friends because it feels strange to always talk about me and my books.  I know many of you are here, or follow me, because you enjoy my books, but as the career has continued and the deadlines accumulate and the manuscripts wrap up, I can’t help feeling a bit like a fictional character myself…telling you this bit of news and that, trying to be cheerful and positive, and entertaining while still being real and honest. And so I invite friends to join me here, and ask them to blog, and try to show some love and light onto others. But today I … Continue reading The Year & A New Year

Laura Spinella’s Perfect Timing

I’m in Hawaii for Christmas and New Year’s this year and taking time off to just be with my family.  I have a few revisions to wrap up on my next Harlequin Presents (was supposed to get them done before Christmas!) but stopped stressing out so I could focus on my boys and just enjoy the holidays this year. Part of the holidays means relaxing with a great book, too, and I love  Laura Spinella and thought we should prepare to ring in the new year with her new book, Perfect Timing!  And so here Laura is, doing an interview with me about her new release. Readers, help me welcome Laura back to the JaneBlog! Laura, tell us what your current … Continue reading Laura Spinella’s Perfect Timing

Christmas at Montana Born Books

I’m on the road again, this time in College Station, TX to see my son, Jake.  It’s been several weeks since I saw him and it’s so good to hug him and catch up! I’m also excited about Tule Publishing’s first two Montana Born Christmas novellas, Home For Christmas by Melissa McClone and A Cowboy For Christmas by Katherine Garbera that just became available for sale!  Both books are for sale on Amazon and readers are already raving about the stories. If you love warm, cozy feel-good Christmas romances full of deliciousness, gorgeous imagery and unforgettable characters, I hope you’ll grab a download of Home For Christmas and A Cowboy For Christmas from Amazon soon! To celebrate these new releases, … Continue reading Christmas at Montana Born Books

Featured Author: Shirley Jump

Shirley Jump is a much loved, multi-published author of contemporary romance,  women’s fiction, and young adult genres.  Shirley hails from the Midwest  and is incredibly good at combining romance,  humor and gorgeous characters in stories that delight readers.  Shirley has a new book out now, The Sweetheart Bargain,  and it’s getting great buzz and terrific reviews so I’ve asked her to join us so my readers and friends can get to know her, and more about the new release.   Thanks so much for having me on the blog!! I was asked recently what influenced the writing of THE SWEETHEART BARGAIN. If I had a grandma like Greta, the bourbon-swilling, matchmaking, sassy grandma who puts my hero and heroine together in the book. … Continue reading Featured Author: Shirley Jump

Featured Author: Beth Kendrick

I was trying to think when, and where, I first met Beth Kendrick…and I can’t.  I have so many great memories of her—tea with our librarian friend, John Charles…presenting together at a Scottsdale Library program, lunches and more teas, and then our great visit in Hawaii this summer when Beth brought her mom and son out for a week to Oahu, and I happened to be there, too, with my little guy.  Beth and her crew went surfing with Ty and his instructors and in less than a month, Beth will be here in San Clemente for my Orange County book party.  The party is going to be awesome…Anita Hughes, Beth Albright, Suzanne Redfern, and Beth Kendrick will all be … Continue reading Featured Author: Beth Kendrick

Back in Hawaii

I’m back in Hawaii and so enjoying the time with my boys.  It’s been six weeks since I saw my guy Ty and three weeks since I held Mac.  It’s so good to be back with them both, and now Jake arrives from California tomorrow with a couple of friends.   All I need is son Ty to be here too so I’d have my whole family with me, and it would be perfect!  Unfortunately, I have to wait another 2 weeks to see that boy.  It’s a tough summer this year with everyone spread out in so many different directions. Conference in Atlanta was fantastic – hectic but so much fun.  It was great to see my editors and … Continue reading Back in Hawaii